Whew, it’s really hard to believe that we are a few short weeks away from the madness known as SXSW. I am starting to feel more ready, as I hope many of you are as well. As we tend to do, we’ve been hitting it pretty hard with the interview questions this year, and today I’ve got another one from Washington D.C. based group RDGLDGRN. Hit the jump for their answers to our hard hitting questions.

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Say Hi To Frass Green

D.C. based musician Joe Antoshak has worked for several years with his project known as Frass Green. Though originally a solo gig, Antoshak put together a 4 piece band under his moniker and has toured a bit around the D.C. area over the last year. Currently on the up and up, the band is also sharing more music online, starting with this sweet new track called “Hair”. It is an inspiring pop song built in the vein of garage rock with tons of energy and fun vibes to boot. If you are feeling this one, the band currently has a new album called For You streaming over on bandcamp. Enjoy!

Dot Dash Release Video for Unfair Weather

I’ve already encouraged you to go give Proto Retro a thorough listen, but in case you keep ignoring me, I’m going to continue to give you a healthy dosage of Dot Dash. They just dropped this mostly live footage video for album standout “Unfair Weather.” This track puts the group’s crystalline guitar pop tendencies on display…you know, the sort everyone whose anyone is trying to pull off these days. Plus, the rhythm section is always on point, which gives the guitar work space to sort of meander around the perfect harmony. And, if you love this song, you can grab it for free over HERE, or grab the whole LP!

Experimental Pop From Airhead DC

Washington, D.C. native Vishal Narang has been working on his project known as Airhead DC for several years now and he has just announced a new album under the moniker. Previewing the new material is this new single called “Honey-Colored Flame Blown Off My Candle” which is a delightful bit of melodic, experimental pop music. It’s like if Generationals had a bit more guitar and some fancy lady vocals as well. I dig.

Airhead DC will release new album Crush Hi on October 26th via Danger Collective Records.

Intrigued by New Light Beams

Light Beams came to my attention because of the participation of Justin Moyer, who plays in one of my favorite current acts, Puff Pieces. I’m even more intrigued because the apparent use of samples is all done sans laptops and click tracks…just operated by drum pads. It does give this single a slightly jittery vibe, but that seems to give off the vibe that this might be the natural progression left off since Q and Not U’s Power. Like the perfect blend between dance music and post punk…dance punk done right, if you will. Look for their self-title debut via Don Giovanni on September 22nd.

Say Hello To Queue

D.C. based group Queue is likely unfamiliar to most of you, but after you hear new single “Frontier”, you’ll likely want to know more. The new track is a warm bit of indie rock complete with slick and shiny guitars behind a solid female vocal performance. As I make this post, I’m delving into more of the band’s back catalog on soundcloud which is proving to be surprise after surprise of tasty tunes. Stay tuned for more information on this up and comer.

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Shark Week Return

sharkweek_promo_webBeen awhile since I’ve heard anything from D.C. based Shark Week after a promising start a couple of years surrounding a solid SXSW performance and a few singles here and there.  Today I’m pumped to be sharing with you the first single called “Waste of Time” from the band’s upcoming debut LP.  It’s definitely a more focused effort from what we’ve heard in the past from the band.

New album Beach Fuzz is out on May 19th via PaperCup Music.

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Fresh Tune from Dot Dash

ddsOver the course of our blog career I’ve always had an ear for DC’s Dot Dash, so I’m happy to share this new power-pop tune that they’ve just released to celebrate their brand new album.  It’s a short track, featuring the band’s blend of punk elements (hear the vocals) with classic pop guitar chords.  There’s a bit of nostalgia here too, falling somewhere in the realm between old Weasel and late Jawbreaker. Look to pick up their brand new album Earthquakes & Tidal Waves from the Beautiful Music; it’s available for purchase now!


Download: Dot Dash – Rainclouds [MP3]

Mellow Groove from Paperhaus

paprsWhen I think of DC, I always go straight to the punk roots of the city…still in love.  But, when listening to Paperhaus, I hear a band far from that…aside from the DIY aesthetic that has allowed the band to grow, crumble and rebuild. There’s this catchy groove, using a nice guitar pluck for some emphasis that works to offset the band’s slow-moving pace.  It reminds me of Austin’s Abram Shook running on-stage to join Built to Spill; I guess that’s a weird analogy, but I’m sticking to it. They’ll finally be releasing their debut LP, which is self-titled, on February 10th. Enjoy this ditty.


Download: Paperhaus – So Slow [MP3]

Dream Pop from Gems

gemsIn a few weeks we’ll be keeping our eyes on Hundred Waters as the much-hyped act comes into town.  But, I’ll be honest, I was rather underwhelmed by their SXSW performances, so I’m looking at the opener Gems to be the winner on the night.  The DC duo just released another single, with drifting melodies and nice bits of atmospheric production.  There’s no word on when they group will release something, but this track here should perk up your ears, and maybe even entice you to hit up their show at Red 7 on the 23rd.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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