Earring Drop Brand New Track

The duo of Jason Balla and Alex Otake are probably best known for their work in Chicago’s Ne-Hi, but don’t turn away from their other project, Earring. They just dropped this droning bit of bedroom pop for us to enjoy, perhaps as a reminder of how great their music is while we await a new album. The musical approach of the guitars almost seems to blend shoegaze bits with underlying hints of the new emo vibe; it also includes the faintest jangle. I guess it would fit in the realm of slowcore…though there’s much more melody included in this one. Always nice to hear these guys working on tunes…so until then.

More From Earring

unnamedEarring is a Chicago based band Nathan and I have both taken a liking to over the last year or so. Though neither of us seem to able to classify the band’s sound, the boys certainly have received the ATH seal of approval. Today I’m excited to share with you their latest single “Slow Mud”. Imagine if you will that a slow core band melded with one of the best indie psych rock bands and that’s about what you have here. Unique to say the least.

New album Tunn Star will drop on June 10th via Fire Talk Records.

Droning Rock from Earring

earringIt’s really hard to classify Earring, and I should probably steer clear of trying in the first place. That being said, those of you who find yourselves interested in droning noise and shoegaze will likely find your ears pleased. The band have crafted a dark wall of sound, and within that wall, deep coated vocals drift atop the mix. There’s a great deal of restraint shown by the band too, pulling back throughout the track in order to maximize the emotional appeal within the song. This song appears on the band’s new Tunn Star LP, which is being released on June 10th via Fire Talk.

Fuzzy Number from Earring

earringFire Talk Records seems to have a finger on the pulse, at least as far as the most recent fads come; it should be no surprise then they’ve added to their growing roster with Earring. The group unleashed their latest single, offering up a fuzzy tune that’s equal parts atmospheric vocals and equal parts blasts of noise. Something wicked lurks with Earring, however, as I find myself entranced by this number, getting drawn into the droning vocals as the cymbals crash in my ears. I also like these cats because they’re 50% of Ne-Hi, which was one of my favorite bands to get turned onto this year.