Eggstone Return with Indiepop Gem

Eggstone have a history long-rooted in the history of Sweden’s underground pop scene, having risen to the top in the early 90s, not to mention the influence their own Tambourine Studios has had on the scene in Malmo. Here we have the band back with a new single for Danish label Crunchy Frog, and it’s got this youthful earnestness one might not expect for a band kicking on some 30 years down the road. While the song’s melody is solid, I’m digging on the bouncing of the organ and the swelling arrangements hanging in the distance. Fans of Shout Out Louds and that whole pop brand will definitely find something to love here.

Thoughtful Post-Punk from Shiny Darkly

Danish outfit Shiny Darkly most recently dropped their Bronze LP, but as of today, they’ve got something that seems most fitting of their band name. They’ve employed Sharin Foo of the Raveonettes to join in on the main vocal role in their new track; they craft this mesmerizing post-punk soundscape that draws in the listener rather than frighten them with squalls of beautiful guitars. The guitars are clean, working over what sounds like a digital drum loop; the vocals weave themselves around the negative space, creeping in with a slight curled pop billow during the chorus. A nice way to join in on your Monday, don’t ya think? This track will appear on the Crunchy Frog 25th Anniversary Compilation.