Show Preview: Audacity @ Hotel Vegas (4.29)

tumblr_inline_mj08bavIaS1qz4rgpThe shows just keep coming and coming, and personally, this show at Hotel Vegas is a doozy.  I loved Butter Knife, the latest record from Audacity, and in fact included it in our list of Top 50 Albums of 2013.  It’s a high energy album, making their live show all the same, filled with great riffs and pop sensibility.  But, as if that wasn’t enough, you should also be there to check out the local openers, Loteria, being my particular favorite of the bunch.  They go on just before Audacity, but if you get there early, you’ll also be able to catch The Golden Ghetto and Slash & Spread.  It’s a great little line-up, so if you’re in need of something to do, think about heading to Hotel Vegas.


Download: Audacity – Couldn’t Hold A Candle [MP3]