Petite Amie Announce Self-Titled Debut LP

Here’s a new band to put on your radar: Petite Amie. The Mexican band is brandishing this late night explorative pop, bordering somewhere between sublimely chill and French dreaminess…both are good. This song’s got this subtle little dance floor groove, that little shoulder shimmy as you spin about the dance floor, and that alone sets you in the mood to let your body smile as you listen through. Aline Terrein has these pseudo-disco vocal notes, like some late night DJ serenading you deep into the morning hours as you tap your toes and bob your head. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut via Devil in the Woods/Park the Van on October 1st.

Gustaf Return with Book Single

Having ben on board with their “Design/Mine 7”, it only makes sense that I’m gearing up to support Gustaf with their debut album, Audio Drag for Ego Slobs. Interestingly, the video for their latest single finds singer Lydia running down the street, encountering her band mates in precarious situations, much as you might have seen in the band’s “Mine” video. Musically, its got that same erratic punk flavor, built on propulsive rhythm work and angular guitars cutting through Lydia’s vocal performance. The band seem to some how bottle up this natural tenacity, giving their music an intensity that I find infinitely rewarding. Plus, with their new album, they’ll be touring in support of Idles this Fall, so be on the lookout as they come to a town near you. Audio Drag for Ego Slobs is out October 1st via Royal Mountain Records.

Fortitude Valley Share Baby, I’m Afraid Video

If Laura Kovic wanted to get our attention with her band line-up, it doesn’t hurt that she’s fleshed out the Fortitude Valley line-up with members of Martha and Night Flowers. It also bodes well that the band just keep releasing these pop rock jams that just get stuck up inside your head! The latest singles is almost as much fun to watch as it is to listen to, letting these grunge-y pop rock riffs rip and swirl all over the place as Kovic bounces her voice in and out of the song’s grooves. The video matches up with the song perfectly, giving the sense that the band are not only enjoying the songwriting, but each other as well, which is always a bonus for a fan. Fika Recordings will release the debut self-titled LP in October of this year!

Central Heat Exchange Share Directly Down

The pandemic collective that created Central Heat Exchange is certainly offering up some rewarding sounds, with the latest single just dropping, aided by vocals from Stephanie Smith of Varsity this go round. This round has the band focusing on the hypnotic nature of their craft, building these textural layers that allow Smith’s voice to sort of swirl about in your headspace. Personally, there’s these little moments where the careful quiet switches to a more emphatic wash of noise, though you almost don’t even notice you’re caught up in it, which is a wonderful way to get lost in song. The band’s debut LP will be out September 10th courtesy of Sunroom/Citrus City/Beirthday Cake.

John Roseboro Releases MFL Video

John Roseboro‘s spent much of this year prepping us for the release of his debut album, and for those not in the know, “MFL” is a great little introduction to John’s work. For me, the narrative of making mistakes and forgiveness is something relatable for all folks, or so I hope; it’s made all the more accessible by the narrative nature of John’s songwriting here. The song takes a light bossa nova feel, using sharp little guitar notes combined with wonderful horn arrangements to give the song some added depth. It’s the sort of relaxed summer vibe we all enjoy, so sit back and just wait for John’s debut to hit later this year!

Slow Rosary Shares Montserrat

Please. Put aside six minutes of your time today. Sit somewhere quiet and listen to this new single from Slow Rosary. At first, you get this slow strum and dramatic vocals, stark in their presentation, with powerful lyrics from Rene Duplantier; the lyrical storytelling recalls the works of other literary songwriters like Meloy, Darnielle or Oberst. Progressing, the song seems to carry this undercurrent, this loneliness that swells with emotion as we all fine common ground with the tune, falling deep into the song as little flourishes begin to seep through the speakers. Just before the song hits the 4 minute mark, the tune erupts, drums roll over you and cymbals crash as the twang of the guitar wanders about your room; it feels like an album’s worth of music accomplished in just under 7 minutes. Refinery, the debut album from the project, will be out August 27th.

The Umbrellas Announce Self-Titled Debut

So, I’m probably a few days late to this one, but I was on vacation! And, as a huge Slumberhead (that’s what we call ourselves, right?), I’m entitled to to post about the announcement of the Umbrellas debut LP! This San Fran act honestly reminds me of their label-mates, the Jeanines, except maybe clearing out some of the fuzzy cobwebs and offering up a more sugary presentation. It’s heavy on the jangles, sharpened with great melodic vocals, and to be fair, it’s everything you’ve probably ever loved about indiepop bands, past and present. A timeless sound that I never tire of hearing; look for the self-titled debut on August 6th via Slumberland!

Alexalone Announce Debut for Polyvinyl Records, Alexaloneworld

Alex Petereson has been a fixture in the Austin music scene for some time, whether playing in Lomedla or helming their own band. Now, that band, Alexalone, has made the big-time, signing on with Polyvinyl Records to release their new LP Alexaloneworld. The lead single for the announcement comes with an incredible video designed by Simon Cassar and Karolina Asadova; it’s got the old school video game vibe on lock. Musically, the song’s a slow burn, carefully textured with light percussion and soft vocals as the track builds layer upon layer, letting guitars twist and turn, all of it culminating in this sensational guitar breakdown in the song’s late moments. That final eruption serves as a reminder that we’re in for some special treats when Alexaloneworld drops on August 13th.

Also, we must cop to releasing a tape by one of the drummer’s project the Hermits. All hail Sam!

PACKS Share Hold My Hand

This Friday we’ll be treated to the much anticipated debut album from PACKS, but before we get there, we should just indulge ourselves in one last little grungy ditty; I mean you can never really get enough of this lot if you ask me. They crank the song out in under 2 minutes, so they get right to it, with Madeline teasing the listener along over a mild guitar before the rest of the band drops in, and things get turned up into a classic pop rocker. I think one of the things I love about this band is how quickly they go from rock to really subtle pop nuances, even if they last for a mere three seconds, like Madline’s annunciation of “hand” at the 1:17 mark. Just good old clean fun. Take the Cake is out Friday via Fire Talk Records.

Deuce Share Language of Love + Video

Having introduced you to Deuce a few weeks back with their debut single “Antipodes” it seems only fitting that we follow up on the band’s second tune…which we’ve got for you below. This tune fascinates in its ability to stun you with both its emotional impact and its simplicity; the tune primarily functions with Curtis’ vocals snaking over a looped beat and throbbing bass lines, with the occasional skittering guitar notes and squawks from the saxophone (courtesy of Snowy!) cascading across the song’s night sky. I love how Wakeling dances his voice around, almost turning it into its own entirely separate instrument; all of this song written and sung as an ode to Curtis and Kayleigh’s relationship. Their debut self-titled LP will be out on June 16th via Dinosaur City Records.

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