Introducing The Oysters

Disbanding a popular outfit such as Dreamboat can’t be easy, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed down Will Maxwell; he’s bringing his new project, The Oysters, into the Austin limelight. It can’t hurt that the band recorded their upcoming EP with Austin’s Ian Rundell (a hot commodity who recorded our own Pollen Rx). The song we’re sharing with you today opens up with a meandering folk bit, sending you right into daydream mode…though careful ringing sounds of the guitar seem to indicate an impending burst. However, the band doesn’t just toss that out willy-nilly, moving into a mathematical jam in the song’s middle before forcefully erupting with a growl just beyond the 3.5 minute mark. I’m a huge fan of movement within the confines of a track, and really happy to see these guys execute it so well. Lookout world, The Oysters are here!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to click on the Bandcamp link below and find another new track waiting for ya!

Premiere: New Album from Dreamboat + Release Show

dreamboaAustin’s Dreamboat have been kicking out pop tunes around the city for the last few years, and they’re set to release their new album, Loose Tooth, tomorrow. When listening through these new tracks, I think my favorite bit is the strength of the diversity within the collection. Mary Bryce has this huge bold voice, buton “Neighborhood Bar” she gets to play the balancing harmony; it doesn’t hurt that this tune also sounds like a campfire celebration. Of course, the sultry pop hit of “Spent the Day Lying in Bed” is a great place to spend some repeated plays; you’ll definitely love the way the guitar chords dance around. Personally, “New England” is my personal jam, but I’ll let you press play on the stream below to find your favorite.

The band celebrate the release of Loose Tooth tomorrow at band member Jake’s house. Message them for details!

Premiere: Smile Release New Album

smileYou might recognize a few faces from the Smile posse, sharing members with local posters, Dreamboat. But, don’t use that to make your basis for the band’s sound,with the group here flexing their musical muscles and creating musically dense compositions. Each track on Like a Diamond in the Rough, You Shine seems like it’s own mini-concept album; songs take twists and turns, though always relying upon the group’s dynamic pop sensibility. For my two cents, I think the journey, and flip side, of “Must Be Something 1 & 2” are easily worth your time, with one side hitting hard and the other letting you venture off into your own world. If you’re looking for a new band that adds a little bit of sunshine to art-pop, then delve into this listen right now.

The group release the album on Friday with a secret special house party. Hit them up to find out where!

Show Preview: Great Local Bill At Cheer Up Charlie’s (TONIGHT)

14183942_1369818803046647_6755345163754025102_nSummer is winding down, kids are back in school, so I know you’re itching to squeeze in some more fun times on a Friday night. Our city is teeming with good shows to hit up, but this stacked bill over at Cheer Up Charlie’s is where you ought to be tonight. For the low low price of FREE, you can catch not one, not two, but seven bands, including the likes of Wildfires, who are riding high off the release of their latest EP, Aguas Frescas pt. II. Not to mention there’s The Eastern Sea, who always crush their live sets, as well as the folksy stylings of Dreamboat. There’s also SMILE, Maryann, Triplets, and Kodachrome to complete the bill. Looks like doors are at 8pm, so get there early, and give some love to your resident musicians and check out tracks from some of the bands below.


Austin Show Spotlight: Dreamboat @ Sahara Lounge (Tonight!)

dreamboatA few weeks back, I watched something like 75 bands play in various spots across Austin, but only a few of the newer acts stuck; Dreamboat was one such band. They play this evening, bringing their energetic pop; it’s all hooks and all fun all the time. Plus, they’ll be joined by AMA, another one of my favorite local acts from Free Week. The show begins at 10 PM over at Sahara Lounge, also including Batty Jr/Ponyboy and the Horsegirls. Stream the great Strong Legs EP from Dreamboat below…memorize the songs so you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

My Free Week Afterthoughts

freeThere’s still some Free Week activities for you over at Barracuda this week, which you should attend, but the main stretch of Free Week is over. I had a pretty solid time, bouncing all down Red River, catching over 60 great Austin bands (and a few from out of town). It’s a really special time for the Austin music community and its fan, so I’m going to leave you with some notes, as well as some highlights and things you should look forward to in 2016. Read more