Phantom Handshakes Share Dusk Enchanted Visualizer

Avowed Phantom Handshakes fan over here, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the whole of their new record, but for now I’ll do with another tasty tease. “Dusk Enchanted” is one of those tunes that completely captures the song’s title in its sentiment. Heavy guitar tones weave the pattern here, providing the element of darkness as it creeps into the sky; you’ll find that feeling creeping into your room too as the song begins to unfold. Federica’s voice, however, captures the whole of the fading light, sparkling as the last remnant of the sun before we settle into the night. And through it all, the melody is wholly intoxicating, and you won’t be able to pull yourself away from this beautiful number. Sirens at Golden Hour is out on August 21st.

Phantom Handshakes Return with Sirens at Golden Hour

New York’s dreamy popsters Phantom Handshakes have been quietly going about the delivery of consistently good pop music over the last four years; they’re finally back with an official new LP, Sirens at Golden Hour, with a stunner to set your expectations. As per usual, they’ve got this wash of atmosphere coating the methodical bounce from the rhythm section; they’re capable of making even the catchiest moments seem like a hazy mirage on the horizon. You’re going to love Federica’s performance too, as she picks up on the energy of the song, bouncing her voice into the mixture from time to time. Sirens at Golden Hour will drop on August 21st, and the feels are trending up for this release.

Beverly Kills Drop Hymn to You Single

I needed something shiny to start off my day, so felt like this Beverly Kills tune would be the perfect way to slink into Friday, for both myself and for you. When this kicks off, you can hear a nod to a number of dreamy pop bands, but I certainly feel like our audience will recognize some sonic similarities to Alvvays. But, like many a band of this ilk, they’re not content revolving in the dreamy state, pushing forward by jumping on those pedals and ripping right into huge anthemic pop; the chorus here hits perfectly as the tune turns into an ode to a lost love. Every bit of execution is brimming with emotion and overflowing with hooks that I’m sure you’ll love. Happy Friday kids.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Swirl

Okay, so “Swirl” has been floating around for a few days now, but to be fair, there’s been a lot of really great music, so I’m finally sitting down to enjoy new stuff from Letting Up Despite Great Faults. This new song illustrates some recent moves of the band, allowing songwriter Mike Lee to let go of the vocals, thus giving Annah more of the light. This move, as apparent on the tune below, maintains the band’s dreamy softness, as Fisette’s voice isn’t too far off from the tones Lee offers when he’s on the mic. I love the classic dance of the guitars here, sounding like something you’d find on a Republic B-sides collection…and a bonus for the band as they got Jay Som to lend some mixing help…another sign that these are good things on the rise.

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes Share New Single

Apparently my brain needs some space, as this mornings tunes are definitely all in a more pensive space, open and drifting, like this new tune from Bubble Tea and Cigarettes. While I’m not sure about the band name (I’m very anti-cigarettes in 2023!), I totally love the vibe they’ve created with “Emi.” On my end, it sounds like a less electronically crafted version of Radio Dept; the song’s filled with these huge swelling harmonies, with vocals that feel like a fog rolling in from the sea. You could certainly hear influences like early Beach House in here, but that voice just grabbed me, like some whispering voice from my past that I couldn’t escape. Soak up the warmth below.

Coucou Babe Share High Again

As the year draws to a close, we get to spend our year jamming out to some of the stuff we maybe missed, or perhaps something slid into our listening rotation out of nowhere, so here we are with Coucou Babe. The project is a dreamy pop act out of Austria, though with roots tied to Nashville. When I listened, I recall the earlier days of Beach House, taking these clever little keyboard driven soundscapes and building them with a wash of atmosphere and foggy vocals carrying a bit of wonder. Just a fun way to start off the week, as we know you’ll all be clamoring for year end lists; try something new instead!

Sundozer Shares Debut Single

We’ve always gotta keep our ears to the speakers in terms of Austin acts, as it seems there’s constantly something we can dive into, like Sundozer. Honestly, I don’t know a bunch about the project, other than its relatively knew, considering this is their debut single. This track has a bit of that late night chill to it, albeit washed over with hints of dream pop and jangling notes; you can hear the guitars dancing all around as the wash of synths coats the song’s core. Whispering vocals crest and fall into the track, sinking into the mix while the rhythm hits giving off just a bit of a kick to the tune. It’s a bit of everything, be it bedroom pop or indie pop, perfect for late night chills or daydreaming at your window.

Soft Science Share Single, Announce New LP

What a great day to return from a minor surgery to find fresh Soft Science music to spin for you. Personally, the band brandish my favorite style of the indiepop realm; it’s equal parts dreamy/gazey and jangly, giving the song this sort of mellow drift that’s pushed forward by the punching rhythm. You can feel the guitars grab you by the neck and swirl you about in the air, only to get caught in some magical gust that carries you to find what dreams may come. You’ll either get caught up daydreaming, or put this on a playlist for a drive under the night sky, but either way you’ll be a winner if you grab this from Shelflife Records; Lines is officially out on September 8th.

Norway’s Yndling Share Fresh Single

Wanted to slide us into our Friday coverage with this really dense bit of pop magic from Norway’s Yndling. After about 15 seconds of ambient noise, the track creeps right into these darkened pop moments, with cascading guitar lines raining from your speakers while the bass bubbles buoyantly beneath. Vocals from songwriter Silje add this ethereal quality to the track, carrying your mind into freeing spaces, letting you just drift. What I loved about this tune was the way the rhythm section kept pushing the pace; it keeps the energy pulsing where other like-minded acts might let the dreaminess cover your ears. Hopefully we’ll get to hear more soon!

Airhockey Drop Always Late Single

Felt like I wanted to kickstart this week with a bit of energy, so it’s perfect that there’s an excellent new track from Florida’s Airhockey. The band employ those swirling jangle notes, almost dancing through the mix in unison with the snappy drum beat that serves as the cores of the track. When you hit the vocals, it feels like you’ve just been coated in the warmest, fuzziest down, balancing out the song’s energy by keeping this dynamism in the song’s presentation. The group have been dropping singles pretty consistently this year, so perhaps there’s a longer effort hanging just on the horizon…but if not, let’s just keep rocking these bouncing singles!

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