What’s Cool in Australian Music, Today

Clearly I’m struggling to not write about all the songs and all the cool things, so why not turn three posts into one, you know, just to cut down on boring you with my mundane thoughts on people’s music. So, below, you’ve got streams to 2 great LPs and a new single.



Shrapnel – Alasitas

This record’s impossible to describe in the absolute best way possible, though I’ve tried to pigeon-hole the band’s sound in the past. Just imagine bits of indie pop, elements of experimentation, prog and psych, then swirled about like the colors on the album art. This is an LP worth self-immersion.

Quivers – Golden Doubt

They’re going to get Go-Betweens comparisons, based on the band’s line-up alone, and parts of that are unfair, but parts are definitely just. What’s just is that they’re writing the same style of timeless pop tunes you want to share with everyone you love. I’m stuck on “When It Breaks” at the moment.


Delivery – Brickwork

I’ve already written about the first single from the band’s forthcoming Yes We Do EP, so, feels like we should continue that support as they offer up another frantic bouncer, an energetic frolic in fast forward. Their new 7″ will drop at the end of the month via Spoilsport!

Delivery Announce Yes We Do EP

Another day, another tune from Melbourne I can get behind; this time we’ve got a fresh new hit from Melbourne’s Delivery. The core of the song swirls around this tight proto-punk guitar line, coiled darkly in the mix so that the vocals achieve this sort of cavernous indifference that fuses the stark nature of the tune with elements of super cool. At times, you can hear little surfy guitar licks come into play, mostly between verses, illustrating what the band have in store for you down the line. Their Yes We Do EP will drop on June 25th courtesy of Spoilsport Records.