One More From Club 8

club8I figure since we’ve already shared two new Club 8 singles with you over the last couple of months, we should probably go on and share their 3rd single as well.  This one is called “Late Nights” and once again features some super catchy, synth laden house hits sure to entice everyone into a dance frenzy.  Since this is likely their last single prior to the upcoming album release, fans should enjoy this one for the next couple of weeks.

Pleasure is due out November 20th on Labrador Records.

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Get Down With Future Elevators

unnamedIt’s rare for me to post tunes like this one from Future Elevators, but I feel like most of us may need it this Monday after a long weekend of exciting football and show.  The track, entitled “Modern World” is a sure fire dance hall hit with killer beats and a groovy vibe.  I’m confident that such a jam can brighten up even the worst of Mondays.  It’s already done so for me.

Future Elevators will be releasing a full length LP sometime in 2016.  Stay tuned for updates.

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PINES Bring Us An Electro Jam

10404225_972772592737350_6882510982600130767_nI am rarely one to be posting a lot of music in the electro-pop genre, but sometimes you just get one of those jams that hits a nerve.  Today I’m stepping outside my comfort zone with musical tastes and proclaiming “All You Need” by up and coming Aussie act PINES as my hit of the day.  It’s simplicity makes it an elegant, beautiful and head nodding worthy song all at the same time.  I challenge you to hit play and not immediately play it again right afterward.  I’ve had it on loop all morning…

Just getting started up, I have very little information on the new group so stay tuned and say hi to them on facebook.

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Wake Up with Oceans

oceanIf, like some of us at the ATH offices, you’re struggling a bit here on Monday, then turn up the stereo and kick it with this dance number from Oceans.  They’re just the latest act to sign on with Soliti Music over in Finland.  The grooves are definitely bass heavy, allowing for you to get that toe-tapping feeling in your feet, but there’s also a nice bit of warmth hiding in the vocals…winning over any listener.  Not only that, but it’s quick and to the point, allowing you to sink your teeth in quickly and move on.  Look for an EP on October 31st.

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Sinkane Gives Us Another Hit

DSC02918_zpsbb8fd4feExperimental pop artist Sinkane has long been a personal favorite of mine ever since he split out on his own after working for countless indie acts in the studio.  Though he was a bit quiet for awhile, new music has been dropping left and right this summer.  I’ve yet to share any of that material with you for whatever reason, but today let’s take a second to jam to this new track “New Name”.  As with many songs by Sinkane, you’re going to get some experimental pop music with a heavy focus on the almost tribal rhythm section.  His prior work with Yeasayer clearly comes through a little bit here too and I have no issue with that.

Pick up new album, Mean Love, on September 2nd via DFA Records.

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Dance Party with Strange Names

Strange_Names_promo3Coming to an ATH dance party near you is this great track called “Ricochet” from Minneapolis based Strange Names.  When you hit play, I’m sure you’ll hear some hints of fellow indie dance hit makers like Twin Shadow or even Junior Senior.  It may not be for everyone, but it would be one hell of a way to start a Friday or Saturday night for sure.

A full album of material entitled Common Attraction is coming sometime later this Spring.


Download: Strange Names – Ricochet [MP3]

New Dark Electro-Pop from LESANDS

I figured I’d throw the whole world for a loop by dropping this catchy hit from LA’s LESANDS.  Honestly, I’m digging it, though I can see just the faintest hints of a dub step influence hiding in the song.  But, the construction is pretty interesting in and of itself, not to mention the faint haunting of the vocals from the background.  It’s not my typical fare, and I accept that, but I just want it to be Friday already so I can get my dance on somewhere about town.  You dig?


Download:LESANDS – Prism [MP3]

Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool

Rating: ★★★★☆

The difficulty for Bear in Heaven with I Love You, It’s Cool is how do they push beyond the limitations they placed on themselves by creating a brilliant first album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth? Surely, they were aware of the difficult task ahead of them when going into the studio, which probably only increases the anxiety of making a record. But, luckily, they’ve come out on top, crafting an album of electronic pop songs that if anything, only increases their accessibility, guaranteeing them further success.

For me, album opener “Idle Heart” is the perfect identity statement by the group, delving into a sort of electronic wash for nearly a minute, shortly before the lyrics open up the melody.  There’s a particular brightness that lurks beneath the surface of the track, providing them with the ability to reach a new, larger audience.  It’s the sentiment one expects a band to make upon their return to the indie limelight with I Love You, It’s Cool. They continue in the vein of bright electronic-pop with the following track, “The Reflection of You.” This is perhaps one of the standout tracks on the album, but it’s also a reminder at 4.5 minutes (more or less) that pop songs can be drawn out, furthering the emotional release for the listener.

When Bear in Heaven pull out the pop stops in a song like “Sinful Nature,” it becomes evident that the group has evolved into something entirely different from their previous affair.  Driving synthesizers propel the melody, but there’s this wash atop it all, sort of reminiscent of Republic era New Order.  It makes almost every song perfect for the dance floor–or wherever you choose to shake it. However, they still mix in some varying sounds, making this more than just your run of the mill dance record.

On “Kiss Me Crazy” there’s flirtations with negative space within the song, almost from the opening moment, especially when you fit in the drumming. At times the percussion doesn’t fit the tempo of the track at all, yet it falls precisely into place when looked at from afar. Another song on I Love You, It’s Cool that helps further this idea is “Space Remains.” It’s perhaps one of the grittier tracks on the record, reminding you of the band’s earlier work; it has elements of electronic noise covering an inherent danceability. And, by placing it near the end of the collection, it also serves to break up the monotony one can find in long electronic albums.

Bear in Heaven don’t seem to be breaking any new ground with this record, but they seem to be evolving on their own merit.  I Love You, It’s Cool will remind listeners and fans that the band are definitely one of the premier electronic acts trucking about the world today.  They’ve definitely got their own musical concept (and a visual one live!), and you’ve got to credit them for sticking to their guns, pushing ahead, and giving us another killer collection of songs we’ll play for some time.


Download:Bear in Heaven – The Reflection of You [MP3]

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