Last Week’s Jams Today (8.29 – 9.2)

Strangely, I felt like we didn’t cover a ton of territory last week, but then I noticed we have quite a playlist, and that’s even with a few jams not quite making the streaming services of choice. I opened the playlist with “It Keeps Happening” from Germany’s Matching Outfits; I couldn’t stop playing the tune all week, so I figured it was best up front. We also got new stuff from forever-faves like Peel Dream Magazine and the Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness. Stoked on both the new Eerie Wanda and Submotile tunes, and RayRay loved that latest Disq tune. Settle in for the day and turn it up nice and loud.

Eerie Wanda Share Sister Take My Hand

We continue our regular scheduled programming here to promote Eerie Wanda, as a fresh single, and the last before Internal Radio drops at the end of next month. This song’s a masterful bit of craft, toying with your ears the entire way through. Musically it’s almost absent, utilizing a muted beat and a bit of an ambient synth wash to build this bit of soundscape for the vocals. Ethereal to begin, the track eventually latches onto the pulse beneath letting the vocals push your experience further. A heavy vocal, then floating angelic tones wafting by, then the speakers seem to play tricks with your mind…an angel on this shoulder, one on that shoulder, rising and falling; this is the light that shines through the end of the tunnel, warm and beckoning. Internal Radio is out on September 23rd via Joyful Noise.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.22 – 8.26)

Think you missed something awesome last week? Well you very well might have, and we did our best to cover what we were into all week long. Great to hear new stuff from the forthcoming Eerie Wanda record, as well as news that we were getting a new Robert Sotelo LP before the year wraps up. Melby might have dropped the greatest jam that hasn’t quite broken over here in the States, despite its brilliance. Oh, and RayRay caught up with Peter Matthew Bauer for an interview and premiere of a new single! So, go back and revisit the jams from last week!

Eerie Wanda Share Long Time Video

We’re just about a month away from the release of a new LP from Dutch outfit Eerie Wanda, and this new single is the sort of cathartic slow dance you need on a Monday morning. Listening through this tune, my brain feels like this is the internal soundtrack to Sandra Bullock’s brain during Gravity…it’s just this beautiful drifting piece, and while it may be frightening and painted darkly, there’s this stunning elegance that sweeps you up in its passing. If you’re looking for escapism, then Marina Tadic beckons; Eerie Wanda will release Internal Radio on September 23rd via Joyful Noise.

Eerie Wanda Blesses You With “Moon”

Eerie Wanda, out of Amsterdam, has a new video for you that’s a lovely treat for this Friday. “Moon” is a gauzy dream, with Marina Tadic’s vocals leading you through the fog and holding your attention for its duration. It’s quite a delicate tune; acoustic guitar subtle synth sounds, and rich vocals are all it takes to ensnare you, and then a drum machine picks up the pace a bit. The song has a bit of a spell-like quality to it. When it’s done, you’re a little confounded and it’s kind of hard to go back to the real world. Spend some time dreaming with this video below.



Beautiful Pop from Eerie Wanda

eerieEerie Wanda hadn’t really come up on my radar until I started thumbing through the SXSW listings, but I’m glad to have found the act, moving them high upon my list of bands I want to catch. They’ll be releasing their new album, Hum, on Beyond Beyond is Beyond this week, and pop fans will clamor to get their hands on it. At moments, the band recalls Camera Obscura, but there’s also a darker edge in the guitar chords, which creates a different sound that’s not really being utilized by any other acts. Spend some time with this track, and grab the album when it comes out tomorrow.

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