Silent Land Time Machine – & Hope Still

Rating: ★★★★☆

Occasionally you miss a release of a deserving band, and you spend your time thinking it over, wondering how it escaped you. Luckily, Silent Land Time Machine‘s & Hope Still is here to help you with your troubles. It’s not begging to be accepted by you, it simply carries on patiently, awaiting your listening experience.

Unlike most who create musical landscape music, the remarkable thing is that this project was created by one individual.  There is not a slew of musicians willing to provide input, this is simply a wonderful creation by an individual.  That being said, it also might be the one possible detractor, as occasionally the songs drag on a little bit, repeating patterns.

It’s hard to describe the exact sound of this record, as one would find it difficult to decipher every instrument being used and at which point.  Then throw in some vocal samples bubbling underneath the structure of various songs, and you would be hard pressed to label this band as anything.  One might be able to draw comparisons to M83‘s Before the Dawn Heals Us, but take that allusion, and leave it out in the woods to grow for several years.  That is as close as one can proximate a definition for this band.

Seeing as it dwells in the creation of a soundscape, here is what one might picture as they listen to the album: You jumped in your car, as the day was sunny and clear, intent upon escaping the city, if only for a few hours.  As you drive, the music kicks in, and your thoughts cease to remain relevant.  The music is carrying you along, through densely wooded hills, across grasslands blowing in the breeze.  Suddenly, the mood strikes you to pull over near a struggling stream.  You watch atop an ancient bridge as the water trickles into nothingness.  Seconds, minutes, hours all pass you by, but the only thing you feel, or hear, is the music on this album.  You’ve drifted away, but as the album ends, it’s time to return.

You see, there is something about this album that provides an overwhelming warmth emotionally.  It evokes something that very few albums are able to do, as it asks for nothing but your listening participation.  Through its peaks and into its valleys, if you follow closely, you will be rewarded ultimately, as nothing soothes like the gentle sounds from & Hope Still.

Don’t forget that Silent Land Time Machine will be playing at Emos on January 23rd.


Download: Silent Land Time Machine – Everything Goes To Shit [MP3]

Free Week Guide (1/3)-(1/10)

So the now famous free week is finally upon us and you want to know what’s going on.  For you inquiring minds, we decided to give you a night by night guide on what venues you should head out to.  Obviously more than one show is going on each night, but we’re picking the best show on each night.  Follow the jump for our free week guide.

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101X Worforce @ Emo’s (12/11)

The 101X Independent Worforce is putting on quite the show at Emo’s this Thursday evening and we’re here to give you the details.  First off, the lineup is outta site with The Ting Tings, Black Kids, Eagles of Death Metal, Airborne Toxic Event, and even local boys The Black and White Years on the bill for the event.  Showtime is set to kick off at 9pm.  Unfortunately, tickets have been sold out for quite some time so try searching craigs list for a bargain.

Holly Golightly @ Emo’s (12/6)

UK’s prolific underground blues artist, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, is playing a show on the inside stage at Emo’s on Saturday.  Tickets for the event are available now for $10 and music should get started around 10pm with opening act Delaney Davidson.  Here’s a song to preview the show called “Black Heart”.


Download: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs [MP3]

Deerhunter @ Emo’s (12/2)

Deerhunter are bringing their tour with Times New Viking through town on Tuesday night at Emo’s.  Doors are set for 9pm with tickets available now for only $12.  Earlier in the day, Times New Viking will also be doing a free instore at local record shop End of an Ear around 5pm.  You should  take a peak at our recent review of Deerhunter’s 2008 album Micorcastle or stream a song from that effort below.


Download: Deerhunter – Never Stops [MP3]

Nada Surf @ Emo’s (11/22)

Nada Surf will be bringing their brand of pop-rock to Emo’s on Saturday evening.  Buy your tickets now for the low low price of $15.  Catch a preview of the show with “See These Bones” from the band’s latest effort Lucky.  In other Nada Surf news, the guys have a new limited edition vinyl box set coming out next week.  The price may sound high at $100 but you get all 5 Nada Surf LPS, digital downloads of each and a few other random goodies.  Sound good?  Pre-order your copy now.


Download: Nada Surf – See These Bones [MP3]

Unwed Sailor @ Emo’s (11/19)

Johnathon Ford will be bringing his instrumental outfit Unwed Sailor to Emo’s Austin on Wednesday evening.  Doors for the show are at 8 with music beginning around 10.  Local Austin act, The Calm Blue Sea, will also be playing in support of the Oklahoma based act.  Preview the show with recent single from Unwed Sailor “Copper Islands”.


Download: Unwed Sailor – Copper Islands [MP3]

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