New Jam from Crepes

Crepes have been on my radar for sometime, and somehow I missed that they dropped a new track out into the world a few weeks back. It’s a pretty interesting song, with the focus predominantly revolving around the openness of the tune; it’s sort of spaced out psychedelia, though spun with a little bit more focus on the pop spectrum. The lyrical content is fairly minimal, with the resounding line of “bicycle man” being the most prevalent piece; it’s interesting how a band can capture your attention for sustained periods by simply manipulating pitch and inflection of two words. This new single is out in the world now!

Missed This Crepes Tune

The Melbourne scene continues to prove to be one of the more diverse, and prolific, music scenes across the globe…and rising act Crepes dropped a tune from their latest album that I completely missed. Their first single from Channel Four was an energetic number titled “Sexyland,” but they pull back on the rhythm here and let this gem just flow. Lyrics are delivered in the most casual manner, with the bass line the most prominent musical element in the mix…yet you’ll hear synth lines sparkling in the far off. You might also hear a brief nod to Phoenix in the vocal twist during the chorus…but that could just be us. Channel Four is being handled by Deaf Ambitions and Spunk, and is about to hit the streets!

Playful Summer Pop from Crepes

Australia is home to the great bands, and added to the mix recently is the work of Crepes. They’ve been relatively quiet since 2015, but here they are bouncing their way with this playful sun pop that recalls the hook-laden singles of Woods; it’s nostalgic, yet rooted in the present with the various layers of tinkering synths and vocals. This is the best sort of pop in the summer time, both warm and groovy, which continues to build my expectations for the band…they promise to have a full length LP coming our way real real soon.

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Crepes Take On Old Tones with New Single

crepesYou’d think it would be easy to throw Crepes in the mix with the rest of the Melbourne acts, but like all great music scenes, they’re probably far more vibrant and varying than the coverage…which is why I like Crepes. They seem to take on a spin of an older style of pop music, looking back at some of the early psychedelic acts that were taking pop construction into newer directions. I love the feeling that the vocals are just falling from the heavens, dripping into the track itself. This is our first taste of new music from the act, but you should also travel back in time to listen to their Cold Summers EP.

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Crepes Bring Some Pop Rock

hahahahahWhile Melbourne, Australia has birthed the continuous pop genre of late, it’s mostly been focused on the lo-fi blend of the genre.  While the lads in Crepes definitely make a nod towards that direction, they wrap up their songs in a different blend, bringing the focus towards the listener’s connection with the vocals, definitely elevating this tune beyond the modern slacker-pop of the Australian city.  You’ll be able to find this tune and a few others on the band’s new EP, Cold Summers, which hits later this year.

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Fresh Aussie Pop from Crepes

creepsSome point last year, I got word of this rad little act growing in popularity in Australia: Crepes.  I wrote about them then, and I’ve just gotten word of a new single that’s going to delight all our listeners. “Stages of Fear” offers a bit of that traditional Aussie sound, but I think they definitely added a punch; the drums are harder and the energy has a bit more energy in the way the track glides along cooly.  This tune will be found on the band’s soon to be released debut EP; I’ll provide more details as those come my way.



Enjoy Some Crepes…the band

creepsThis song from Crepes is something really special for you on a Tuesday. If it helps grab your attention, Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring handled the mastering on the band’s new work…and you know that guy’s no slouch.  But, similar Melbourne acts, there’s a different side of pop coming from these guys, offering a slowly unfolding picture that brings a bright bouncing harmony to the chorus.  Right now they’re just starting to catch on, but things will really take off when their debut EP is released in early 2015…says I.

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