National Honor Society Share As She Slips Away

I will be the first to admit that I love my indiepop really crisp and angular, for the most part. But, the National Honor Society are brandishing a brand of the genre that feels powerful and refreshing; they’re banging out these huge sonic riffs, billowing with noise and discord, tethered to this beautiful central melody. Every time your speakers shake, you’re drawn to this tractor beam of beauty that reverberates just beneath the surface. The chorus, a calm in the storm, punctuates the melodic nature. It sounds huge, but doesn’t lose that shared moment between friends, which draws so many to indiepop sounds. Plus, it comes with a message that highlights the disillusioned American dream as “democracy crumbles around us.” The band will release To All the Distance Between Us on April 21st via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

The Photocopies Prep Wrong Century Compilation

Deep in the heart of Michigan lives a great well of indiepop sounds going by the name of the Photocopies; the project has been pretty busy with lots of little singles here and there throughout the last few years, and now those songs are all being strung together to make up the Wrong Century compilation. Just press play below and you’ll immediately get swept away in the galloping pop sounds; there’s little fuzzy riffs and a bouncing bit of percussion to push you forward. From there, the vocals come in coolly, melodic and a little bit shy, which makes them all the more endearing. If you’re into it, you get 8 bonus tracks by grabbing a CD version from Discos de Kirlian.

My Raining Stars Share Behind Her Lovely Smile

Thierry Haliniak is no stranger to the sounds of pop music, having been on the edges of the indie pop realm since the early 90s, but it’s really been the last decade or so when his solo work as My Raining Stars really seems to have sprung to life. There’s that nostalgic carousel of jangling guitar licks chiming through your speaker. All that, dreaminess, yet its still the warmth of Thierry’s voice beckoning you to dive further into what’s lurking in this new LP. Searching for crisp pop music to transport you back to the 90s? Well, then you’re going to want to grab 89 Memories, the new LP, which is dropping today via Shelflife/Discos de Kirlian.

Always You Share Have It Your Way

This Friday we’ll finally get to hear the whole of the new LP from Always You, the band led by the Hochheim brothers, and formerly known as Ablebody. Before we get there, we’ve got one last listen to tease our tastebuds; this one’s sort of a lounge dream pop tune. Guitars and atmospherics create this green screen backdrop of smooth listening, allowing for the sedate nature of the vocals to billow through your speakers, washing over you like a warm rain. You even get a nice little sax solo to sort of up the smooth pop approach of this number. Bloom Off the Rose is out this Friday course of Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian. Also. This song is in no way affiliated with Burger King. So I’ve been told.

Always You Share Crimson Red Video

Looks like today’s a very easy indiepop listening sort of day, which is never a bad thing in my opinion; I’m following up that Geoffrey O’Connor tune with the latest from Always You. Oddly, the video (like O’Connor’s) also features a rose, though I suppose that’s tied to the song’s title. But, enough of that. This song’s all about the piano/keys build the song’s backbone; it allows the steady beat to give pace while encouraging billowing atmospherics to wash over the vocals. Speaking of the voice, they’ve got this melodic haze, a sort of fog machine of warmth and pleasantries indicative of the promise that the band’s forthcoming Bloom Off the Rose seems to be setting up; it’s out on July 16th via Shelflife/Discos de Kirlian.

Always You Announce Bloom Off The Rose

We couldn’t be more excited for the debut album from Always You, the new band featuring the Hochheim brothers (Ablebody, PoBPaH, etc). We’ve heard a few of the hits coming from the debut album, but today that all comes together with an official announcement and release date! I love the twinkling synths and guitar working over that bubbling rhythm section from the get-go; it sets up the mood to play just on the edge of dance-worthy. That pulse works great to set up the creative croon of the vocals, with added bonus points going to the light backing vocals that work their way into this tune during the chorus. Interestingly, the song, while maintaining this great feathery pop quality seems to hang out on the edge of the dance floor; it sort of toys with you, unsure if you’re tapping your toes or grabbing your bestie and flailing about. Bloom Off the Rose drops on July 16th via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

Death of Pop Share Go Back Single

We’re about a month away from the release of a new Death of Pop LP, so why not spin that latest single from the James brothers. The band employs these little details that some reason seem to elevate their work above many of their peers, like the steady lite buzz in this tune, like you’re listening to one of your parent’s old records. In a sense, it’s like the dreamier bedroom pop version of Arab Strap, with a larger focus on melody and drenching the listener in electronic pop melodies that criss and cross. It’s like an old school feel, that’s refreshingly current with its dreamy notes. Seconds will be released by Hidden Bay Records and Discos de Kirlian on March 19th.

Torres Satellite Share La Ventana Discreta

Discos de Kirlian is one of my favorite truly independent labels; they’ve turned me onto some really great pop music from Spain that I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Today, I’m super in love with new act Torres Satelite, who’ve just shared their first release via the label, La Ventana Discreta. I love the pulse of the music; it’s catchy, though relying upon it simplicity to allow the song to breathe; it reminds me in a lot of ways of Soviet. The dueling vocals from male and female singers certainly puts an added charm into the tune. Figured some folks might get on board with this tune.

The Death of Pop Announce New Album

I’m not sure quite how this news of a forthcoming LP from the Death of Pop escaped me, but I’m rectifying that a few days later. The long-running London outfit shared this smooth track last week, bringing with it an announcement that a new record titled Seconds is in the future. These janglegaze specialists are doing what they do best right here, mixing these seductive pop lines that bob and weave with infectiousness, then polishing them off with cozy harmonies. You get a dose of the dreamy and a dose of the jangle, and happily bob your head all the way through, so keep your eyes peeled for the new album!

Another Tune from Even As We Speak

Somehow in the hubbub of Easter weekend I let this new single from Even as We Speak sneak right passed me. I’m aiming to rectify that, as it’s a really beautiful pop tune. It opens up with these thickened synths looped over heavy drum beats, with a guitar hanging out somewhere in the distance; it almost feels like the song’s looking back on the purity of trip-hop in the mid 90s. Then the angelic notes of Mary Wyer’s voice enter the scene and everything else fades away; this is one of those vocal performances you don’t forget. As the song draws to a close, a little ambiance and musicality is flexed…but I’m still thinking about those vocals. Another reason we should all have our heads turned towards Adelphi when it drops in June via Shelflife Records and Discos de Kirlian.

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