Thursday Night ATX Shows

It’s just one of those nights where you could practically walk downtown, fall over and land at a really incredible show. I’ve got my own eyes set on bouncing around to a few, but let’s see if we can’t point you in the proper direction…I gave you some hints, but you can also catch Hootie and the Blowfish if that’s your prerogative.



Darkbird, Daphne Tunes, The Lovely Sparrows, Royal Forest @ Cheer Up Charlies – 9 PM

Culture Abuse, Single Drop, Tony Molina @ Empire – 8 PM

Ryley Walker + Charles Rumback, The Hatch @ Beerland – 8 PM

Vundabar + Together Pangea, Dehd @ Barracuda – 8 PM

Caleb de Casper, CHEAP WAVE, MeanGirls, HiFi Kids @ Dozen Street – 8:30 PM

Sour Notes (7″ Release), Magic Rockers of Texas, Black Basements @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Chill Russell, Dayeaeter, Arch Set Empire @ Swan Dive – 9:30 PM

Dehd Share Happy Again

There’s just something so thrilling about the simplicity of Dehd; but, in doing so, the band have to be spot on in everything they do in order to be successful. Three singles in, and they don’t seem to have missed a beat, and this might be one of their best tracks on the forthcoming Water. The vibe here definitely harkens to that sunny pop styling that launched a million garage band, with Balla’s style of curving his notes built to perfectly fit into the song’s tight structure; he even gets a nice little punch up from the backing vocals to drill home the song’s hook. It’s got to be hard to be the other band’s out there, as this bunch just seems and sounds like the coolest…all while playing it off like they’re not even trying. Look for Water on May 10th via Fire Talk.


Dehd Share On My Side

Some bands brandish their simplicity like a bag of honor, and I have to tell you that Dehd is one such act, maximizing their emotional pull in a minimalist manner. Jason Balla takes the reigns on this song, delivering his lines with a mixture of croon and spoken word; Emily Kempf belts out this quivering chorus, almost as if she’s reaching out to us from a far away dimension. And, speaking of Emily, she’s also the star of the video, fiercely walking along the highway, at times celebrating life with a shuffle and a hop as the music rings out discordantly. I’m still perplexed by how intoxicating this band can be, and having witnessed it in person at SXSW, you’re in for a treat when Water Out drops via Fire Talk on May 10th.

Dehd Announce New Album

While the late 00s garage/surf re-hash got tired after a few years, it’s still one of my favorite sounds, particularly when it’s presented in a refreshing manner, like Chicago’s Dehd are doing. You can hear that sound immediately, matched by steadying percussion; it’s catchy too, but it’s the chorus that comes in right at the thirty second mark that really drew me into the song. It takes the track into an almost soulful ballad, though it always holds onto the band’s sense of exuberance with the “sha la la la” that crash at the end of the chorus. Catchy and nostalgic, this track makes the forthcoming Water LP very promising; it drops on May 10th via Fire Talk.

Rad Tune from Dehd

Chicago act Dehd have a pretty solid pedigree, but we needn’t focus on that when they’ve got this stunning new track to enjoy. The track really has this sound that seeps into your soul, and I get that that sounds strange, but those guitar chords seem to weave their way into your skin as the vocals take on a heavy solemnity. All the while you feel as if the track is rolling, churning you over and over like a wave crashing upon the shore. Man, this is a serious jam for serious people. Rock it out and have a happy Friday.