Another Jam from Well Wisher

If you’re in need of heavy pop rock riffs and a blast of hooks, might I suggest diving into Well Wisher this morning? The band are my current go-to for sweet pop rock, replacing Weakened Friends momentarily. I love that there’s not a lot of extemporaneous bullshit here, just a straight-ahead rocker with Natalie Newbold’s voice doing all it can to be sure there’s just enough hooks to hold the listener’s attention from start to finish. Lyrically, it’s all about self-deprecation, just showing us how much fun we can have while feeling sorry for ourselves. The band’s album That Weight just dropped via Egghunt, so be sure to check it!

Well Wisher Sign to Egghunt Records + Share Single

I feel like the best thing we can all do right now is just turn up the music and get lost, which is why this anthemic singalong from Well Wisher is the perfect way to announce their singing to Egghunt Records. Starting off with a stomping drum beat, singer Natalie announces “this song is for my baby girl,” an allusion to her partner and the love song that unfolds in the lyrics. For me, I’m totally stuck on the chorus; it’s this huge burst of euphoric pop rock, and I can picture myself quietly singing under my breath as I turn it up nice and loud. Jam out here nice and loud, and look for a record later in the Fall!

Lizzie Loveless Shares Window

If you were a big fan of TEEN, then you should definitely have Lizzie Loveless (aka Lizzie Lieberson) on your radar. Today we get to share the latest single from her forthcoming You Don’t Know LP, and for me, I’m sort of hooked on the way this song kind of goes back and forth with its presentation. In the beginning, it trickles slowly, like dripping pop droplets from the faucet. Steadied, the song then adds a little rhythmic texture, giving an almost rolling bounce to the song, energizing Lizzie’s vocals; then those drums notes become even more pronounced as backing vocals are layered too, continuing to build the pop wall within the confines of this track. Then, it all pulls back, reserving itself temporarily, only to run off and get carried away all over again; it’s the truest pop ebb and flow you’ll hear this week. Egghunt Records will release the new LP this September 17th.

Egghunt Records Sign Lizzie Loveless

You might recognize Lizzie Loveless as one of the members of TEEN, but she’s out on her own and teaming up with Egghunt Records to bring you her new record come this September. Personally, I love that the song seems to have two sides to it, perhaps alluding to Lizzie’s sentiment about spiraling out of control as you fall too deeply in love with someone. The front half is steady, like a darker version of the Blow, using catching rhythms and a real sleek vocal that teases you to join in the fun. Then the beat and the pace thicken, textures are added and the song spirals in a different direction, almost a meditative pop hook that’s more like a heavy 80s dance party. This is for sure a jam, and they’ll be releasing You Don’t Know in September.

One More From Suburban Living

Look, Nathan and I have really been looking forward to this new Suburban Living album coming out next month, so much so, that it seems appropriate to share yet another new tune from the LP. This one, called “Dirt”, is a bit of a slow brooding, more synth heavy number when compared to some of the brighter, guitar driven sounds we’ve grown to love from the band. The brightness is still there, but maybe just a bit more subtle and further back in the mix. Needless to say, we think you should be picking up How to Be Human when it drops on August 28th via Egghunt Records.

Suburban Living Share Glow

RayRay and I have always been backing Suburban Living, and they continue to impress as they tease us with new tunes from their forthcoming LP, How to Be Human. They’ve created dreamy discord to open up the song, stretching almost to the minute mark before the vocals come in soothingly. As you get lost in the melody, it seems to coat the post-industrial new wave, adding warmth to the sterility of those drifting notes and buzzsaw guitars that come in the song’s second musical interlude. This really feels like the band’s flexing their creativity and musical muscle, and I couldn’t be happier; we’ll have to wait until August, however, as that’s the due date for their new LP on Egghunt Records.

Welcome Back Lazyeyes

Man it’s been a bit since we’ve heard anything from the Brooklyn based, ATH favorite band Lazyeyes. As usual, I say things like that to explain my excitement for the band when I’m sent some new music after a small hiatus. So join in my excitement will you and check out this sweet new song “Echoes” from our old friends in Lazyeyes. The song blends a really great shoegaze/dream pop sound with a very nice dose of new wave to keep things interesting. This is one of the better songs I’ve heard this month. No doubt.

Lazyeyes will release Echoes on June 15th via Egghunt Records.

Grace Vonderkuhn Will Rock This Joint

Just when I thought Egghunt Records couldn’t deliver me anymore badass new albums, they do it once again with a new release from Delaware based artist Grace Vonderkuhn. Her new single is called “Worry” and appears on her brand new album coming in February. The track is a rocking one with some clear sounds similar to fellow lady rockers like Screaming Females or gents like Ted Leo. A couple of comparisons like that must let you know that Mrs. Vonderkuhn receives the ATH seal of approval.

Reveries will be available on February 23rd via Egghunt Records.

Jangly Pop From Feral Conservatives

Some of you are probably saying, “man is this guy in love with Egghunt Records or what?”. Maybe I am, but it’s super easy to like the label when they are pumping out so many quality releases lately. Today I’m sharing this new track “Angels” from new label members Feral Conservatives. It’s a really bright bit of pop music with some clean and provocative female vocals provided by Rashie Rosenfarb. Think Cruiserweight if they toned down the pop punk vibe a little bit.

Feral Conservatives will drop new album Better Lives on November 3rd via Egghunt Records. Pre-order that thing now!

More From Doll Baby

As the month presses on, I am finding myself more and more a fan of Richmond based band Doll Baby. Already I posted the loud and raucous single “Alive”, which was a welcome introduction to the young upstarts. Now I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the band in a bit more of a mellow state with this new single “Softee”. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love the vocal delivery of leading lady Julie Storey. She has this angry sort of restraint which is turned up and delivered with tons of growl and grit always at the perfect time. Sort of like a modern day Courtney Love if you will.

Doll Baby will drop The Hell Block EP on October 13th via Egghunt Records.

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