Wand Release New Video

I continue to be impressed by the shifting sonics of Wand; I thought I had them pegged, but clearly not at all. This new video has some heavy handed indie rock riffs, but the way Cory’s voice is recorded in between those riffs gives off a slight Thom Yorke vibe…and then there’s that restless dream bit that floats in just after the 2 minute mark, punctuated by the ethereal notes seeping through your speakers. It closes with a bit of an emphatic jam (and clown dance), leaving me to remark that the song goes all over the place, only to stay stationery. At this point, its safe to assume that Plum is going to be a real joy to listen to, though exactly what we can expect, only the folks at Drag City (and the band) know…look for it on September 22nd.

Here Comes a New Wand Album

Long ago, for some reason, Wand got lumped in with the Ty Segall crowd; that’s fair, considering songwriter Cory has played with Ty in various projects. But, as we’ve seen over the last two releases, Wand is entirely an act on their own territory. This latest single finds the band walking the territory between bouncier elements of Spoon and the lingering melodies of Radiohead. Maybe this is what California’s version of Spiritualized sounds like? Whatever it is, there’s no heavy riffs needed anymore, just the creative process and the perfect execution. Look for the band’s new album this September via Drag City…surely we’ll be hearing much more leading up to its release.

Brand New Tunes from The Cairo Gang

Drag City has one of the most diverse stables of bands, offering up quiet folk, experimental tunes and, of course, heavy tinged guitar acts like Ty Segall. This new track from The Cairo Gang seems to fall in the latter category, though only in spirit. While you could see these riffs being amplified, they’re pulled back in the studio mix, bringing in a more classic glam sound that carries more of a heavy stomp than a head bang. It all brings a steady groove, casually rocking listeners rather than beating them over the head…which is great for those of us who don’t want to blast the cones on our speakers.The new album Untouchable will be available via DC’s God? Imprint on March 24th.

Alasdair Roberts Offers Playful Folk

In a few weeks Alasdair Roberts will bring us his new album, Pangs, and today he’s bringing out his most playful bit of folk. The song opens with such a lighthearted mood that you might be surprised when it settles for a more traditional feeling during the song’s chorus. It’s this sort of songwriting that’s elevated Alasdair, building his own sound on the back of folk traditions, while pushing it in a new direction. I love the slight warble in his voice, which could perhaps be owed to his Scottish accent, but just listen to the way lyrics roll off his tongue in the song’s latter half and you’ll be just as appreciative. Pick up the new record on February 24th via Drag City.

Brand New Ty Segall

Ty Segall will be releasing his new record in just a few weeks, and now we’ve got another tune to offer up to listeners, “Break a Guitar.” While the actual guitar still has that powerful glam rock to it, I think Ty’s voice here is the first time I really see him going full Bolan. It’s a really nice touch, as I think with he’s bordered on repeating himself over the last few years. Don’t you worry though, there’s still a huge soloing moment in the middle of the tune, which could very well lead to Segall breaking his guitar in the live setting. Clearly he’s still going strong…look for his new self-titled effort via Drag City on January 27th.

Ty Segall Changes Direction with New Single

tysegall05If you caught Ty Segall playing a few acoustic sets last year, then perhaps you were aware at just how powerful his music can be, even when it’s stripped down. That’s what you’re going to get on this latest track, even with a backing band; this is perhaps the most ballad-driven tune he’s written in some time, and I welcome that. I bet someone out there is even thinking its got hints of Bowie, but I’m just appreciative that he’s tossing out a little variation. Not sure how long-lived this approach will be, as press release claims a whole bunch of neck work, but for now, his new self-titled album has my interest; it comes out on January 27th via Drag City.

Hear the Latest from Cory Hanson

coryCory Hanson spends the majority of his time kicking it in his band Wand, but he’s recently been working on the release of his solo effort, The Unborn Capitalist from Limbo. While there are hints of similarities to his main project, I think the orchestration in this new single demonstrates how much he’s elevated his sound. The utilization of strings provides the perfect balance to the way his voice creakily unfolds. Drag City will be unleashing the new album on November 11th, so you’ve got time to invest in Cory’s new project before making a decision.

New Video from Purling Hiss

If you haven’t spent some time with High Bias, the latest from Purling Hiss, then there’s your first mistake. But, you’ve got time to correct that mistake by listening to the song below and falling head over heels for the group. This song’s already won me over with it’s 90s college rock feel, working that territory between catchy and cool. I think one of the best things about the album, and this track, which is on display here, is the lighthearted vibes spun around pop sensibility. You’ll see the band here just goofing, so it’s both charming and delivering the band’s musical message. Grab the album from Drag City.

Yesterday’s News: Another Taste of Tim Presley

timpresleyNot sure what Tim Presley could do that I wouldn’t adore, at the moment. His White Fences work has been great, but starting with his work with Cate le Bon on Drinks, he’s really fleshed out his sound. I hear bits of Talking Heads in this new track, especially in the notes he’s hitting with his voice. Of course, there are definitely some little guitar fuzz freak outs momentarily popping out, but I love the little turn into a tinkering piano piece just after the 2 minute mark. His new record, The WiNK will be released by Drag City on September 16th…and you can bet I’ll fawn over the whole thing…at least if it’s as good as this number.

Brand New Purling Hiss

purlingSome brands of music grow weary, especially the psychedelic blend of garage rock. That being said, there are remnants of that in this new Purling Hiss tune, though it’s spun in an entirely different manner, making it supremely refreshing. Guitars are heavy and crashing, but the vocal melody seems to look directly towards 90s Brit pop (particularly the brand Oasis made popular). It just goes to show that you’re still allowed to jam loud, but you can also do it with a little touch of pop sensibility. This song will appear on the band’s new album, High Bias, which is being released by Drag City on October 14th.

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