Pleased to Meet You: Murder Shoes

murderBeen on a kick trying to find some great tunes that aren’t getting a lot of coverage otherwise, which is where I found this tune from Murder Shoes. You’ll hear a distinctive guitar sound with crisp angles and a slight bit of jangle, which you know I enjoy immensely. They’ve just released this track as a hint at good things to come from the band for their upcoming LP, Daydreaming. It’s the sort of sugary pop that all of us love, engrained in our souls with the perfect bit of melody sticking with us. You’ll be able to get your hands on a copy on November 16th via Land Ski Records.

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Electro-Pop from Oceans

efeEarlier in the year we brought you some smooth grooves from Oceans, the Finnish artist working with our friends over at Soliti Music; they just sent us a brand new track that we wanted to throw out to you in the middle of the week. It’s one of those electronic tunes that builds upon itself, propelled by a propulsive beat beneath the soulful lyrics that echo through your speakers. There’s something compelling in the simplicity of the approach to, which bodes well for the man behind the song, Efe Tekkanat. His new Thrill EP will be released by the label on October 30th. There’s also a video HERE if you’re into those sorts of things.

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Soliti Music Signs Puuunhalaaja

puunIt’s Friday and it’s been a really slow week in the music world, which is perfect because I’ve had to get back and hunt to find some gems. Luckily, I didn’t have to search for this great track from Puunhalaaja; it was sent to me by our friends at Soliti Music. I think the hardest thing for American audiences will be that the music is sung in an entirely different language, which is the ONLY detractor. Musically, it’s a great piece of songwriting. The guitar has this intimate quality, and the vocals are really pleasant; I don’t even want to mention the nice symphonic touches that make me melt. This self-titled album will be released by Soliti on November 20th.

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Don’t Cry Shopgirl Have a New 7″

11188248_630700463730740_2341388002965267490_nThis is not a Tom Hanks referencing post (wait, too late). Instead, it’s meant to reflect the exciting news coming out of Sweden this week that there will be a new 7″ from Don’t Cry Shopgirl. The song opens as a pretty synth-driven testament, with layered electronic stabs bursting in at varying times. Still, you can hear the angular guitar work that’s popularized in the genre, which never fails to win me over. Luckily, the 7″ looks to be an EP, as there are 4 songs listed; it’ll come out soon via the dependable Cloudberry Records…I’ll keep you posted on the date.


Download: Don’t Cry Shopgirl – Bring Me Home [MP3]

Tam Vantage Album is Getting Nearer

tamI’ve talked up the new Tam Vantage album quite a bit, seeing as I was a huge fan of Pop Singles, it just makes sense. Being Stateside, it’s been hard to really get too much info on his album Life in High Definition. But, it looks like the album is finally set for release on October 16th via Lost and Lonesome/Beko Disques. With that, the band has released the first “official” single, and it shows quite a progression for Tam. I love the guitar sound, but you’ll also hear a wash of keyboards and a little bit of choral vocals backing him up. Definitely one of the fall releases that has me super excited.

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Clearance Rocks College Radio Styles

clearanceYou looking for the new Malkmus? The new Pavement? I think you better invest some time in this new Clearance single.  It’s a little bit more upbeat than some of the band’s other recordings, but it’s infectious stylings are undeniable. After a slew of well-received 7 inches, the group are finally coming around to release their debut, Rapid Rewards; it will see a release date on September 29th via Tall Pat and Unsatisfied Records.  Seriously, if you don’t hear Malkmus in here you aren’t listening close enough…get that ear up to the speaker.

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New Single from Tuff Shunshine

tuffThis brand new Tuff Sunshine track came into the ATH offices this morning, and it’s really hard to turn it off. It recalls that perfect era of indie rock, at least to me, during the late 90s and early 00s where Americana and punk rock all started to fuse (outside the emo realm).  It’s got this incredible groove that drives it, but there’s also this distinctive quality that makes it feel like the brother of Superchunk, just a bit warmer on the ears. The NYC trio will release Fire in the Hero Building on October 31st.


Download: Tuff Sunshine – Dreamin’ [MP3]

Company of Selves Offer Up New Track

companyofselvesPerhaps one of my favorite styles of music is that personal indie folk music.  Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t reveal that at some point, the genre has a tendency to grow stale, stuck in one place. So, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve looked for the oddity in the genre.  From Bazaan’s word play to Banhart’s odd voice…which is the land that Company of Selves seem to occupy. There’s a warble on the recording, there’s musicianship throughout and it all feels personal. It’s pop music for those with a wandering mind.  The group will release Butterfly Handlers and Memory Travelers on Fleeting Youth Records on September 25th.

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Something New from Human Music

humanmusicI know it’s easy for us to write about all your favorite news from the other sites, but I really try to find things on the weekend that you’re not getting anywhere else, like Winnipeg’s Human Music.  It caught me at first because of the Soft Boys reference, but musically, it’s pretty marvelous.  There’s a pop sensibility, but there’s also some great structural experimentation at work here…like a post-punk band taking on their inner jam tendencies.  You can find the entire stream of their excellent new album, Sup, by clicking HERE…I know I’m hooked. Want great music? This is it. Look for the release on Sundowning Sound Recordings now.


Download: Human Music – Cool Party [MP3]


Have You Met Love Sport?

lovesportHonestly, if you’re thinking, who the fuck is Love Sport, then that’s totally understandable; it’s not every day that Finnish bands break in the US.  That’s until our friends over at Soliti sent me this catchy new single from the fan, and I was instantly hooked, meaning the band have officially made it Stateside.  It’s got the appeal of modern slacker indie rock, but the production is ten times better than that of someone recording in their bedroom. It gives the tune more punch, but also encourages you to spend time with the track, rather than listen to it in passing. They’ve just completed their 6 track EP, Almost Doesn’t Mean You Made It, which will be released on September 4th by Soliti…sounds like a deal to me.

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