New Music from Hello Paris

There’s not too much info out there on Hello Paris, but that’s part of the joy of discovery, is it not? The band are offering up this carefully crafted pop that probably could fall under the dreamy genre. Guitars drift into the air, then they just hang there, lightly dangling as the vocals soothingly drape across the mix. They’ve got a couple of other tunes on their Soundcloud, but other than that, I don’t have anything on the band…just an enjoyable tune for you to drift off into this Monday.

Another Tune from You’ll Never Get to Heaven

This Friday You’ll Never Get to Heaven will release their latest album, Images, but they’re releasing one final secret to guarantee they’re on your radar. While the band is known for crafting ambient soundscapes, this song more closely resembles ethereal dream pop. Static drips from the electronically produced music, almost dripping with sterility, if it weren’t for the light wash of keyboards jumping in from time to time. Across it all is a drifting vocal, carefully moving through your speakers and into the world. Those looking to indulge in soothing nighttime pop will surely want to grab the LP when it hits stores on Friday via Yellow K Records.

Brand New Secret Shine Tune

The last decade has seen a huge resurgence in acts claiming to nod to shoegaze, but it’s great to see one of the genres oldest purveyors making a new album. Secret Shine have just announced There is Only Now, which they’ll be releasing through Saint Marie Records. The first single is drenched in quietly squalling guitars, yet there’s a softness to the vocals, letting the band walk a line where the voice is almost an added textural element. I always thought the original sound in shoegaze came across a little harsh, but these guys (and gal) craft it melodically, which is music to my ears. The release will hit on March 17th.

More Shimmering Pop from Crushed Stars

This might be one of my favorite tunes on the Crushed Stars album, Displaced Sleepers. There’s something enchanting about the delivery of the vocals from Todd Gautreau; it’s almost spoken word, with just enough energy to let the lyrics drift into your ears. The music, while soft, is quite powerful, wrapping itself around every note from Gautreau’s voice. In doing so, there’s that inevitable warm fuzz that takes over you. I guess you could say it’s thoughtful; it made me think and ponder, and it’s likely to do the same for you…if not, in the very least it’ll make you love the band’s sound. Look for the new LP via Simulacra on February 10th.

Blissful Dream Pop from Electro Group

Some bands go quiet, but never fade away, like Electro Group, who began work in the mid 90s. They’re readying a brand new LP titled Ranger, and those of you in love with the realm of dream pop will surely find yourselves immersed in its confines. The production throughout allows the band to add an extra layer of sheen to the mix, which really allows the melodic elements to shine. Just behind the vocals is a wall of guitar noise, though I think it pulls back enough to really let Tim Jacobson’s voice soar throughout. Look for the new LPto hit on a limited release next Friday.

Perfect Dream Pop from Nearr

Rainy days and gloomy songs go hand in hand, so as I sit here in a mile downpour, I’m entranced by the new music coming from Ukraine’s Nearr. It’s the solo-project of Eduar Tokuyev, and the atmospheric wash atop the mix is enough for me, though the extra accents are perfectly fitting. There’s this dense warmth from the steady drum loops, with Eduard’s vocals carefully drifting through; you’ll also here a darkly tuned guitar carefully walking through it all, faintly. This song appears on his first proper LP, History Repeats Itself, which is being released by Jigsaw Records on Friday, January 20th.

Dreamy Pop from Blushing

blushingAustin’s Free Week is all about discovery, and I didn’t even have to leave the house to discover this great new dream pop band, Blushing. The group are about to release their Tether EP on January 13th, and I dig what I hear in these songs. You’ll hear the guitars shimmering in the best way, but perhaps what I love the most is how the songs have some length, which allows you to fully digest the sound from the band…no two minute tracks here! The longest track on the EP is titled “Mess,” and I’m putting it below to illustrate the power the aesthetic beauty they’ve captured on their EP. Go ahead, give it a listen.

Dream Pop from Seeing Hands

seeinghandsNothing gets to me, especially on a Monday, like the sound of those twinkling guitars I associate with the dream pop genre; they border on jangling, if only in tone, but I’d sign up for that alone. This new single from Seeing Hands fits perfectly in there, and I think I’d push you to enjoy it on those qualities alone…except that’s not just it. Listen carefully to the slight tonal turn delivered during the chorus, lightly coated, it leaves you floating. The band continues to show promise as they work on a debut album, and with songs like these, it’s hard not to see it going somewhere special.

Fresh Winter Tunes For You

winterA few years back, we had highlighted Winter after a great performance during SXSW. Since then, they’ve sporadically tossed out tunes, but this new one hits heavy on the indiepop/dreampop, so of course I’m rather stoked. This one’s all shimmering chords and softened vocals, with some synthesized drum loops running behind. It highlights the fact that the band are one to take note of as they prepare to finish up Ethereality, their newest effort…hoping we’ll hear that one next year. For now, just sit back and let the finer notes of this dreamy hit wash over ya’.

Stream New Haste Track

hasteThere’s few scenes that rival my home town, but it seems Portland is one of those perennial rivals…and deservedly so. I just caught wind of Haste, offering up their dreamy new single for the world. Honestly, the vocals are almost just monosyllabic words drifting atop guitars, but in doing that, there’s lots of empty space for the guitar to fill out…and it’s done so magnificently. You can easily just count the vocals as an added instrument, and when executed this well, it leaves great promise for the album that’s coming out soon. Keep your eyes and ears pinned back for this!

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