Show Review: Manchester Orchestra @ Emo’s (11.4)


Just when it looked like we were going to skip that whole fall season thing, last night’s rain and cold front had us grateful for the change in venues from the Scoot Inn to Emo’s. This same rain didn’t prevent people from getting there early to catch the opening act, even despite the 6:30 door times. It was a night of appreciation for beauty in simplicity, where opener Chris Staples did his part to warm the crowd for the elegance of Manchester Orchestra. Read on for a brief synopsis of the evening. Read more

Show Pics: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr @ Emos’ (2/22)

Dale Earnhardt Jr JrI have a confession to make. I asked to go to this show to shoot Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I was really more excited to see Chad Valley. That said, I ended up being quite impressed with the Dale Jr. Jr. on the eve of their big Daytona 500 win. How did they get there in time? Jr.

There was a rabid crowd that showed up early to reserve a spot to dance in the more personal small venue version of Emo’s, thankfully now divided by a proper curtain bisecting the room at the soundboard to tighten up the sound a bit versus the camouflage net previously used.

Read on for a few more notes and plenty of pics.

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Show Review: Cults @ Emo’s (11.4)

Monday night gave you lots of choices as for live music in this city, but it didn’t seem like Emo’s was the popular choice for many, as even with the full venue partitioned in half the crowd wasn’t close to capacity. However this lack of audience wasn’t a problem once the bands for the night took the stage, each offering a different kind of tone and energy.

Read more and see pictures from Brian Gray…

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Show Pics: Holy Ghost! @ Emo’s (10/24)

Crystal Stilts. Quite a change up from what I was shooting just before heading to downtown proper.

I have been digging on the new wave disco vibes from Holy Ghost! since first hearing “Hold On” as a demo. I knew nothing about Midnight Magic, but Orthy is an easy sell for me to get out early. In fact, I was standing in the crowd and looked over and noticed Alex from Holy Ghost! standing next to me. Turns out they are fans of Orthy, too, so they decided to have the Ian and the band join along for the Texas dates.

Emo’s played host. Plenty of pics and a few notes from the evening follow…

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Show Preview: Holy Ghost @ Emo’s (10.24)

We have some dancing to do.

Holy Ghost! last came to town in support of New Order. It was a great opening slot for them, save for one thing – they didn’t have all the new jams ready to unleash. Don’t get me wrong, I love the s/t, but I want to hear the new stuff. I am ready to dance to Dynamics.

Orthy will have their 12″ up for sale and Midnight Magic are road companions. Holy Ghost! has a knack for picking interesting openers so show up early.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Show Review: Twin Shadow @ Emo’s (6/22)

Why? All I can do is ask why.

Twin Shadow was on my list of best shows last year. It was a sold out two night stand at The Mohawk. Confess had all the buzz in the world behind it. Fast forward to last Saturday and a group of about 1200 fans gathered to get another dose of George still touring on the strength of Forget and Confess. Unfortunately, this iteration won’t make my list of best shows. The band sounded amazing, but the lighting that must have seemed like a good idea at the time, just killed it for me (and not just because I take the photos).

Read on for thoughts on a surprising Elliphant and peep the pics of Twin Shadow in Projector Land…

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Show Preview: Twin Shadow @ Emo’s (6/22)

Date 6/22/13
Location Emo’s
Doors 9:00pm
Tickets $18.00

Everyone should be well aware of our love of George and company. Twin Shadow has made just about every best of list we have done. If you haven’t seen this band yet, you should punch yourself in the head. Or better still, buy a ticket and brave the parking gauntlet of Emo’s (show at Antone’s tomorrow night, too).


Elliphant is opening. Twin Shadow keeps up the tradition of bringing Swedish synth pop in to break the ice.

Show Preview: Bonobo @ Emo’s (5.9)


Date 5/9/13
Location Emo’s
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets Frontgate

Austinites rejoice! Tonight is another rare opportunity to catch Simon Green (better known as Bonobo) with a full band in tow. Fast on the heels of his latest LP, The North Borders, Green and Co. look to spread the groove further South. These performances are known for their legendary statuses; and when seen in person, it’s easy to understand why. Come on out tonight and see for yourself!


Download:Cirrus [MP3]

Show Pics: The Joy Formidable @ Emo’s (5/1)

The Joy Formidable was very impressive in their set at the Nikon Warner Sound showcase at Belmont during SxSW. Ritzy is a manic powerhouse and the entire band, including drummer Matthew James Thomas by way of his frontline half open drum kit, so everything possible to connect with the crowd. Big strobes, jumping into the pit, TJF is always encouraging the crowd to come along with them.

IO ECHO was the opener at Emo’s, and quite honestly, the more interesting act on the night. New to big touring, they get to play some decent-sized venues while rolling with TJF and hopefully will pull a decent early crowd. Backlit shenanigans.

Ritzy got a new hat. Click through for the pics, y’all.

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