The Best in Indiepop of 2015

indiepopTons of genres out there, but if you’ve been following our work, you know that I’m really partial to the indiepop scene. I scour the confines of the Internet for any and the best of the genre, and admittedly get tons of tips. So, I looked back through what had come out and wanted to throw a little bit your way…just another list of what I think was the best in indiepop in 2015. Still staying away from numbering. Also…some of this has made my other lists, but I wanted to expand on my favorite genre a little bit. Read more

Are You Ready for Mammoth Penguins

mammothA few years ago I was introduced to Standard Fare, and shortly after they broke up.  So I kept an eye on Emma Kupa, and I’m really excited to hear what comes from her new group, Mammoth Penguins. This song’s been floating around in demo fashion, but it’s really impressive now that the noise has been amped up, pushing the pop envelope.  There’s a few moments when the song settles down, allowing Kupa’s enchanting vocals to lament her (or the narrator’s) lack of accomplishments in comparison to her elder.  It looks like Fortuna Pop will be releasing the band’s album, Hide and Seek, later on in this year, so listen to this nice first taste.

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Stream the Emma Kupa EP

emmaI’ve made it quite known about my adoration for former Standard Fare songwriter, Emma Kupa.  So, as Wiaiwya preps the release of her Home Cinema EP, I want you take a minute to stream in its entirety.  It’s mostly light indie pop fare, built around Kupa’s lyrics and her guitar, though she brought in friends to fill out the sound of the EP itself.  Definitely a nice step into her own limelight, showing Emma as the charming songstress we’ve come to know her as.  This will definitely make your day a bit brighter.

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The Return of Emma Kupa

emSince my fawning of former-Standard Fare leader Emma Kupa never seems to dissipate, I’ve got to promote the announcement of her new mini-album for Wiaiwya.  It’s not like she’s kept silent since her former act called it a day; she’s in Mammoth Penguins and she did that great single with Darren Hayman that made our year end list, but now she looks to go out on her own, albeit for a bit.  Her approach in the song below shows some slight changes, with a more subdued folk approach and a change to the subject matter (turning from love to family).  I love the strength of her voice too. The little album will be available in the Spring, but for now, just enjoy this dreamy track.

Another New Track from Gold-Bears

goldWhen I heard about the brand new album from Gold-Bears, the news about this track was making waves in small little circles of the indiepop community, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this track.  Why? You ask.  Well, for one, I think the band’s new album is really going to be something special, but also because this tune features my indiepop crush of the last few years, Emma Kupa, currently of Mammoth Penguins (formerly of Standard Fare).  It’s not as if the group needs any extra help adding to this bouncy number, but the dynamic she brings to the table does bring an add punch that I’m fond of.  The group will release Dalliance on June 3rd via Slumberland.

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Darren Hayman Joins Up with Emma Kupa

darrenI love a good joint venture between artists, especially when it’s two people who create music that I absolutely adore.  You take the lead man of Hefner, toss him in with the always enchanting Emma Kupa of Standard Fare fame, and you’re sure to have hits, right? Yes, that’s right.  I love how Darren‘s voice is perfectly complimented by Emma’s on this tune; they seem like the perfect fit, to me anyways.  They’ve released this tune as a 7″ on Fortuna Pop, and it is also accompanied by this great video so you can get to know our songwriters and their string game skills.  Hope you dig this track as much as I do.

Introducing: Mammoth Penguins

1078856_221432554673419_561104570_oMy obsession with Emma Kupa and everything she does continues.  After moving on from Standard Fare, she’s kept herself rather busy, adding another new band to her resume: Mammoth Penguins.  This new act has Emma and the group placing down crunchy guitar licks that are pretty catchy when matched with her perfect voice.  I find it hard to believe that people aren’t going to love these new tunes (of which there are 3).  I’m glad she hasn’t put down her axe, as I can’t ever seem to get enough of her voice.  We’ll keep you posted as more news comes about the group and a possible release, but for now you can’t deny the joy of this track.

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