Goblin Daycare Share Liar Liar

Through the first few singles, I’ve been totally on board with Turkey’s Goblin Daycare, and as of this new single, that’s not changing. There’s some sonic similarities to what folks are doing in the US scene, like the Oh Sees, but what I enjoyed here was that they kind of peeled away layers of the sonic onion, getting down to the most frantic core of the track. You’ll hear those jittering guitars knifing their way through here, but the drum work is seemingly sedated (in sound only); it leaves plenty of room for the vocals to crawl through in this goblin-esque manner. It’s like they’re begging you to dig deeper into the genre, and I’m totally here for it. They’ll release Agitpop Hotline on May 17th via Dedstrange.

A Place to Bury Strangers Announce Chasing Colors 7″

When I first turned on this new track from A Place to Bury Strangers, I thought for a brief six seconds that maybe they were going to start flirting with the realm of indiepop; they employ a jangling guitar line immediately, and it runs through the whole track. But, almost as my brain recognized one of my favorite sounds, the group bring aboard a heavy wash of fuzzy riffs to layer atop the tune. When you set that alongside the soft coo of the vocals, you get that sort of nostalgic Jesus and MC vibe going on here, and that definitely doesn’t hurt my feelings. Another banger in their 7″ series, that you can grab from Dedstrange today.

Goblin Daycare Share Boss Man

Years ago, I was super excited by the likes of Thee Oh Sees and such acts. But, after a hot minute, everyone was doing it, all the way to the gizzards and their wizards, so while there’s some lineage in Goblin Daycare, their approach feels refreshing. Honestly, it almost feels like they’ve take the structure, and just decided that they’re going to turn the whole sound into some sort of monster, making it an abomination within the genre. This new single is bouncing and sharp, with that frantic nature punctuated by these insane vocal lines that fit perfectly into the wobbling wold of the keys as the track hits that chorus. If you’re looking for a little refresh, be sure to look into Agitprop Hotline, out May 17th via Dedstrange.

GIFT Release New Single, Share the Present

Sometimes a band’s sound just hits all the right notes, such as GIFT‘s latest track from their forthcoming debut album, Momentary Presence. It’s a familiar sound, especially for those of you visiting this site, using a propulsive drum beat to kick start the song’s vibe, only to allow a wash of atmospherics to drift atop and coat it in this dense dreaminess. The vocals don’t do much to stray you away, holding you in their arms as they wrap you in the darkened pop sound. But, the importance revolves around the messaging, reminding us to stay in the present, focus on what’s around you, good or bad, share it! Momentary Presence is out next Friday via Dedstrange.

A Place to Bury Strangers Share Hold On Tight Video

I’m really loving the freedom that working through their own label seems to be providing A Place to Bury Strangers; it seems to have provided the band with this ability to sort of remain indifferent to expectations and still play on their own terms. Their latest single opens up with this barrage of noise, thundering upon your eardrums with such power that it’s likely to knock down all the unstable furniture in your living quarters. Still, with walls built of sonic expression, Oliver Ackermann and company hone in on their melodic inclinations, sort of bundled up inside this cocoon of shredding noise. The perfect imbalance if you ask me! They drop See Through You on February 4th via Dedstrange.

Wah Together Drop 7″

I’m surprised given the pedigree of the members in Wah Together that the band aren’t getting more hype; the group features members of Longwave, LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, so they’re cool in my book before they even started singing. But, with Jaiko Suzuki on vocals, singing in Japanese, the band take this blend of sort of skronky post-punk and rev it up into this mashing of pop and noise. It’s this swirling mixture where drums crash heavily while the rhythm section spastically pushes you forward, all of it circling around the gravitational pull of Suzuki. I can totally get behind this; you can too buy grabbing the 7″ from the band HERE. They’ll have an album out next year via Dedstrange in March.

A Place to Bury Strangers Announce See Through You

Today A Place to Bury Strangers officially announce their 6th studio album, and while that seems like that’s been a long time coming, the band still sound really fresh on their latest single, if not in peak form. Heavily distorted sounds ring out from the get-go, setting an ominous industrial vibe, waiting for Oliver Ackerman to enter the fray as he haunts the song with dropped tone vocals. Thematically, the song is set to tell the story of two lovers who are lost in a city that doesn’t know their name, finding solace in their relationship. Interesting narration, but spot on for the current climate. Be sure to wait until the 2 minute mark when the song opens up and just gets a little sonically deranged, which no one does quite as well as APtBS. Their new album See Through You will hit on February 4th via Dedstrange.

A Place to Bury Strangers Announce Hologram EP

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten fresh new music from A Place to Bury Strangers, but with the announcement of the Hologram EP, we welcome a new track from the band. It begins with some cymbal and snare work, burrowing into the background before the song erupts with squalling guitars; I keep thinking you can hear vocals from new drummer Sandra Fedowitz in there too, but then I go back and forth thinking I’ve been fooled by the group. Oliver Ackermann’s voice is this heavy haunt in the tracks front end, playing somewhere between J Spaceman and the Gallagher brothers (and I don’t mind that). Plus, you get the added bonus of a hypnotic video to accompany your listen! Hologram will be out July 16th via Dedstrange.

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