Show Preview: Slowdive @ ACL Live (5.12)

After returning in late 2023 with Everything Is Alive, it seems like the world’s been abuzz with Slowdive and their return to form. They’ve been touring throughout the US this past month on the back of all that success and praise, and those of us in Austin will finally get a chance to glimpse the quintet live when the roll into Moody Theater on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how far back they go…will the set be equal parts Creation Records and Dead Oceans or more weight given to the most recent albums? Either way, you get to enjoy a night with some of the most beautiful noise blowing through the Moody Theater. Opening up evening will be LA’s Drab Majesty. Tickets are somehow still available, so if you’re in love with the sounds below, grab a ticket HERE.

Marlon Williams Announces My Boy

I very vividly remember running with my iPod around 2018; I was listening to a bunch of stuff on random that I had downloaded from various PR folks. Marlon Williams “Beautiful Dress” came on, and I immediately stopped to see what on Earth was making that voice. I’ve been a fan ever since, so I’m looking forward to Marlon’s new LP, My Boy. The release promises a more playful Williams this go round, which you can hear in the style of this track, so it’ll be nice to hear him attached to something a bit different, though equally as moving…as you can see. Just check out the 2:25 mark to see where my brain is at! My Boy is out on September 9th via Dead Oceans.

Shame Share Snow Day Lyric Video

Probably a redundant post on my end, as I keep talking up the new Shame record. Perhaps there just isn’t too much on the heavier side of things that I’ve been able to get into this year (Idles sounds like a shitty Hot Snakes/TxisR). So here comes Shame, building in the song with this anxious post-rock for the first minute before the vocals enter the fray; they stick to their own formula in bits, though the release here is tamped down on its first entry, and honestly, an afterthought for me. What I do love is the melodic venture the song takes around the 3 minute mark, almost charming listeners before starting to sputter into discord and noise. I am interested to know why a lot of the band’s videos feature the lot in motorized vehicles, but save that for another time. Check out “Snow Day,” an homage to the 2000 hit movie! Drunk Tank Pink drops the day before my birthday (1/15) on Dead Oceans.

Shame Announce Drunk Tank Pink LP

The moment we’ve all been expecting has come to be; Shame, today, announce their brand new LP, Drunk Tank Pink. There have been hints that something was in the air since the release of Songs of Praise…but I’m actually referring to the musical style they’re brandishing on their latest batch of singles. They seem to have discarded the formulaic call and response post-punk that’s become quite the fad, instead favoring a more elaborate approach, often slowing things down to let notes ring out and build that internal tension for the listener. There’s still a solid release, but there’s time to reflect, rather than just be bashed over the head by blunt rock. Drunk Tank Pink will be released the day before my birthday on January 15th via Dead Oceans.

That New Bright Eyes Song

I think every time I hear one of the new Bright Eyes song, I immediately try to rush through his catalogue in my brain to classify what era it seems to fit into best. This latest single seems like a clash between Digital Ash and Fever and Mirrors. It employs that sampled beat at the beginning, building in the nod to Digital Ash, but the vocal tones seem to have that fragility in its warble that made Conor’s voice so distinctive. Of course, the song is spun anew with excellent string arrangements, all for our benefit. I was on the fence, but the more I hear, the more I’m jumping back in that Bright Eyes pool. The new record will be out later this year via Dead Oceans.

Bleached Announce Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough

It looks and sounds like Bleached are heading for pop stardom, well, if we could transport them back to the late 70s. Today they announce Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough, and the first single has this super retro vibe to its correlating video, all the way down to the hair blowing in the wind. The PR for this references the Damned and Paramore, which definitely fits with the pop vibe of this tune, but I can’t help but to think of a solid Blondie comparison throughout this number; it’s like they’re blending those parallel lines between punk and pop, and doing so perfectly. Dead Oceans will release the new effort on July 12th.

Brand New Durand Jones and the Indications Tune

Way back in September I urged everyone to keep an eye on Durand Jones and the Indications as they swept into Austin for ACL. I followed that up by supporting the next single, and now here I am, sharing the album’s opening track. I actually spent yesterday afternoon with my daughter spinning around the living room listening to this tune; it has this natural vibe that makes you want to move your body. It features this bounding piano, with horns that add this subtle melody and the soloing guitar gives just a bit of a punch to the track. But, that doesn’t even go in to consider the message from Durand, which seems to paint a bleak picture of America as it stands. Look for American Love Call on March 1st via Dead Oceans/Colemine Records.

Cant Stop Playing This Durand Jones Tune

This year’s ACL featured Durand Jones and the Indications; I tried to hype it up as much as I could…though I still feel like folks missed out. Luckily, one of the tracks they played live, featuring drummer Aaron Frazer on lead vocals, is making it onto their next album, American Love Call. This single’s blown up really quickly, so odds are everyone will be on Durand and the band; I think those of you who like the classic R&B sounds will love this more than any other modern act spinning a similar style. Frazer and Jones play off each other so well in this track that its hard not to be taken aback. You can grab the LP next March via Dead Oceans/Colemine.

New Video from A Place to Bury Strangers

As this new album from A Place to Bury Strangers begins to take shape before the Interwebs, I’m starting to really be drawn into the goings-on. This track opens up with an emphatic drum march and discordant chords swirling about. Vocals enter in a spoken fashion, with a more prominent role for Lia Simone quite noticeable. The trio let loose on the noise too, but in a much more controlled fashion than we’ve previously heard from the band; it leaves you to focus on the band’s message in this track: “there’s only one of US.” Pinned definitely feels like its that proverbial onion with layers waiting to be peeled; it drops via Dead Oceans on April 13th. They’ll also be part of this year’s SXSW festival…playing near 100 times.


A Place to Bury Strangers Return

I’ve always been a casual fan of A Place to Bury Strangers; I’ve loved some singles, but never felt truly convinced by the fan. That might change if their new single is any indicator of what’s in store on the group’s fifth album, Pinned. They’ve always had a nod to industrial vibes in their craft, but this round, that comes out in a more ominous way; it’s almost like the group are gasping for their last breath as the central guitar groove drives home the minimalistic percussive element. It’s a striking number, surprising in the limited instrumentation…a sign that this new LP could be something special; look for its release on April 13th via Dead Oceans.


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