Top 25 Albums of 2019

This is the list you’ve all been waiting for, well, sort of. This is my Top 20 LPs of the year. Admittedly, there’s none of the high profile hitmakers on here, but that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy those albums. I loved Purple Mountains just as much as the next person, same with Weyes Blood, but in a pickle, would I choose it over that Martha LP? Uh, absolutely not. Plus, I ran a lot this year because I got tired of being fat, so the majority of this stuff is pretty upbeat and “runnable.” There’s no order because all are equal under my ears.

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Top 15 Songs of 2019 According to Chris from Young Scum

Everyone! Meet Chris from Young Scum.

2019 for me was one of those years where when its all said and done you wonder what did I really do or achieve this year? So much happened its hard to process it all at the end of December. Kind of like… making an end-of-year list and trying to remember everything you liked and listened to! It was an amazing year for music and my list was way bigger than this but I narrowed it down to my top 15 songs.

And if you didn’t already know how great they were, go check out the wonderful self-titled LP from Young Scum HERE.

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Deadbeat Beat Share The Box

When I pressed play on the latest single from Deadbeat Beat, I was digging on the indifferent vocal delivery; it reminded my of various acts I love like Dumb or the Zoltars. But, what sold me on the band’s sound was the very slightest touch, but opened up the song to the brand of pop sensibility I adore; you’re right, it is the “do do do” backing vocal. What can I say? You brandish a hook, and I’m a pretty eager fish to catch onto. Aside from the vocals there’s this scuzzy shuffling guitar line that occasionally rings out discordantly amidst some tight cymbal work. The group release How Far on August 2nd via Arrowhawk and Crystal Palace.

Hooked on Deadbeat Beat

It’s probably not a bad thing that Detroit’s Deadbeat Beat reference the Clean in their bio, as it definitely got me to tune in here. Their latest single does employ some of the similar strategies of the legendary Flying Nun act, particularly in the way the rhythm section works; it serves as a solid backbone, letting the guitars work to do their own thing. At times, those guitars match the rhythm, providing a bounce, while other times they take these discordant twists and turns, bending about. Plus, the harmonies during the chorus are pretty spot on, laying on the pop sensibility really thick here. The band will release How Far on August 2nd via Crystal Palace and Arrowhawk.