Elizabeth Shares If You Died Video

I’m super picky about my commercial pop, but there’s something soothing about a new Elizabeth tune. Her recent batch of singles has seen the Aussie songwriter move into a more modern pop twist, something that offers up immediacy in its hooks; you even get a faint little trickle of autotune on the vocals, which surprisingly worked for me (I’m not generally an autotune fanatic). It’s interesting to see the direction she’s turned towards, remember the early days of Totally Mild; there’s still the same sort of lyrical sentimentality, though spun in an entirely different fashion.And, not only is there a new video tied to the trio of new singles, but today also celebrates the reissue of the incredibly special The Wonderful World of Nature on hot-pink wax!

Last Week’s Jams Today (8.8 – 8.12)

We cover a lot of tunes here, but in looking back at last week’s jams, there were so many hits that popped up on our pages. You wanna dance a little? Try the new Cool Sounds or the Dare? Looking for a little wayward jangle? Try on Old Moon or the Slow Summits! Maybe you just want classic pop? Well, check out those Alvvays and Elizabeth tracks! Wait, you need a reissue? Well, there’s great stuff coming out from the Variable Stars and Self Improvement! Plus, we had mellow jams from Old Fire and Kramies, to hit all the right notes. Just hit play and enjoy yourself while I get ready for the first day of school!

Elizabeth Drops Sweet Connection

It’s been really interesting watching the trajectory of Elizabeth the last few years. The Wonderful World of Nature still felt tethered, in some manner, to previous work, but with her Suite of Singles, it’s clear she’s fully embracing the role of budding pop star. This track opens with simple beat work, understated it seems, stuttering right before the release of the chorus, allowing a more angelic pitch to shift into play. Elizabeth is confident, and in that, you can tell that all things pop are fully in her grasp. It’ll be exciting to see how far the work gets pushed after the three track Suite of Singles is wrapped.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.20 – 6.24)

I don’t even want to look back at last week. But, we had songs, there were some really good songs coming out of a really awful week. Our friend Ram Vela and his band had a new single, plus it never hurts to get a Voxtrot tune in your inbox. Think I kept coming back to these Bastien Keb, Flowertown and Tan Cologne tunes the most, well, and that Tony Molina track. There’s about 20 jams to sort through, so find a favorite. Or don’t.

Elizabeth Shares Happier Now Video

Since stepping away from Totally Mild and going it her own, Elizabeth has done nothing short but amaze me. Her voice has always been one strikingly bold, but on her latest single, she seems to take it even further, stretching those tones into full powerhouse mode! While the Wonderful World of Nature had ties to her earlier work, feeling like a natural step away from her previous outfit, this new single is as bold as her voice, fully immersing Elizabeth into the pop world. The synth notes sound sad, matching the persona, though the powerful drop in at 2:34 shows Elizabeth isn’t messing around; she’s “happier now,” after all.

Elizabeth Gives Us Another Tune

I’m always up for a new track from Elizabeth, and with her new LP just a few weeks away, I think she’s dropped what, so far, is my favorite of the pre-album singles here. Something about her voice in this one really hits at home; it almost has this 80s nostalgic pop sound, though it doesn’t sound too far off from something with Hope Sandoval (or any number of Sarah Records acts). There’s this beautiful moment when it rises up near the end, and Elizabeth has another powerful performance to make all her peers shake. Plus, the arrangements of this song are really emotive, strong where they need to be, and pulled back when necessary. The Wonderful World of Nature is going to be some debut; it drops on November 1st.

Elizabeth Drops Powerful Ballad

I’ve always enjoyed the work of Elizabeth, most notably as the leader of Totally Mild. But, I’ll come out now and say it…I’ve never heard her sound as powerful and bold as she does on her latest single. The arrangements are perfect, dreamy when necessary, but mostly staying out of the way, save for that heavy-hearted piano line. It all serves as the ideal backdrop for Elizabeth’s striking vocal performance, emphatically hitting those high notes just before the 3 (and 4) minute mark. If ever there was a ballad built for your Friday, let this be the one. The Wonderful World of Nature will be out on November 1st.

Elizabeth Shares Parties Video

Elizabeth is one of my favorite Australian voices; she’s previously been the leader of the wonderful Totally Mild, though her attention is now 100% on her own project. This video completely captures the feelings of the track’s lyrics, showing Elizabeth isolated in the foreground while parties rage on behind her, where she misses her ex partner. I found the track has this subdued enchantment; the guitars ring carefully while the beat stays calm and steady, building the tension for the release of the chorus. Clearly, Elizabeth owns the song, drawing you in with her powerful performance…she’s just incredible. Her debut solo effort, The Wonderful World of Nature will be out on Our Golden Friend on November 1st.

Elizabeth Shares Video for Burn It All

Up until now, Elizabeth has been the driving force behind Aussie outfit, Totally Mild. She already dropped one incredible album this year with the group, but now she’s stepping up her solo game. This song has been floating out on the Split Singles Series, but now it gets a gorgeous video treatment, giving me one more chance to share the tune with you. If you’re just sitting around, waiting for a great voice to hit you, then buckle up buckaroo, because this one here is great. She’s just so powerful, and yet so calming at the same time. Hopefully we get more like-minded solo work from her real soon.

Elizabeth Shares Singles Club Tune

Having released the most excellent Her with her band Totally Mild earlier this year, it’s great to hear Elizabeth going it on her own…as she’s rumored to be doing in the near future. The song below will appear on a new Split Singles Club single alongside much-hyped Stella Donnelly (deservedly so). I love the personal feel of this tune; it’s like you’ve been invited inside Elizabeth’s home to hear her try out some new tunes. Her voice is as powerful as ever, and I think American audiences will likely find some Sharon Van Etten or AngelO references to boot. It’s never too late to subscribe; go HERE.

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