Kissing Party Share Graceless Video

When I first turned on this new track from Kissing Party, there was something instantly gratifying in the rhythm section; the snappiness of it all reminded me of early Drums tracks, endearing and energetic. As the song progresses, the vocals enter nonchalantly, offering listeners a sort of pop version of what Blank Dogs were doing back a few thousand years ago. The song carries this lightness and indifference, seemingly tied into the concept of the song, so it all fits absolutely perfectly. Honestly, if you missed the OG Pains of Being Pure at Heart, this is the tune for you to turn all the way up. They’ve got their Graceless album dropping today, so go listen to that as well!

Jangly New Tune From Mainland Break

It’s a warm one in ATX and sometimes it pays to try and imagine cool breezes with light sunshine on the coast or really anywhere that’s not 100 degrees. Denver, CO seems like a good spot at the moment, and the lads in Mainland Break are certainly making me jealous with their new jangly, indie rock joint. It also has an accompanying video that evokes those same, cooler Colorado vibes. The track sort of hits me in a Fruit Bats, meets Local Natives, meets Foreign Born sort of way and will surely hit you in all the right spots in your ear holes.

This tune will be part of a new album entitled One Way Ticket to Midnight due out on July 21st.

Going Back to Belhoss’ Hiding EP

The great thing about running a little small site is people hit you up from time to time, just looking for an ear, which is how I hit upon BelhossHiding EP from a year or so ago. When I played the song below, I relished the slow burn of the musical elements; it’s got this fuzzy cavernous vibe to it, and the movement is just slow enough to let the melody sink into you. In the vocals, they’re almost too distorted, just on the cusp of coming across like another instrument, which I don’t mind one bit. So, if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the full EP!

Mon Cher Shares Better Days + New EP

Last week was shitty and disheartening, but despite the work ahead for us all, Meghan Holton’s latest single from the new Mon Cher EP promises that there are better days ahead. Musically, this feels like the best way to sort of begin our week, with the layers of this tune sort of lapping at your toes like gentle little waves, washing over and cleansing your spirit. There’s an effortlessness to the track, like its fit for whatever mood you’re in need of at the moment; there are moments where the drift turns into subdued bounce as the beat kicks in, or you can just ride back out to see with whatever layer you choose. Be sure to listen to the whole of the Tell Me Baby EP, out now.

Public Opinion Drop New Single

If you’re out there today looking for some solid, super well produced, rock n roll music with a twist of punk, may I suggest this new single from Denver based Public Opinion. The track entitled, “Sweets all the Time”, has this very White Reaper meets NOFX vibe to it with a clear post-punk inspiration. Sort of garage rock but with a bit more gusto and edge if you will. Take it with you on your morning adventures.

This track will appear on the new EP Modern Convenience due out May 27th on Convulse Records. Pre-orders are live now.

American Culture Share 1972 Video

If you haven’t gotten on board with For My Animals, the latest collection of bops from American Culture, then perhaps this song can be the one to entice you. The undercurrent of this song is definitely a propulsive groove; it sounds like its got bits of kraut and prog all wound into its own version of dream pop. On my end, the track has this sort of everything but nothing feel; you feel like you’ve heard that note or that sound, and yet it seems totally new and unearthed. I love how the video’s wash of the live footage seamlessly moves you into the accompanying underwater visuals. If you’re looking for something that’s an amalgam of all your favorite sounds, it might be lurking here below! For My Animals is out now via HHBTM!

Allison Lorenzen Shares Vale (ft. Midwife)

You might be familiar with Allison Lorenzen‘s work as a member of School Dance, but our focus here is on her incredible single under her own name for her solo work. Honestly, I just want this song to play throughout the rest of the day; it perfectly captures the balance between light and dark that makes this brand of pop so perfect. Opening with this almost gothic guitar chord, bringing in this shadow to start us off, you’re set up perfectly, to enter the caverns of Lorenzen’s creation. At first Allison’s voice, while perfectly sharp, still carries an almost heavy tone to it, matching the musical element. But, as that moves along, and we enter the chorus, the vocals evolve into something stronger, almost angelic in nature; it’s absolutely captivating. Just press play and don’t forget to thank me later!

A Shoreline Dream Announce Melting

Been a few years since we’ve heard from Colorado’s shoegaze outfit A Shoreline Dream, but they return with news of a fresh new album, Melting. Listening through this first single, I’m indulging the heavier tendencies of my listening habits; the band definitely feel like they’re toying with the heavier side of the genre, as opposed to the dreamier bits most recently popularized. I love that they still maintain a cocoon of pop sensibility, almost as if its quietly cowering as the noise swirls around overhead. Those of you looking to gaze at your shoes while noise echoes in the caverns of your ear, go ahead and pre-order Melting; it drops on August 21st.

Pop Rock Tune from Tonne

I love a good jam, but even more when it’s got some Austin lineage, like this Denver band, Tonne. It’s the work of Jay Tonne, who used to play down in our neck of the woods as part of Black Forest Fire. This single comes with the announcement of the Bridey Murphy EP, and while it’s still a very guitar driven sound, there’s a huge focus on the delivery of melody throughout this first listen. It’s got nods to college rock all over it, though approached with the warmth you might find in the likes of Nada Surf. Clearly you can be loud and charming all at once! The EP will drop on March 13th.

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