Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 20 – 24)

Here we are kicking off another great week in life, am I right? We wanted to start your Monday with a glance over our shoulders at last week’s hits. I think we covered some pretty great stuff last week, some of which you might have only been able to find through us, some of it you just need to be sure you check out. Love the new Ovlov track, and can’t stop playing this Smallgoods album; you’d also do well to visit that Japan Review tune too! Tons of different vibes, which is always our vibe. Have a good week loves.

Beautiful Tune From elkyn

Hey it’s finally fall here in Austin so it seems like the perfect time to deliver some fall themed music for this break in the heat! Josephy Donnelly, the Leeds based musician who records under the moniker elkyn, is usually in a cooler climate and his music tends to reflect those dark, dreary, and mellow vibes of his city/country. His latest tune, “found the back of the tv remote”, is a slow moving folk inspired tune which can be sometimes melancholic but also uplifting at the same time. It’s a lush tune with tons of layers to unpack.

The song is out now via Tambourine Machine Records.