Indie Rock Gem From Tennis Courts

Though they may hail from Brooklyn, the songwriting duo of Patrick Walsh and Andrew Clarke certainly show some Southern Rock twang in their sound as the musical group Tennis Courts. Take this new tune “Jamie’s Party,” as an example with its indie rock meets Americana vibe to it. Think a band like Young Buffalo or Band of Horses but with a more classic rock structure to the song. Whatever you like to call it, I’m sure you’ll find it catchy as hell.

This track is the first single from the upcoming debut LP due out sometime this fall.

Grrrl Gang Sign to Trapped Animal Records

What a big day for Indonesian outfit Grrrl Gang, announcing their signing to Trapped Animal Records, with support from KRS and Big Romantic for distribution world-wide. Thumping drums rip through your speakers as soon as the volume gets up, with the classic play of quiteloudquiet from the vocals to hit you right in the face. I love how the backing vocals build into a full group formation, soothing the ears right as the song draws to a close. A bit of a growl, a bit of sweetness, and a whole lot of promise; Grrrl Gang will drop Spunky! this September, but you can pre-order HERE.

The Toads Announce In the Wilderness

Currently digging through a lot of my emails from the last week, and lo and behold, there’s one in here mentioning new band the Toads, compiled of various folks from Shifters, Parsnip and Ausmuteants (among others). Sound wise, it’s this edge-driven riff work that rings through your speakers, cutting down across the strings to create this anxiousness that’s balanced by the rhythm section. Listening in, the bass line walks you through the track, bobbing atop the stomp of the drums, ultimately leaving plenty of room in between for the vocals to come off like a highly caffeinated spoken-word impersonator. Great opening track to the group’s new In the Wilderness LP, out June 9th via Upset the Rhythm/Anti Fade Records.

Transy Warhol Drop Afterglow Single

Austin outfit Transy Warhol have been dubbed the next Big Boys, taking up the torch passed through acts like Big Bill and others. But, while the punk side is there, it’s fleshed out on this fresh single in an artier, almost melodic fashion. The vocals have a bit of gruffness, but they’re curled into warm croon that very much feels like it could be the sound of a number of 80s post punk acts. I like the frantic nature of the guitars, stabbing at the speakers with this angular sharpness that really gets the blood flowing, so keep an eye out on this lot as they’ll be releasing their debut Control later this year!

Alison Eales (Butcher Boy) Announces Debut LP

I can’t imagine you not being a fan of Butcher Boy, so today’s news that Alison Eales will be releasing her debut solo LP should come as a surprise treat. Upon listen, the track almost seems like a purely vocal performance, a remarkable one at that. There’s a slight little bounce from the electronic work, albeit with subtlety so as not to overstep the front of the mix. You’ll also find backing vocals also buoying Eales, deepening the melodic nature. Lyrically, the song is an homage to Glasgow, though that homage finds the town both inspiring and troublesome. Looking forward to hearing how the whole of this LP shapes up; Mox Nox is out in March via Fika Recordings.

Marlody Shares Summer Video

Skep Wax is on a tear as of late, with reissues for Heavenly, and now they’re prepping the debut album for Marlody, coming at you early next year. Today they share the lead single, leading us down a path or ornate keyboard playing and soothing melody work from the vocals. While the tune definitely hangs in this realm of ballad work, there’s something meditative in the way the keyboard patterns seem to overlap, lulling you into some sort of trance that forces your attention on the voice and lyrics. It’s video accompaniment takes on this sort of ghostly atmosphere, as if we’re in some sort of earthly purgatory, stuck between two worlds that seem to trip upon one another. If you’re into it, Marlody will release I’m Not Sure at All on January 13th via Skep Wax.

Model Shop Announce Debut LP, Love Interest

It didn’t take much convincing for me to jump on this new track from Model Shop, as the band features members from Math and Physics Club, plus they’re releasing their debut on Meritorio Records. This new single illustrates the promise that awaits; there’s this striking positivity that resonates from the various textures, always hitting the pop notes. As I listened on repeat, I found the tune landing somewhere between Nada Surf and early Jimmy Eat World, leaving me with a tune I could let live in my head all day long. Love Interest will be out on November 21st, and it’s going to spin on my end non-stop.

Veps Announce Debut LP with Mooney Tunes

There’s a definite need of good vibes and energy this morning on my end, so I’m just pumping up this new track from Norway’s Veps. There’s this clever hipness you get from Helena’s vocal style; she sounds like she’s a soul singer trading in her voice to at the crossroads to join a rock n’ roll band. The bass line gives the song its central groove, and the rest of the band follows suit behind the vocals, driving you quickly down a hook-laden twist and turn, ending with a blast of joy you can’t escape. It seems like the quartet is having a whole lot of fun, and in the end, that’s infectious; the band release their debut Oslo Park via Kanine Records on November 18th.

Josephine Odhil Shares New Single, Familiars

I’ve been trying to kind of get to the darker corners of the indie world, which is where I stumbled upon Josephine Odhil and her latest single, “Familiars.” It’s hard to categorize, though you can hear touchstones like classic female pop groups or the more recent trends like Broadcast/Stereolab. I think her vocals are superb, kind of foggy, but hitting just the perfect melodic touch just as the song pulses underhandedly. Definitely easy to find yourself lost in Odhil’s world, which I’m looking forward to hearing more of, as she’s set to drop her debut album at some point next year.


Matching Outfits Share It Keeps Happening Video

Berlin’s Matching Outifts will be releasing their debut LP this September, and the more I listen to this single, the more I’m just completely enthralled by their sound. There’s just something distinctively magical about singer Linnea’s voice; it often reminds me of Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows. There’s just so many different ways the vocals are spoken, or sung, or stopped then started. Just listen to the chorus, as the styles seem to all swirl and mix up with one another inside that brief moment. And, just as you’re sucked into the quiet joy of this song, it begins to climb just after the 2 minute mark, offering a brief, yet noisy, glimpse at what could be in store when they drop Band Made Out of Sand on September 21st via Kitchen Leg Records.

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