Gabriel Bernini Shares Love Will Never Be The Same Video

In case you missed Gabriel Bernini‘s latest LP, we’re hear to remind you that it’s never too late to dive deep into a great record; I’m here to convince you to enjoy You Got Me! What better way to get you leaning in than by sharing a brand new video for standout tune “Love Will Never Be the Same.” The entirety of the new album is definitely channeling chilled out vibes, with Bernini drawing inspiration from JJ Cale, Neil Young and the like; you can hear some of that expansive arrangements on this number, slightly shaking and stomping in the background while Gabe soothes with this gentle drawl on the front of the mix. This track has this sort of resonating warmth, which sort of speaks to the record as a whole, so if you’re seeking the fireside comforts of a good LP, then be sure get a copy of this from Dadstache Records.

Hard Nips Share Blender X Video

Today we celebrate the release of Hard Nips new LP, Master Cat, and in doing so, it seems only fitting we do it by dropping this fun video for standout single, “Blender X.” Guitars dangle and churn before dropping in this heavy stomping sound; the song takes on this sort of punk meets blues rock vibe, and honestly, the vocals give off a faint hint of classic rock attitude. They’ve been compared to the B-52s, if you were forced to kick Fred out of the band…and here, they’re not missing a beat. It’s a fun video, matching up with the fun attitude this quartet carries, so lets celebrate their triumphant return and crank this video up! The LP is out today via Dadstache Records.

Comfy Share Breaking the Habit Video

We’re just about a month removed from the release of the very excellent Volume For, the latest LP from Connor Benincasa’s project Comfy. He gathered up friends from various acts like Remember Sports, Another Michael and more to record the album…and while its been out for a few weeks, there’s now a great video to accompany standout track “Breaking the Habit.” The video seems to be all about the adventurous day of a lonesome robot, though shooting off into the galaxy as an ending seems fitting, and perhaps the happy ending we all seek. This song’s got staying power too, from the jangle pop meets emo riffs, to the “oohs” that provide that melodic kickstart to your heart. What a listen! It’s available now via Dadstache Records.

Ben Morey and the Eyes Share Wasteland

If last night was, like mine, a long long night, then perhaps this new tune from Ben Morey and the Eyes will be the perfect little bit of solace that you need to make it through the next few hours. It’s this delicate ballad built on the backs of solid piano work and bending strings, layering the song with this organic warmth you wish would just wrap around your body. The song also gets the added bonus as it features Mikaela Davis on lead vocals for the song’s entirety, and does she ever knock it out of the park here. This striking pop opus features on the band’s new record, Still Life, dropping into your hearts on November 13th courtesy of Dadstache Records.

Gabriel Bernini Shares White Room Video

Earlier this year, I was super high on Sweeties, the latest LP to drop from Gabriel Bernini via Dadstache Records. It was a solid listen, with Bernini grappling between his natural pop tendencies and his love of a hard rocking sound. Take the standout “White Room,” with its video below; it uses a heavy riff, but somewhat muted, allowing this sugary nugget to seep into your soul…you want to tap your toes and bob your head…yet still rock out a little. These moments fill the record, and gives it this sort of playfulness, tying into the video version you’ll find at the end of this. The video features Gabe stalkers chasing him through the streets to his apartment where they find success whilst stealing his guitar. Its good fun with a great song, all of which you can still grab from Dadstache!

Slight Of Delivers Title Track of Other People LP

I love when you hit upon a band that’s somehow creating music that feels nostalgic, yet presses forward with its own vision, like the latest from Slight Of. There are definitely guitar bits that feel every bit as if I’m reliving my earliest days as a tape collector in the 80s. Still, that’s unfair to label it as some sort of throwback, as the song moves in other directions too as the track progresses. For one, the vocals have that feel as if Jim Hill is gasping for breath, almost like he’s channeling some sort of indie pop crooner. Weave it all together, with just a slight hint of every day pop hooks and you’ve got a winner…or so says I. Other People will be out on August 28th via Dadstache Records and Figure 2 RC.

Stream Gabriel Bernini’s New LP, Sweeties

You might know Gabriel Bernini from his work in LuxDeluxe or as part of the Deer Tick team, but here, we’ve got a fresh listen to Gabe’s solo work, Sweeties! The entirety of the listen revolves around the balance between melody and rock n’ roll attitude. Take the lead single, “Caramel,” which employs some energetic riffage you’d find at the rock show, but it’s wrapped around this effortless melody that gives the song its cool. Bernini follows that up with the catchy rocker “White Room,” but skip ahead a few tracks and you find the secret joy of this record in “What You Want.” It’s a mellow number, really built entirely by the strength of the voice, with some light accompaniment via guitar and drums. It kind of sets you up for Side B of the LP, which to me, felt a little softer, but every bit as enjoyable; “Hold Up” was the charmer there for me. Sweeties is available this Friday via Dadstache Records!

Little Musket Share Fever Blister Video

When Little Musket released their Fever Blister EP this past summer, it got some rave reviews, with some nods from folks like Post-Trash who appreciated the band’s melodic take on grungy rock n’ roll. The EP’s title track has this sort of haunting tension, the vocals sort of feel like this singing seance, entrancing you with this softness just beneath the guitar lines with the drums far off in the distance. This mood’s matched perfectly in the video adaptation, with doll parts and skulls used in a stop-animation film in the attic room that always scared you as a child. Don’t be scared, as the band are willing to let it all crash in the song’s end, emphatically closing the tune out with guitar squalls that fade to a close. The Fever Blister EP is available now courtesy of Dadstache Records.

Shadow Monster Share Punching Bag Video

I’m a sucker for singles; I get songs stuck way inside my head, like the latest single from Brooklyn’s Shadow Monster. For a two piece, this tune packs a lot of punch, a combination of the distortion ringing out from Gillian Visco’s guitar and the crashing cymbal (and fill) work put down by drummer John Swanson. Visco has this softness to her voice, also present in the guitar notes beneath the first layer of fuzz; it builds this slow moving tension, moving back and forth like a pendulum of impending release. Just at the two minute mark we get that glorious emotional release (somehow it sent me down a Get Up Kids wormhole), but it’s a glorious way to close out with some cacophony. The band will release their album Punching Bag via Dadstache Records on October 11th.

They’ll be celebrating the release of this new single at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn on 9/4.

River Gods Share Stressed Out Video

It’s Friday and you’re about to blast into the weekend, but before you do so, you better feast your eyes (and ears) on this brand new track from River Gods. While the message might give a glimmer into all the work we often put into failing/struggling relationships, you wouldn’t know it based on the huge hooks from the LA based three-piece. I love the way Shiraz sort of hangs his syllables out with the words “tell me what you want”; it’s like a pop hook fishing line…and based on the huge riffs behind him, he’s ready to reel in any pop rock fish in this pond…myself included. It’s two minutes of huge hooks wrapped up in a fun video; you can find this tune on the new album, Let Me Live, which is out on July 26th via Dadstache Records.

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