Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.17 – 10.21)

In a week where tons was going on, we hit it fairly harder than I remember. We ran a preview of Levitation (kicking off this week) by catching up with La Femme, plus we learned how to make a sweet acai bowl with Ribbon Stage. Dropped a few brand new tunes from folks like The Living Pins and Elizabeth, plus through out some encouraging album streams from Melby, Twain and more. This is a great way to catch up on all those tunes we ran, and maybe jump back in time and look at our interviews. Or, just turn it up and rock it out, cuz you know, Monday.

Friday Album Streams: Dry Cleaning, Melby, Lucid Express + More

It’s that time of year when singles begin to dry up a bit, and everyone’s already sending us a reminder of all the songs/records we should have covered. But, there’s still great music to be had, thus why we’ve got some real bangers to enjoy below. There’s the expected from Dry Cleaning; I mean you can’t miss that one anywhere. Personally, I think the Melby and Twain records are my highlights this week, so don’t skip out there…especially to Melby (if they were from the States or UK, they’d be huge). Then, we’ve got a few others, including a look at Lucid Express, who visit next week for Levitation. Plus, Paul Thomas Saunders new LP gets love.

Lucid ExpressFloret (Kanine Records)

MelbyLooks Like a Map (Rama Lama Records)

Paul Thomas SaundersFigure in a Landscape (7476 Records)

Dry CleaningStumpwork (4AD)

TwainNoon (Keeled Scales)

Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.25 – 7.29)

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but RayRay got a new gig, so he’s had tons more time to get some sweet jams up! It’s great, as we definitely have some crossover, but also our own styles, so our playlists are probably much more diverse! I mean, just last week he premiered new Mother Sun and Peter Matthew Bauer, while I was rocking the heck out of Almond Joy and The Smashing Times. I mean, there’s no winner, but you! We also were able to get some old friends on the pages with Why Bonnie and Cam Bina! So, happy Monday to us all!

Dry Cleaning Share New Single

You can’t deny the popularity of Dry Cleaning; their new album Stumpwork is likely to make a bunch of year-end lists, if that matters to you. Personally, I’m digging how the band continue to mold their sound to their own sensibility and Florence Shaw’s voice, always seemingly taking a risk or two. In this one, you get Shaw narrating a conversation with a friend, all of it working over some jazzy improvisation; the rhythm section does hold onto some catchy licks, while everything else just seems to sort of expand out into the ether. It’s good to hear a band continue to push themselves a bit beyond the sterile confines of a genre; Stumpwork is out October 21st via 4AD.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.13 – 6.17)

Well, we wrote up at least 25 fresh tracks last week, many of which we purposefully tried to make sure weren’t on all the other cool kid sites. That also might be why we missed a few that you’d expect us to cover. It was great to hear Cool Sounds taking some new risks for their new LP, plus we made sure we had that new Mary Onettes tune right up there. And, our old friends Big Bill dropped a new record, so we wanted to remind you of their gifts…and then, there were loads of other songs, meant to get you through those early Monday morning blues without having to think too much about what you’re listening to all day…just know it’ll be good.

Dry Cleaning Announce Stumpwork

After playing a sold-out show in Austin, and I’m assuming everywhere else they toured recently, Dry Cleaning are ready to announce the news we’ve been looking to hear; the band have a new record on the way called Stumpwork. It’s a short little number, with those angular guitar lines wiggling and squirming behind Florence’s matter of fact delivery; it feels like it packs a huge punch, albeit one that comes in under 2 minutes. I love where Shaw throws in a nice melody at the 30 second mark, adding in another layer to the group’s potent sound. Stumpwork will be out on October 21st via 4AD.

Dry Cleaning Drop Unsmart Lady

This Friday, 4AD will release the much anticipated Dry Cleaning LP, New Long Leg. Their last single before the record drops opens up with striking discord; you feel as if the band are set to rip through your speakers. But, as always, Florence Shaw stands there, like a lighthouse drawing the band towards safety and security; she’s got this chilling indifference while the band works furiously around her. At this point, its hard to tell what I love more here, the throbbing bass groove that vibrates your soul or the band’s great performance in the video; it’s like yeah, this song rips, lets hear it again. Grab/stream the New Long Leg everywhere Friday!

Dry Cleaning Announce New Long Leg

Back in November the indie cognoscenti were raving about “Scratchcard Lanyard,” and now Dry Cleaning finally have the announcement of their debut LP, New Long Leg. With it comes a new single, again taking indie rock on their own terms. Musically, it begins with this sort of propulsive dancefloor rhythm, though Florence Shaw’s vocal delivery hold things back, almost dragging the song to a slower pace so that the band supporting her can craft and manipulate sounds. The rhythm section continues their movement, but the guitar work begins to take on a more post-punk sort of explanation; it reminds me a lot of the sonic soundscapes being crafted by Wire in their later releases, angular guitars dancing about in contrast to the rest of the song’s vibe. Definitely an interesting take on modern rock n’ roll, for which I’m 100% in favor; they’re debut drops on April 2nd via 4AD.

Dry Cleaning Make 4AD Debut

With the London quartet Dry Cleaning now calling 4AD their home, they opted to release this new single to celebrate the new union…accompanied by an incredible video to boot. I love how the band stick to their simplicity, which is where they first started drawing from the likes of the Feelies and Pylons. At times, this definitely harkens to a sort of early 80s post-punk feel, though the edges aren’t as sharper, almost worn down by time; that effect matches the mood of Florence Shaw’s very matter of fact vocal delivery throughout the song. Plus, you get that bobbing bass throughout, giving you enough of a groove that the tune echoes in your brain long after the time’s run out. Betting 4AD are pretty stoked to have this lot on board.

Dry Cleaning Share Goodnight

Dry Cleaning are the latest UK act to arrive on our shores with loads of anticipation about what they have to offer. Musically, there’s similarities to the post-punk stylings of various acts, with the most hyped being Shame/Black Midi; it’s the sort with these jagged guitar lines coming in all angles while the disaffected delivery of the vocals crafts an odd balance. But, what I like about Dry Cleaning, especially on this number, is the Florence Shaw’s approach to writing the lyrics; this tune is comprised of bits of commentary from various places, like Youtube comments or TV advertisements. It adds the actual word art to what often gets lumped in as art-rock; this here is an elevated version of what we’ve all been bankrupt on selling. The Sweet Princess EP drops August 16th via It’s Ok.