Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 30 – September 3)

Well, today might be the beginning of a little decline for the next few weeks, as you’re likely going to be pressing play on this just as I’m bringing Nathan Jr. Jr. into the world. But, like him, you are blessed with these incredible tunes that graced our site last week, all of which will enable you to recover from your Labor Day doldrums. Hopefully this week brings you a great many things!

Doms Drop Model Head

Don’t have too much info on Arizona’s Doms, and in fact, the band only have a handful of jams, but felt like being into some rock vibes today, so thought we would throw this one your way here. This is just straight rock fuel, akin to the middle period Ty Segall, where it was all about noise and energy and pummeling and hints of melody. Feel like the band have latched onto this darkened edge of heavy indie rock that we’ve perhaps been missing, so I’m ready to turn this one all the way up. You game?