Jigsaw ReIssues Kaveh Kanes Capital Album

Dream pop/indiepop fans hopefully have heard of this out of print album by Kaveh Kanes; it was originally released on Kolibri Rekords a few years ago. Lucky for us all, Jigsaw Records are giving us a chance to get it back in our hands. This little gem is filled with cascading guitar lines and atmospheric touches that are perfect for putting your head on your pillow and drifting into the day. There’s a little sample to get you in the mood below, but you can go over HERE and stream the release in its entirety, in case you hadn’t heard of it!

Watch Weak Video by Blushing

NO! The video is not weak, it’s the title track of the band’s brand new Weak EP, being released by yours truly in January of next year! This week New Noise were super kind, and dropped the video for the track. I wanted to circle back a few days later, make sure we got in front of you as well before you head off into the weekend. Don’t need to say much more than we’re really excited for 2018, and couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than with Blushing‘s new EP. You can order it right HERE in 12″ vinyl format, if you dig; the band will have cassette versions specially for you too!

The Return of Seapony

Like many fans of dreamy indiepop, there are few things better than seeing one of the bands you adored spring back to life after announcing the end. Thanks to IPSML I was pointed to the fact that Seapony have quietly returned, with promise of the brand new Be Here Again EP to come in late August; it’s their first release since 2015 when they said they were calling it a day after releasing the vastly overlooked A Vision. I love this band so much I once booked them for one of our favorite SXSW gigs in a backyard on blacktop next to a chicken coop with a table full of Deep Eddy vodka…and to this day don’t ever think I’ll top that show. You enjoy the song. I’m just going to sit here grinning at my desk.

She Sir Returns With New Album

Those of you that know of my appreciation for indiepop and the like will surely be aware of how much I adore Austin’s She Sir. Today we’re here with this brand new tune to announce the release of their new LP, Rival Island. Even if you’re not aware of the band, this is a great place to start, as the guitar work here is exactly what makes the band so special…sometimes it’s jangling, sometimes it’s circular, sometimes it’s dreamy. Russell’s voice sounds perfect behind it all (soft and understated), providing what continues to seem like effortless pop of the best sort. There are few, if any, that do it better than She Sir, so look for the new album from Shelflife on July 21st.

Another New Rat Fancy Hit

Guitars twinkle in the distance as the kick drum slowly marks the band’s entry. Volume gets pushed up, and then come those dreamy vocals from Diana. There’s a little synth thrown in this round, just building on the layered infectious quality Rat Fancy brings. This is just another reason you should be excited to hear the group’s new effort; I’m pretty sure they didn’t write a bad song to put on Suck a Lemon. You can grab the new recordings from HHBTM on May 26th…so you have a week to indulge in the sugary sweetness that is this latest single.

Permanent Vacation Change to Blue of Noon

Perhaps the allusion toAerosmith wore thin, or perhaps it was just time to change things up, but Chris McComas and Joel Blanken are at it again with fresh tunes, this time under the name of Blue of Noon…not Permanent Vacation. This time around find the Canadian duo offering up similarly dream vibes, filled in by masterful synth work and hazy vocals to bring you into their realm of dream pop. They’ve just uploaded a few tracks, which hopefully leads to the promise of a new release, but those of you seeking out atmospheric pop of the best sort will surely find yourselves thrilled at the tune below.

New Music from Hello Paris

There’s not too much info out there on Hello Paris, but that’s part of the joy of discovery, is it not? The band are offering up this carefully crafted pop that probably could fall under the dreamy genre. Guitars drift into the air, then they just hang there, lightly dangling as the vocals soothingly drape across the mix. They’ve got a couple of other tunes on their Soundcloud, but other than that, I don’t have anything on the band…just an enjoyable tune for you to drift off into this Monday.

Another Tune from You’ll Never Get to Heaven

This Friday You’ll Never Get to Heaven will release their latest album, Images, but they’re releasing one final secret to guarantee they’re on your radar. While the band is known for crafting ambient soundscapes, this song more closely resembles ethereal dream pop. Static drips from the electronically produced music, almost dripping with sterility, if it weren’t for the light wash of keyboards jumping in from time to time. Across it all is a drifting vocal, carefully moving through your speakers and into the world. Those looking to indulge in soothing nighttime pop will surely want to grab the LP when it hits stores on Friday via Yellow K Records.

Brand New Secret Shine Tune

The last decade has seen a huge resurgence in acts claiming to nod to shoegaze, but it’s great to see one of the genres oldest purveyors making a new album. Secret Shine have just announced There is Only Now, which they’ll be releasing through Saint Marie Records. The first single is drenched in quietly squalling guitars, yet there’s a softness to the vocals, letting the band walk a line where the voice is almost an added textural element. I always thought the original sound in shoegaze came across a little harsh, but these guys (and gal) craft it melodically, which is music to my ears. The release will hit on March 17th.

More Shimmering Pop from Crushed Stars

This might be one of my favorite tunes on the Crushed Stars album, Displaced Sleepers. There’s something enchanting about the delivery of the vocals from Todd Gautreau; it’s almost spoken word, with just enough energy to let the lyrics drift into your ears. The music, while soft, is quite powerful, wrapping itself around every note from Gautreau’s voice. In doing so, there’s that inevitable warm fuzz that takes over you. I guess you could say it’s thoughtful; it made me think and ponder, and it’s likely to do the same for you…if not, in the very least it’ll make you love the band’s sound. Look for the new LP via Simulacra on February 10th.

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