Baybs Shares Would You Dare

I thank my father for his early influence in my listening habits, instilling a love for folk before I could even manage to buy my own music. Through the years, that’s always been there, though I tend to gravitate towards the heavier side of the genre, like this track from Baybs. It’s the project of Craig Jacobs, who seems to be confronting his demons on this single, using the lyrics and his songwriting to overcome past anxieties about the world; he gets a little backing vocal aid that really makes the tune, courtesy of Zelma Stone and Melissa Russi. It’s a good little rocking folk track, prepping us for the release of his debut Introvertigo EP, out June 11th via Text Me Records.

Walt Disco Share Cut Your Hair

Remember when you first listened to “Danger! High Voltage” by Electric Six? It was like all the garage rock energy had been filed into a dancefloor ready ball of fun. Well, Glaswegian outfit Walt Disco are aiming for similar territory with their latest single Cut Your Hair…only instead of garage rock, they’re channeling in that sort of angular post-punk that’s quite similar to other Glasgow natives Franz Ferdinand. Admittedly, this one’s a touch more dramatic, at least in the vocal delivery, though it also has a little bit more experimental twists in the musical element. Anyways, you should have fun on a Wednesday locked inside your home. The band have a debut EP scheduled for later this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Slow Dream Pop from Beverly Moon

Mondays, even now, have to be eased into; you’re reminded of everything on your plate, and everything still left to be done from last week. I think Beverly Moon will help ease you into this week, offering up this dreamy pop ballad, sparkling when needed. Guitars shimmer and turn in the forefront of the song, awaiting the vocals to wash ashore; they seem to enter the fray casually, almost half-heartedly, adding this sort of forlorn emotion to the tune. There’s this faint turn in the chorus that’s like this rare pop hiccup that I’m really drawn to; it’s such a subtle tiny move that I can hardly explain it, but you’ll know one you listen. This tune appears on the band’s forthcoming debut EP!

More From Future Silence

About a month ago we helped introduce you to Chicago based band Future Silence and their take on dreamy, quiet, pop music. Today we have another new single to share entitled “Ealing Broadway” coming off of the band’s upcoming debut EP. While this single is again focused on dream pop, the band pumps in some quirkier elements with electronics and a sparse horn piece. This band stands firmly in an ever rising Chicago scene.

Future Silence will release their debut, self-titled EP on Friday via Half a Cow Records.

Future Silence Announce Debut EP

The Chicago scene has been dropping some great tunes this week, earlier with Deeper and now this Future Silence track that comes with the announcement of their debut EP. There’s this sugary girl-group melody crafted by the vocals, though with just a hint of indifference to keep it cool. Musically, it offers this brooding version of dream pop…the rhythm section pushes the song forward, and the guitars seem solemnly muted, allowing the internal melody to sit in the vocals unit the chorus washes ashore. Really just in love with this song today, and if you’re feeling the same, look for their EP on September 13th courtesy of Half a Cow Records.

More From Tummyache

Earlier this month I was turned onto the Amarillo product Soren Bryce and her new project under the moniker tummyache. While the previous output was a slow burning type of song, this one hits much harder and gives us much more of a rockin’ vibe. It has a very . grunge inspired sound and comes across as an updated and cleaner version of alternative bands like Garbage. Clearly it seems that the new EP coming later this year on Poor Man Records will feature sounds from a wide variety of landscapes. Dig.

Jettes Share Another Ditty

Having already introduced you to one of the catchy tracks from Jettes debut EP, it only seems fitting that I would back that up with another of the duo’s infectious tunes. This one has Melody Connor taking on the vocal duties while the pace is furious and fun; it’s in the vein of the garage lore we all know love. Laura Lee’s backing vocals jumping from time to time only solidify the band’s hook factor; this is especially true when they come in offering a more anthemic note to support Connor, likely the perfect moment in the live setting. There’s a lot of fun here, so go ahead and blast this one through your speakers!

London Outfit Sleep Eaters Announce Debut EP

I don’t know what it is about this Sleep Eaters song, but I just can’t quit it; I think I’ve played the opening 50 seconds over and over again. It’s got this real early post-punk feel, almost as if Television decided they wanted to get gritty again for an instant. Then, we’re flipped upside down as this jangling garage bounce rolls its way right into the tune; there’s still that cool indifference to the vocal delivery, made even cooler in the brief delivery of the chorus. Bits of swagger, nostalgically huge riffs and angular guitar lines are a sure fire way into this fella’s heart; look for their debut EP via PNKSLM on later in 2019.

NOV3L Share Sign on the Line

While it may seem like NOV3L are a few years behind the rehash of post-punk angular antics, it’s fair to say at least they do it right…all the way down to the ethos of the genre. They operate as a collective, crafting music crafting clothes crafting art on their own terms from within the confines of a singular house. That all makes sense when you listen to their new single, which is a foot-stomping nostaglic punk nod with social awareness; they seem to be taking on the corporate structures that make us all wage-slaves. They release their new EP this Friday via Flemish Eye Records.

Pleased To Meet You: Lights on Moscow

I’ve probably spent a decent amount of time with the music of the two musicians who make up Lights on Moscow (Justin of Editors, Hazel of Lanterns on the Lake), but I didn’t expect them to give birth to this striking sound. The duo spend a good minute just building the tension with ambient noises encircling. Drums begin to emerge, covered by this heavy riff that begins as an added musical layer, before, itself, adding further textures to its own sound. Hazel’s voice sits perfectly amidst the entirety of the tune, sort of wavering between angelic and wispy, riding the natural ebbs and flows of the tune. Together they’ll release their debut EP on October 19th.

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