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11337002_401226620061420_3011181159598881531_oWe’ve posted several of these Day Wave tunes in the past and we ATH kids love the music coming through here.  Today I’m pumped to be sharing with you the debut EP from Day Wave entitled Headcase EP.  Maybe some would call it chill wave, or even dream pop, but however you label it, it’s sure to be great for your summer time playlist.  Enjoy.

Fresh Day Wave Tune

11337002_401226620061420_3011181159598881531_oDay Wave made a big splash earlier this year with just one single, but he’s prepping his debut EP, which looks to continue on the early promise he showed. It’s got that dreamy surf quality to it, at least if you go off the latest single; it’s similar to the earliest works of Drums.  Some songs come at exactly the right time, and as things start to warm up here in Austin, I know what songs I’ll be playing at my next pool party.He’ll be self releasing his Headcase EP on July 17th, so get ready for some sweet summer tunes.

Public Access TV Has the Hits

patvThere’s been a lot of buzz around Public Access TV as of late, which is striking, considering there’s little to the band other than an unreleased EP for Terrible Records.  That being said, those looking for synth-influenced pop hits to toss on the record player late at night will surely have their interests piqued here. It’s got brightness in all the right places, and this really chilled out vibe that could either instigate a late night dance party or a casual nod off to sleep.  The juries out still on how far the group will go, but based on this, it sounds like they’re going to be offering us a lot of great hits; look for the release digitally next week.

Enjoy Some Crepes…the band

creepsThis song from Crepes is something really special for you on a Tuesday. If it helps grab your attention, Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring handled the mastering on the band’s new work…and you know that guy’s no slouch.  But, similar Melbourne acts, there’s a different side of pop coming from these guys, offering a slowly unfolding picture that brings a bright bouncing harmony to the chorus.  Right now they’re just starting to catch on, but things will really take off when their debut EP is released in early 2015…says I.

Shivery Shakes – Shivery Shakes EP

Rating: ★★★★ ·

It’s hard to rise to the top in Austin, but over the last year Shivery Shakes have certainly made a nice name for themselves.  For the first time, the masses will get a chance to hear recorded tunes as the group releases their Shivery Shakes EP; it lives up to all the promise we’ve been fortunate enough to see grow over the last year.

A bubbling bit of bass begins off “Our Nights” before the boys start to their jittery jangling.  You’ll find a bit of youthful innocence in the group’s approach on this jam, which is exemplified by singer William’s voice, not to mention the gang vocal approach.  Personally, I dig the nice surf-ish guitar solo that comes in near the end of the number.

By the time you get into “Say,” you start to see the boys hitting their stride, as a little bit of that live energy begins to seep though the sounds on the EP.  You can almost feel yourself swaying with the cutting guitar lines, just as one would do when dancing with the Shivery Shakes in the live setting.  Perhaps, the vocals are a tad rough, but that exuberance is exactly what makes the group so charming live, so lets not get nit-picky.

The effortless cool of “Stay Young” should help make the band branch out beyond the realms of Austin.  At first, you get a bit of that sunny shakiness the band often employs, but the chorus is where they really kick your teeth in with pop goodness.  As William begins his guttural shout with “I’m too young to die/you’re too old to lie” you can really feel that energy coming through your speakers; it’s a remarkable feat for a first effort.

All day long though, “Temporary Vacation” has been where it’s at in my head.  For some reason, the story of creating your own vacation while dancing with a friend/lover in your living-room with your favorite record spinning fits my current daydreams. The group employs a bit of a stomp too about midway through the track, which offers up just enough differentiation to keep the sound of the EP fresh.  Oh, and it’s got whistling too!

“Wait” closes out the short effort in grand fashion.  There’s grit on these guitars, despite their ability to flesh out gorgeous pop melodies.  William’s seemingly distant vocals are accompanied by the rest of the group joining him to provide a sublime choral moment.  This is one of those songs where you can see the group fit all their influences and touches into one tight song.

In conclusion, Shivery Shakes are a rising star in Austin, but with songs like this, they should hopefully start to seem some recognition elsewhere.  They combine bits of Cali sun-pop, group harmonies, jangling guitars and steady drumming; in doing so, they create a short effort that’s both breezy and cool, begging to be turned up loud while you open the windows and let that Spring wind blow through.  Well played lads.


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]


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