Bayonne Releases Drastic Measures

Last Friday, we celebrated this record with friends at Mohawk with Bayonne performing the songs live for the first time. Today, we celebrate the record’s release. Drastic Measures is an evolved sound, at times up front and varied, I especially like the clean piano start of this track and following ballad evolution interrupting by a swell of percussive synth and loops.

Since I mentioned it, how about we spend a second talking about the show and I share some photos. Just click that read more below or keep scrolling.

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Final Bayonne Single

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Drastic Measures, the latest LP from Bayonne. He’s been an important part of Austin’s music scene, so it’s great to see his work evolve through time. This tune’s fairly simple and relaxed, though you can still hear the textured thoughtfulness Roger Sellers has always incorporated into his sound. For my two cents, I like that there’s no huge emotional release…that seems a little cliche, and too easy, and that’s never been Sellers’ style. Just sit back, let the vibes wash over you, and look for the new LP via Mom + Pop Records on February 22nd.

Brand New Bayonne Music

We’ve long been supporters of Roger Sellers and his Bayonne project; he’s been one of Austin’s most creative artists over the last several years. For those unfamiliar, just listen below, as Roger builds layer upon layer, honing in on just the right dose of pop sensibility to guarantee listeners always come back for more. There’s quite a bit going on behind this track, so it’ll be interesting to see Roger pull those textures out in the live setting. I bet we get a chance at that real soon, as Roger’s just announced Drastic Measures, his new LP, which will drop in February of next year!