Pansy Release Anybody Help Me Single

I’m really high on what Vivian McCall is accomplishing with her Pansy work, particularly with the latest single bouncing about in my head all morning long. There’s this late 90s lo-fi rock to it, particularly in that guitar sound, like a fuzzily distorted guitar ringing out of tune. But, the vocals dominate with this sensational melody that has this pop familiarity to it; it creates this brand of pop music that’s entirely unforgettable…the sound that will hopefully get future generations into great lo fi pop tunes. She’ll drop her debut LP on April 2nd via Earth Libraries, and it looks to be rewarding us all!

Pansy Share Woman of Your Dreams

I’m really intrigued by Vivian McCall, both in regards to her recording project as Pansy, and her journey of transitioning, which is the thematic element that runs central to her debut LP. Musically, the song hits on all the soft spots of my heart; it has this simple beat looped in to give you a bit of a toe-tapping stomp, though it also seems to sort of bring in elements of classic rock n’ roll…the sort my mom played non-stop when I was a kid. Just imagine a really young Elvis hanging out and recording in a bedroom on a 4 track, and well, that’s what you get here…and you’ll love it! This record should be out at soon via Earth Libraries.

Latest Single from Gold Star Gold Star

There’s something so perfect about the approach Gold Star Gold Star are taking with their songwriting; they’re offering their own spin on radio pop from the classic era, though doing it with a little updated flare. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of a lot of the late 90s/early 00s college rock. I can hear little bits of things like Grandaddy or Elf Power kind of lurking in the shadows, whether intentional or not. But, the opening vocal entry was enough to grab me and encourage you to give it all a listen today…I’m a man of simple 10 second musical pleasures. Their debut album, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, drops on August 7th via Earth Libraries.

Pleased to Meet You: Wray

Alabama’s Wray are a new act on my radar, as of today, and I’m grateful that this ear candy finally worked its way into listening rotation. Throughout the tune, the band use a steady backbeat, propulsive in nature, adding just the slightest hint of energy to a tune that stretches beyond 6 minutes. There’s a wash that coats the song, though it wavers between a foggy sensation and a glittering sparkle in the distance. It’d be easy to pigeonhole this as mere shoegaze/dream pop, but it felt more like a spiritual journey, like a musical out-of-body experience…perhaps you’re in need of such a journey. The band will release Stream of Youth/Blank World on June 5th via Earth Libraries.

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