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unnamed (6)Around a month ago we shared with you guys a new single from Detroit based up and coming band Ritual Howls. Well today we’ve got another new single for you in the form of this new track “Park Around the Corner”. Yet again I am intrigued by the band’s ability to blend heavy pop elements from a group like Joy Division, and mesh them well with a poppier industrial band like Cold Cave. One can even sense a hint of Nathan’s favorite artist Marilyn Manson…. I suggest you check it out now.

This track will appear on Into the Water due out August 19th on felte.

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Big Sean – “One Man Can Change The World”

Big Sean’s album Dark Sky Paradise is the best hip-hop album of 2015 so far. If you haven’t checked it out you’re doing yourself a disservice. Big Sean doesn’t get as much lyrical attention as some of his contemporaries but he is a definitive artist and deserves more attention than he gets, though he gets plenty. Ultimately, this is not a plug for that his newest album. Big Sean’s song “One Man Can Change The World” featuring Kanye West and John Legend from Dark Sky Paradise is an amazing song. Largely based on the teachings of his grandmother growing up, Big Sean has crafted a beautiful tribute to his grandmother, which even includes a brief interaction between the two. Sadly, his grandmother died during the production process so she never got to hear the final product. It’s heartfelt all the same.

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Fresh Tune from Turn to Crime

turntocrimeOoh, this is something special indeed.  Today we got this new track from Turn to Crime in our inbox, and it’s a pretty necessary track for you to stream today.  I love the way it was recorded with a really hollow vocal stretched out atop the stomping groove established by the rest of the group.  This is the lead single from the Detroit group, who will be releasing their debut album, Can’t Love, on July 1st via Old Flame Records/Mugg and Bopp Records.  There’s definitely a different sound going on here, which I think you all will take a liking too.

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The Dirtbombs Go Bubblegum

dirtbombsThe Detroit explosion brought on by Jack White and Eminem seemed to have overlooked The Dirtbombs, or maybe the band preferred it that way.  Regardless, they’re back in the fold with a new LP that pays homage to a more polished version of rock n’ roll.  They’ve titled the new album Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey, and it’ll see a release by In the Red Records on September 17th.  This track below seems so simple you might overlook it at first, but I suggest you play it three or four times on repeat; you won’t be able to stop playing it after that point.

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The IT Department – v2.3

This edition will bring you a nice little variety. I have an older track from Glass Candy that I’ll use to highlight one the best movies I have seen in a while. I have a track from Superhumanoids that is short and sweet. An old-school feeling trance track from Acid Washed that is new, I promise. Loose Fit busts out some funky bassline action for a genre I like to call “theme music”. I’ll finish up with a stellar track from Dana Buoy you can download. Dana Buoy is in Akron/Family, this isn’t an Akron/Family track.

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New Oddball Jam from Prussia

Detroit’s Prussia are one of those bands that you’ve got to give a chance in order to fully sink your teeth into their catalogue.  They combine odd shifts in mood and tempo, utilizing all their instruments to craft genuinely interesting chamber pop masterpieces.  The group is in the middle of releasing a set of 10″ singles, and we’ve got a premiere of one of the tracks of the second 10″ from the Poor English collection.  You can grab the first single now, but the second one, with the song below, won’t be available until September 13th.  I’m extremely stoked by the music these guys are crafting right now, and you should be too.


Download: Prussia – Sleeper [MP3]