Don Glori Share Ponte Single

Sometimes, and I know it’s completely on me, but I feel like my musical tastes can sometimes get one-note, especially on here. But, I love all sort of stuff, and probably have some sort of musical ADHD, which is why I’ve just been drinking my coffee and jamming this track from Don Glori, the recording project of Melbourne’s Gordon Li. The project has just announced a debut LP, Welcome, and this first single is a collage that moves from a soulful Latin groove into an almost classical-oriented lounge act, though in doing this seamlessly, you’re just sitting there with your head spinning, lost in the chilled vibes Li has built for us all. The debut LP will be out on October 14th courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records.

Jim Nothing Shares Yellow House Video

Those of you following the New Zealand scene, or anything Oceanic in nature, should keep your eyes on Jim Nothing, as this fresh single from their debut record is pretty near perfect. The riff work in the song has that sort of purposefully sloppy vibe, sort of chugging along haphazardly while the ship rocks around on the back of the rhythm section. Elements of this sound like they’re rooted in 90s pop rock, though you can hear other little DIY bits of flare in the way the vocals work together to build the melodic core. Just before you announce your devotion, the song calls halts, and you’re forced to rush over to the Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream sites and grab a copy of the group’s In the Marigolds LP…out September 15th.

Why Bonnie Announce 90 in November

After a nice bit of success with their Voice Box EP, and a move to New York, Why Bonnie are ready to announce their debut, 90 in November. And, despite a move up North, they’re still keeping it Austin, working with our own Keeled Scales to keep the Texas ties intact. That return seems to tie in with the theme for their debut, as the press releases describes the album as “a road trip through Texas,” which is perhaps informed by the reflective nature facing songwriter Blair after a major life change such as her move to NYC. The song keeps the band’s playful guitar pop throughout, giving a little bit of punch in the latter half to really kick the song into gear. Looks to me like the band are offering up good vibes and good memories; we’re stoked to hear the rest of 90 in November; it drops on August 19th.

Mercvrial Share Look Inside

This track from Mercvurial came through this week, and I’m pretty sure it requires your attention. Listening through, the vocals are heavy, weighing upon the listener, though they stretch with melody as they work their way into the chorus. Musically, the talking points would likely dwell in the post-punk realm, though this track offers quite a bit of brooding too; it’s pace in the verses feels measured, waiting to soar as it hits the refrain “you’ve got to look inside,” smashing through your speakers with an emphatic burst of light. The band release their debut album Brief Algorithms on April 29th via Crafting Room Recordings.

Night Palace Share Strange Powers Visualizer

This weekend you’ll be able to pick up the debut long player from Night Palace, but why not coast into your listen with one final visual experience to seduce you into the group’s sound. Interestingly, the visual accompaniment has this more bubbling psychedelia, while the track definitely walks the line of a more playful brand of indiepop. But, the sound is definitely filled to the brim with textures, which makes it all the more enchanting, elevating the song beyond the stellar vocal performance from Avery Draut. Pretty sure you could spend your entire day spinning about beneath that heavenly voice, but don’t take my word for it…sample a few more tunes then grab Diving Rings come this Friday!

Teenage Tom Petties Share Boatyard Winch

We spent a lot of time last year supporting Rural France, the London duo of Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes; they dropped RF via Meritorio Records. But, Tom now has his own new project, Teenage Tom Petties that should definitely pop up on your radar today. This project isn’t a far stretch from RF, though there’s definitely a grittier feel to both the recording and the style itself…perhaps connecting the dots via a Boyracer or the like would work, in 7 degrees of Indie Pop. On the vocals, Tom definitely has a big Bob Pollard feel here, so the whole thing is built around this huge lo-fidelity guitar pop feel that very much feels like something GBV would have influenced. It’s a jam, and you like jams. The band will have a full album coming this summer via Safe Suburban Homes.

Stream Star Party’s Push You Aside Single

Last week Bandcamp gave a huge push to Star Party‘s forthcoming Meadow Flower LP, and while the band were on my radar, it’s only fitting that I share that out with you all too, just in case you missed it. I think it’d be easy to toss the band in the bucket with acts like Best Coast or Vivian Girls, and probably not too far off, sonically. But, there’s this heavy noise element, something that seems a little darker and perhaps a little more counter-culture; they’re the Shangri-Las to everyone else’s Supremes. Their debut album looks to take those bedroom influences and fill your living room with cacophonous noise that echoes while your mind soaks in the sugary goodness of the melodies. The album drops on March 11th, but you can order it now!

Good Looks Announce Bummer Year

Austin’s Good Looks has been banging about for a few years now, but they’re finally ready to drop their debut LP, Bummer Year. On this first single you get Tyler Jordan’s drawl stretching across an expanse of West Texas, vast and open, with little behind it aside from a light light strum and cymbal. Suddenly, the bass and drums drop in and the song begins to soar, with Jordan’s vocals stretching even further in the chorus. Really, it’s all about the chorus throughout, pushing the band into a more traditional rock territory that bridges the band’s home state and the modern musical climate. Expect good things from Good Looks, with Bummer Year out on April 8th via Keeled Scales.

Swansea Sound Share Pooh Sticks Video

In case you weren’t in the know, we helped get a cassette copy of the debut from Swansea Sound out into the world last week, but since album’s and videos never die, we wanted to encourage you to watch the band’s video for “The Pooh Sticks.” I’m not sure what’s the star here though…is it the incredible song? I mean, they tease you in with Hue’s casual spoken delivery, then ramp it up with classic jangling pop sounds. But, could it also be the great video designed by Rob and Amelia themselves? Using the record’s collage work style and some live cuts, though I’m pretty sure Rob flies off atop a cymbal. Just another reminder that you might be missing out on one of the sneaky good LPs to drop this year. Grab the tape from us HERE, or maybe an LP from our friends at HHBTM.

Sarah La Puerta Announces Strange Paradise

Former Austinite (now New Yorker) Sarah La Puerta was long a staple of our music scene, through various projects, but perhaps most notable was as part of the old lineup of Tele Novella; she also graced us by sharing a tune for our Slack Capital 2 project with Eric from Big Bill. Anyways, she’s just announced her debut solo effort for Perpetual Doom records, and dammit if the open single doesn’t just knock it out of the park. Upon my first listen, I thought there was this simplicity to the craft, which allowed for the vocals to really sparkle; there’s this classic beauty to her sound here, something so effortlessly timeless. Still, go back and listen to the track, you can hear little quiet bass bubbles, ornate guitar flourishes and an evolving electronic ambiance. It all makes for a powerful statement that is sure to be fulfilling upon its November 12th release!

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