Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 23 -27)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’re doing alright, physically and emotionally. We’re here to wrap up last week’s hits, or at least what we loved. This collection has a bunch of songs included from some albums that dropped on Friday, as well as new tunes from Gustaf, Dinner and the new collaboration from Living Hour + Peel Dream Magazine. Start your week off right by reviewing what we loved last week. Have a good day!

Some Album Streams for Friday

I know you all came here hoping to hear the new Kanye, but nah, fuck that guy. So here we are, perhaps wanting you to stream a few left of the dial album releases that otherwise might not make it onto your radar. Most of these are just things I’ve been jamming and talking about, but today is release day, so wanted to be sure they’re on your radar!

Cry BabyEverything I Didn’t Say (Solidarity Club Records)

This South Carolina outfit is here to give you the slow jams, throw it back to that groovy stuff that got replaced by the beeps and the boops of the current climate. But, if you like your R&B styles with a little nostalgia, a little like those late night MTV jams of the 80s, then you need to be all over this as fast as possible!

Snowy BandAlternate Endings

I’ve always been a huge Snowy fan, but I had no idea what he had up his sleeve for Alternate Endings. This might be one of the sneaky picks for album of the year; its perfect in almost every spot, and my recommendation is that you spend time with “Living with Myself” and try to tell me you don’t love it!

Slow RosaryRefinery

There’s so much going on in the world, that it has been increasingly difficult to escape from the world…that is unless you put this Slow Rosary record on. This is musical escapism at its finest; it’s hand-crafted folk opus after opus, built to transport you somewhere entirely magical. Just hang out with this record for a few minutes, you can thank me later.