Obligatory Martha Post for Every Day the Hope Gets Harder

I only say obligatory as I’m a Martha superfan, but bummed I got beat to the punch by my arch-enemy of blogs. Still, Please Don’t Take Me Back is still a month or two away, so I’ve got to get my fill of the band’s furious rock n’ roll sounds. The drums on this tune pound furiously as the guitars race to play catch up, waiting for the vocals to enter the fray. Once they jump in, the melodic hooks from the band are undeniable, even as they’re lamenting the decline in hope…which I think sums up the last two years pretty perfectly. Specialist Subject and Dirtnap will drop the record at the end of October.

More Kicks Share Terminal Love

This track from More Kicks has been floating about for a few days, but I definitely wanted to make sure I had it up here, as someone’s got to carry the torch for Ted Leo going forward. I mean, just listening to the opening here, you can’t help but compare Sulli and Ted, even down to the way the song just drops right in and takes off running. And, once those riffs drop in they’re heavy and melodic, bursting through your speakers with these arena rock hooks that have you tapping your toes and trying to sing along as you learn the words. If you’re digging their power pop ways, Punch Drunk drops on September 16th via Stardumb/Dirtnap Records.

Have Another Hit From Martha

Durham (UK) based outfit Martha has really begun to strike a chord with Nathan and I over here around the ATH offices. We love the bands take on garage rock with a flair for loud guitars paired with super catchy hooks and pop inspired beats. The band has delighted us yet again today with the release of this new single called “Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?” featuring more of those big, sweeping hooks and musically superb guitar leads. It’s one of my favorite tunes this month. Enjoy.

Martha also announced a new album entitled Please Don’t Take Me Back due out October 28th via Dirtnap Records.


Rock Out with Heavy Lag

Brooklyn’s Heavy Lag aren’t signed to Dirtnap Records, but if you’re a fan of that label and its brand of furious pop punk, then you’re going to love this bunch! They rock forward almost immediately, blasting with some heavy riffs at breakneck speed. Of course, the vocals seem like they’re screamed atop the whole of the song, kind of like they’re crowdsurfing through the tune itself. And just like that, 2 minutes have blasted right through your speakers, you’ve punched danced across your living room with your 2 year old…wait, maybe that’s just me?! Whatever, this rips and you need it!

Personality Cult Share Telephone

Feel like we got a little mellow today, which normally is okay, but it’s Monday, so we could all use a boost to sort of kick on into the afternoon. There’s not a better way than with this new track from Personality Cult off the band’s forthcoming New Arrows LP. It makes sense that the band find their home on Dirtnap Records, as the sound here is one of fury filled with pop hooks; you get some fun backing vocals while the drums are hammering out the furious rhythm that propels the song forward. It’s a fun jam, and you need more fun jams in your life; the LP drops on February 14th.

Anthemic Rocker from the Hussy

Don’t let the scuzzy guitar fuzz on this tune frighten you; the Hussy are here to bring you a bright pop rock tune that will stick inside your head. They enter the scene here with this distorted swagger; the vocals delivered coolly, building the tension towards the chorus. It’s here you get this huge release as the volume seems to jump up, only highlighting the band’s infectious hook that they’ve built into their song. Blasting with sweet melody, the band just jump right in, melt your face, then they’re gone in just over 2 minutes…so feel free to go back there and press repeat. You’ll find this tune on their new LP, Looming, out this Fall via Dirtnap Records. They’ve got an Austin show at the end of September with Xetas.

Martha Share The Void

Admittedly, it’s only March, but my favorite LP of this year has to be this brand new Martha tune, so I’m going to back that up with sharing this delicious song. This song encompasses everything I love about Love Keeps Kicking. It’s energetic in every way, but there’s this natural sense of having a blast that seeps through your speakers. Here, it comes your way via this male/female vocal barrage, aided by the anthemic backing shout. Just when you think you’re getting too old to listen to proper pop-punk Martha are kicking down your door with antoerh emphatic jam! The new LP will be out via Big Scary Monsters/Dirtnap on April 5th.

Bad Sports Share New Video, Playing Hotel Vegas on March 27

Bad Sports have dropped a new video for the track, “Don’t Deserve Love,” off their recent Dirtnap Records LP,Constant Stimuation.The video shows a drunken night for a sad bastard kind of character that aptly fits the title of the video and, naturally, the anthem of the song. It’s a punk ripper with a catchy chorus that you’ll be singing along to in no time. I will warn fellow Austinites– this video may feel all too familiar to you or remind you of someone you know or maybe last night out on 12th Street (hopefully not).

Bad Sports are kicking off a good sized US tour with a night at Hotel Vegas on March 27, you know, after that SXSW thing is done.


Today’s Catchy Martha Jam

I’m really hopeful that the new Martha record will make waves over here, hopefully encouraging the band to do a lengthy tour that includes Austin on this go-round. The band craft some of the catchiest pop-punk around, and Love Keeps Kicking is sure to fulfill on the continued progress of the hit-making machine. I love a band that can match the vocals, the drums and the guitars all at once, crashing down with this euphoric feeling that makes you happy to be alive. The video even has a nice little breakdown near the end, or an interlude, just to tease us with another round of hooks. The new record drops on April 1st via Big Scary Monsters/Dirtnap Records.

Steve Adamyk Band Drop New Single

There’s a long list of Dirtnap Records acts that I adore, and Steve Adamyk Band is just one of those in that list. So, when they announce a new album, I’m here to tell you about it. It’s an energetic pop punk blaster, furiously pumping along and best consumed at loud volumes. I dig the way the vocals have a gang vocal backing up the main vocal, giving this anthemic punch to the lyrical content. It’s good to see Steve circling back to what he and his band do best; I expect I’ll enjoy Paradise quite a bit when it drops on March 15th.

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