The Week in Music April 26-30

Yo. We forgot last week. Sorry. Please forgive us. Here’s a great way to start off your Monday with a playlist of last week’s hits. We added a few from some of the records we were jamming like Mope City and Phantom Handshakes…not to mention a hit from the great album ATH Records just dropped from Space Tan! Just a nice easy hour of listening to get you in through the morning Monday blues. So yeah, no need for more…just jam to some hits.

Deuce Share Language of Love + Video

Having introduced you to Deuce a few weeks back with their debut single “Antipodes” it seems only fitting that we follow up on the band’s second tune…which we’ve got for you below. This tune fascinates in its ability to stun you with both its emotional impact and its simplicity; the tune primarily functions with Curtis’ vocals snaking over a looped beat and throbbing bass lines, with the occasional skittering guitar notes and squawks from the saxophone (courtesy of Snowy!) cascading across the song’s night sky. I love how Wakeling dances his voice around, almost turning it into its own entirely separate instrument; all of this song written and sung as an ode to Curtis and Kayleigh’s relationship. Their debut self-titled LP will be out on June 16th via Dinosaur City Records.

Deuce Share Antipodes Video + Album Announcement

I’ve been writing about Curtis Wakeling’s music for almost a decade, first with his project Velcro, then later as a member of Ocean Party and Pop Filter. But, like many of the folks on his side of the great big pond, there’s always another project brewing; this time he’s working with Kayleigh Heydon under the name Deuce. Kayleigh’s controlling the vocal role on this single, nearing some of the tonal notes that you’d find on a Beach House record, though Curtis does add some subtle backing notes to her voice as well. Musically, the song has this misty quality, almost this foggy solemnity as it floats, filled with these delicious little nuanced moments. Fittingly, that accompanying mood seems to match with the theme, as Heydon notes the song is about the pain associated with longing for things you don’t have, in regards to relationships. I reckon that plays a part in the song’s title with Kayleigh in Melbourne and her family in Manchester. Deuce will release their self-titled debut on June 16th via Dinosaur City.