Wednesday Night Plans? Go See Migrant Kids @ Holy Mountain

She SirI know how Wednesday goes.  You leave work, hit up Hump Day Happy Hour, then you take it a little too far.  So you want to go out and have a blast with your friends.  Where to go? Tonight there’s a great local show with some of our favorite acts, playing over at Holy Mountain starting at 10 PM.  Easy Tiger will be opening up the evening right at the start, and they’ll be followed by our dear friends, She Sir.  That band just can’t stop writing great pop tunes, so you need to be there.  And, as if that wasn’t a good enough night, Migrant Kids are going to close things down in an excellent fashion.  You want to celebrate Hump Day in style? You can’t find a better way than to catch some great local acts.


Download: She Sir – You Could Be Tiger [MP3]

Oddball Electro Pop from Stout Cortez

Stout Cortez PHOTOSometimes you get a submission that stands out above the others, though you may or may not be able to discern precisely why that is.  In this case, I think the movement, musically speaking, really attracted me, with varying layers working in unison.  At times, your ears feel a bit overwhelmed, yet other times, the rhythmic pulse is oddly soothing. All this comes our way via Stout Cortez, a young man who’s traveled the world to find his own sound, which he seems to have done with his Where Are U Going EP.  You can grab it this week, and check him out in Austin on August 17th.


Download: Stout Cortez – Evolution Is Fleeting [MP3]

More New Music from TORCHES

tochesIf you’re looking for creative indie rock in the vein of Local Natives, or like-minded bands, then perhaps you should try on TORCHES.  While their sound has some striking similarities, it definitely is able to go off on it’s own spectrum, aided by the trading back and forth of male/female vocals harmonies.  Listening closely to this new tune, you can hear some percussive rim shots built in to aid in the song’s progression.  The group’s headed out on the road in a couple of week’s to promote the release of their If The People Stare EP, so be sure to see if they’re coming to your town.


Download: TORCHES – If the People Stare [MP3]

Swaggering Rock N’ Roll from Night Beats

nightbeatsOver the last year, I’ve caught a handful of Night Beats sets, and I’ve always enjoyed myself.  There’s a bit of garage rock hipness, but also a nice little dose of psychedelia that puts them outside the range of your run-of-the-mill act. On this brand new single it seems as if the vocals are in another room entirely, which is an effect I”m personally partial to nowadays.  And, the band have obviously made an impression here in town because the Reverberation Appreciation Society has opted to pick up the band’s new record, Sonic Bloom, for a September 24th release date.  Can you dig?


Download: Night Beats – Outta Mind [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Southern Boutique

southernboutiqueWell, color me mystified.  Late last night I received an email with little more than a link to a song; I’m not even sure if the name is for real, but I’m digging this mysterious entity.  Whoever it is, definitely has their ear to the pop writing wheel.  It reminds me of what the older version of the Shins might have sounded like if they had gone on exploring the world.  It’s careful in construction, yet beneath lays a monster of pop ready for rebirth.  All I can say at this point is that Southern Boutique are exciting, and they’re from Austin.  Here’s a great song for you to check out (with another at their SOUNDCLOUD). If any one knows more about this band, please let us know; we want the inside scoop.


Download: Souther Boutique – Rabbit Trails [MP3]

New Weirdo-Pop from Alligator Indian

Alligator-Indian-press-photoOccasionally, you’ve just got to mix things up to get yourself outside the confines of mainstream.  I think that’s precisely what the duo of Alligator Indian have accomplished with their blissful, yet oddball, songwriting.  The vocals are carefully draped over electronic beats that seem safer in a haunted house than anywhere else.  There are a few vocal bursts that provide an extra sensation of haunting as they soar high in the mix.  It might be a touch odd, but it’s definitely enjoyable.  You can find more such tracks on the group’s upcoming More Songs About Animals and TV EP, which comes out September 17th via Bleeding Gold Records.


Download: Alligator Indian – Corpsing [MP3]

Fresh Indie Pop from The Steinbecks

steinbecksAs promised, it’s been a remarkable week for our friends at Matinee Recordings. Already with two new releases under their belt, they return with a new 7″ from the Steinbecks…the band’s first release in six years. It’s a preview of what’s to come when the band release a full-length later in the year.  From the moment this track opens, it’s the vocals that take the focus, with the accompanying music sitting politely in the background.  Lyrically, it’s got the classic touch of great indiepop, referencing personal sentiments throughout.  It’s hard not to fall in love with a song like this playing on your stereo; you can make that happen by heading to Matinee now!


Download: The Steinbecks – At Arkaroo Rock [MP3]

Crunchy Number from Kid Karate

kidkarateIt continues to amaze me what two people can accomplish musically.  It seems like one would be tied down by limitations, but that apparently is not the case with Kid Karate.  The song starts out with pulsing electronics, but then bursts into a louder stomping guitar track ready-built for destruction.  Lyrics explode in a dynamic fashion, adding to the edge created as the song begins to unfold; it ends with this quiet piano outro that adds a nice soft touch to the angst-fueled attitude. You can find this tune on the band’s Lights Out EP, which comes your way next week.


Download: Kid Karate – Heart [MP3]

New Beauty From Shout Out Louds

I’m sure many of you have already heard this sweet new tune from Shout Out Louds elsewhere by now, but I don’t really give a damn to be honest.  We’ve always been huge fans of the band since their inception 10 years ago, and we’re all excited to see them resurface after near silence since Work from early 2010.  The new song tearing up the internet this week is called “Blue Ice” and can be downloaded for free below.  It’s a beauty of a song that has me majorly excited for the band’s planned early 2013 release.

Also, apparently the band has created some sort of crazy 7″ single of this song that is made entirely of ice.  Don’t get too excited, only 10 were made, but a contest is currently running here to win one of these highly sought after items.


Download: Shout Out Louds – Blue Ice [MP3]

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