Boy with Apple Share Linger On

While Sweden’s Boy with Apple work on their debut album, they’re spending the Spring months dropping little breadcrumbs so we can follow along. I love everything about this latest track, drenched in these heavy notes and cascading guitar notes glittering across the song’s backdrop. Theres’s something about the vocals that shimmers and reverberates in your ears as the rhythm section thumps; it leaves you with this blanketing melodiousness that soothes you as the darkness echoes behind. Really love the way the band is working things out, and I’m super excited to hear where they end of with this debut; the new single is out today courtesy of Varo Records.

Whimsical Share Rewind Video

We’re going to have ourselves a little Shelflife party over here at ATH, which is completely okay, as it’s one of my favorite labels. Earlier we had that hot Salt Lake Alley tune, and now we bring you the latest from the dream-gaze outfit, Whimsical. The video, like the song, is definitely shrouded in a bit of denseness, with the guitars churning out this wall of noise that serves as the background; the video uses slow pacing and these similarly heavy color tones to match that vibe. Musically, Krissy Vanderwoude’s voice is able to pierce the shroud of darkness, delivering this pulsing bit of melody that shimmers on the surface, as this genre should. If you dig it, Melt will be out on April 1st.

Howless Release Video for Unlucky

The forthcoming debut from Mexico City’s Howless is pretty high upon my list of things to come down the pipeline, and with their latest single, they step up their sound a bit here, adding in some anthemic pop flare. At first, the angular guitar work shimmers, bringing in this natural hook that’s inescapable. But, the more I listen, the more that Dominique’s vocal performance, combined with the guitars and rhythm, builds this anxiety that plays right into the lyrical concept of “self-sabotage;” there’s this edge that both listener and narrator are tight-roping upon, unsure which side of the coin will land. It’s this sort of attention to detail that allows the band to toy with the darker concepts while offering dreamy soundscapes with pop references. To Repel Ghosts will be out this Friday via Static Blooms Records.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share She Spins

We’re about a month away from the release of the new LP from Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and they’re dropping another stunning single on you for Bandcamp Friday. On this one, I love the dueling guitar lines, one jangling throughout, while the other has this more crystalline nature to it; they play off each other perfectly, creating an imbalance that leads into the perfect melody for the vocals. Mike’s voice is super soft here, and it allows the emotional appeal to work its magic, particularly when he gets a little backing harmony to provide a supportive lift. If you’re digging what you hear (why wouldn’t you?!), then be sure to throw some cash down today so you can grab IV when it drops in March.

Boy With Apple Share Strawberry Boy

Not sure about all the male dominated fruit in that title bar, but super sure that this new track from Sweden’s Boy with Apple is worth your time. They’ve been relatively quiet since their debut EP, and they’re bringing three new singles to the world this Spring before going back to recored their debut LP…one of which is below. It immediately submerges itself in the cavernous depths of post-punk, creating this shadowy atmosphere where you can hear faint jangling guitar notes skittering about in the distance. Zara Henriksson’s voice pulls off this playful stutter in the chorus that really caught my ear, mimicking some of those guitar notes in the distance. Fingers crossed they get that debut finished before too long.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Corners Pressed Video

In other news of things I’ve skipped the last few weeks, this new video from Letting Up Despite Great Faults; I did cover the original single though! So, here we are with the band jamming out in their practice space, each person getting a little solo time to walk about while the band jams around them. I love that you get a little bit of the live Kent vibe, as he’s one of my favorite bass players to watch. The band will be dropping their new album, IV, in early March, with a tour to follow out West with other ATH faves Blushing. You can pre-order the LP HERE.

Color Palette Share New Shooting Stars EP

It’s great to walk indoors from outside and find music matching the natural world; in this case, the heavy weight of the fog matches the latest release that came my way from Color Palette. The DC outfit just released their Shooting Stars EP, and this single below is the perfect way to sample their sound. On my end, it lives somewhere in that territory between slowcore and dream pop; it’s crafting this great expanse that has a natural ebb and flow, filled in by textural washes of guitars and synths that add to the tune’s vibe. There’s a sonic punch up in the chorus, with a slight backing vocal that brings up the volume, only to slink into this sexy little guitar turn that leads you back to the chorus. Give it all a listen, and tell me you don’t love it.

Blushing Drop Sour Punch Video

Remember when we released Blushing‘s Weak EP? Yeah…seems like years ago…I think it was. But, the band have just been crushing it through their hard work and dedication to bringing out the best in the dreamy brand of shoegaze. This new single from their forthcoming Possessions continues to show the band letting melody and noise co-habitate inside their songs; you can’t listen to a moment without the wall of distortion washing over you, battling with Christina’s vocals for the listener’s attention. Honestly, every new song this lot writes seems to just raise the bar a bit higher than it was before. Possessions is out next February via Kanine Records, followed by a West Coast tour with other local greats Letting Up Despite Great Faults.


Lunar Isles Share Breathe

Lunar Isles is the moniker of David Skimming, a Scot in South Korea crafting some delicious dreamy pop tunes you’re going to want on your radar. Earlier this year he dropped Tides, his debut LP, and we just got Mirror Shapes this past Friday. We wanted to focus on the standout, “Breathe,” as I fell in love with the guitar lines here; it sets up this openness that allows for a gentle floating vocal to cruise across the song’s entirety. If you’re looking for something just on the cusp of jangle, flirting with pop all the way through, then go give this jam a listen, or dive all the way into the new LP.

Seablite Share Breadcrumbs

We’ve been big Seablite stans since the release of Grass Stains and Novocaine, and with that, it’s been really nice seeing the growth, in both their popularity and the quality of their songwriting; the band also features Andy of Chime School, so extra bonus points on all fronts. News just hit that they’ve got a remarkable new 7″ coming out via Emotional Response, and well, this first single doesn’t let us down one bit. I love how the pounding drums open up the track, setting this furious pace behind the cascading wall of guitars; it’s creating this contrasting tension that really drives home the melodic draw. And, while they’re nice and quiet, I think the setting and tones of the vocals are spot on perfect for the band; they seem to crest in just the right spots, so hats off to the final mix master on this jam. This 7″ will be available on January 1st.

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