New Video from Way Dynamic

If you keep an eye on the Aussie music scene, you might recognize the name Dylan Young; he plays in Good Morning, Snowy Band and Cool Sounds…all bands we’ve covered. But, today is his day, as he’s just recently put up a video for his springy new single under his Way Dynamic moniker. For the verses, he certainly owes a debt to Garcia/Hunter, as the track has that classic folk styling that toes the line between rock and traditional blues. Inside the confines of the tune, however, the track doesn’t pay full allegiance to the straight-and-narrow, working some slide guitar and clarinet solos into the picture to give the textured bulk here. This song appears on the follow up to So Familiar; Spoilsport/Earth Libraries will release Duck on June 7th.

Batty Jr Share Table is Gone II

As we ride into the middle of the week, I wanted to be sure to kick in with a little bit of a midweek ditty, brought to you by Austin’s own Batty Jr. here. On the horizon, the band have DO A U E, their latest LP, but for now, let’s rejoice in this meditative bit of cool folk pop. You can’t pull away from the natural groove presented, with that rhythmic pulse pushing things up and down and back again. A dual vocal performance ties into the folk heritage, but I love how the song still feels charming in the most playful sense, like we’re being let in on some little secret that makes us all smile. But, while there’s definitely a band brandishing the joyousness of their craft, there’s also some serious musical chops, so be sure you stick through to hear the strings and a little boogie woogie guitar take you to the close!

Premiere: New Single & Video From Sunfruits

Australia, and even more specifically Melbourne, has really picked a ton of focus from us recently on the pages of ATH. Rightfully so with a slew of new music coming out over the last year, some of which coming from my new pails in Sunfruits. Today we are premiering another new single from the band called “Believe It” which has a touch more of a pop focus paired with the bands familiar take on psych rock. It’s catchy as hell.

This is part of more new music coming from Sunfruits via killer label Earth Libraries.

Another Jam From Mother Sun

My new Canadian friends in Mother Sun have really been pumping out some nice psych pop jams this summer, having previously released one of my songs of summer in July. Today I’m happy to share this new single “Orange Colossus” which should put a nice book end to what is hopefully near the end of our Texas summer. Once again, the musicianship here is just spot on, incredibly tight and full of playfulness matched with a tight rhythm section. The addition of strings also add in just a touch of lightness amongst the psych rocking jam.

Mother Sun will release new album Train of Thought on October 28th via Earth Libraries.

The Roof Dogs Release Weather

As previously mentioned, I have become an ever growing fan of the Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries and all the excellent tunes they’ve been putting out over the last year. The label has once again sent over a banger with the new single “Weather” from Chicago based outfit The Roof Dogs. Clearly the song has a bit of irony for us in Texas since we are constantly subservient to the weather, but that aside, the song is an incredibly catchy indie rock song with just enough hints of pop beats. Check it out and enjoy.

The Roof Dogs will be releasing a new album entitled Here You Are sometime in the Spring of 2023 via Earth Libraries.

Premiere: Psych Pop Stunner From Sunfruits

Having recently sung the praises of Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries, I am not surprised to once again be receiving some banging new jams from them in my inbox. Today they traveled all the way to Melbourne to bring a new single called “Made to Love” from the psych-pop outfit Sunfruits. Overall, I love the sunny, bright energy of the track with some hints of psych pop and totally rocking rhythm section. Think late 60s psych rock/pop like Spirit with a more modern and sleek approach. Hard not to hit repeat on this one immediately after it ends.

Earth Libraries will be bringing more from Sunfruits real soon. Stay tuned.

Premiere: Mother Sun Share Webbed Feet

Man it seems like the Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries has been dropping so many great releases and discovering tons of new artists across the country over the last couple of years. Adding to their ever growing arsenal of up and coming artists is the Canadian based psych rockers Mother Sun and the news of an LP entitled Train of Thought coming on October 28th via the label. Prior to the release date, I am pumped to premiere with you the bands slick new single and accompanying visualizer for “Webbed Feet”. It’s a really fun and playful tune highlighting some of the best sounds in psych pop mixed with swinging melodies and downright dirty bass lines. A refreshing light in a muddy genre.

New Single From Up Is The Down Is The

Though it is rare to find up and coming bands from the Boise area, upstarts Up Is The Down Is The hope to change your musical perceptions of the area. After taking a few listens to this new tune called “Dawn” you are sure to be seeking out more from the band and others from the area. The song has this very subtle, gentle style of indie rock with noted inspirations from say Andrew Bird, but to me, the group has this very melodic and timely bass driven vibe akin to say Midlake or even Grizzly Bear. Label them how you like, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Up Is the Down Is The will release this track as part of a new album entitled Pulling the Wool due out on August 12th via Earth Libraries.

Slack Times Release At the Blue Melon Rendezvous

If you’re looking for a band to root for, I suggest putting Slack Times up on the radar there, as their new At the Blue Melon Rendezvous definitely ups the ante on their first EP, leaving hope that the band get back into the studio to drop more tunes. They were looking to recreate some of the magic of Athens jangling pop, and while they do touch up on there, they also bring in a bit more of an expansive sound…sometimes all at once…like if you listen to “My Time,” which feels like the best punk jam REM never wrote. I think they also sell themselves short in that goal too, as you can clearly hear other regional powerhouses haunting their songs, though I’ll leave that to you to find the musical breadcrumbs. Regardless…rejoice in good EPs, like this one!

Chayse Porter Shares Purpling Dawn

I’m a big fan of what Chayse Porter is doing on his latest single from his forthcoming LP, Chay’s Palace. Toying with the structure, he offers this sort of spinning carousel pop, a whirling-dervish of outsider bops. But, just as he’s seduced you with his ringmaster gifts, the song flips over, shockingly bringing in this hook-laden burst of melody that on its own is worthy of your listening pleasure. It’s all dreamy notes and bouncing beats, kicking the chorus into party mode before slinking back into the realm of twisted pop guru. If you’re into it, Chay’s Palace is out via Earth Libraries in December.

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