Damon & Naomi with Kurihara Share Oceans in Between

The title of this song seems to fit the story of the latest album from Damon & Naomi with Kurihara; the whole of the record seems like a letter to their friend and collaborator, Kurihara. Here we’ve got dreamy vocals from Naomi, riding on the crest of waves, crossing that vast distance of ocean in order to reach the shores of Japan. I love how there’s a guitar that cascades across the song’s middle, like another shared memory among companions, being told by another narrator, though clearly tied to the storytelling of both song and LP. You can feel the song reaching across the distances, yearning to find solace in long-lasting companionship. You’ll hear this tune on A Sky Record, out August 6th via 20-20-20.

Bops of the Week: June 21 – 25

Pardon me for slow-rolling out of bed today, but this is the first official day of summer for this teacher here, so I figured I’d amble about with a little less speed today. So, here we are friends, the review of last week’s hits. We’ve got new tunes from Always You and Damon & Naomi, as well as a little local love for our friend Abram Shook, plus you get new Massage and Flowertown records offering up some hits in there too! Personally, I’m going to encourage yo to partake in the slow burn of Sungaze and Slow Rosary. If you’re looking to ease into your day, no better way than this bunch of bops!

New Damon & Naomi Tune

As much as I hate posting stuff that I know is all over the place, it’s always going to be hard for me to ignore something from Damon & Naomi; Galaxie 500 is somehow always on every playlist I make, or every DJ set I build in my mind. Still, as a duo, things aren’t exactly the same, though I’m still mesmerized by the tones of Damon’s voice, just like I’ve always been. Their new album A Sky Record is a collaboration with Kurihara, though this tune feels like it could also be J Spaceman, such is the pacing of the track. I love how they leave all this open space in this track, letting you have that moment of reflection as the guitar notes scuttle off into the song’s distance. The new LP will be out on August 6th. But for now, go on and get the feels.