Brand New Music from Pregnancy

Want to talk about a super group? Well, then you should meet Australia’s Pregnancy, featuring members for The Ocean Party, Totally Mild, Ciggie Witch and more. Our first introduction to the band has the group looking at angular dance-laden grooves, fronted by Zac Denton of The Ocean Party; he offers up a smoothed vocal that’s met in the background by Ashley Bundang. It’s an upbeat number with insatiable groove that promises excellence when the band release their debut later this year via Lost and Lonesome/Emotional Response.

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Stream the New EP from Bent

I really have fallen in love with Bent, who were introduced to me via my love affair with Emotional Response. They’ve just released a brand new 7″ EP, filled with discordant, wobbly punk rock. While Heidi’s powerful voice will obviously be a draw for many (she masters that old school howling power), I’m entranced by the way the guitar works in their songs. At times the chords sing to just be plucked out of thin air, while other times they carefully walk between the deep tones of the bass and the rhythm of the drums. There’s this care to the craft, allowing the guitar to take some focus, though never steal the limelight that’s really fascinating to me. You should go grab the 7″ right now, right HERE. Check a video of the lead track off the EP after the jump too!

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Brand New Ocean Party Track

One of the great things about having a multitude of great singers and songwriters in one band, such as The Ocean Party, is that they never seem to stop writing music. They’ve returned home from an extensive US tour, which surely won them more fans; and, they return home with a new track for your ears. How do you listen to pop music like this and not fall in love; it even includes a nice little horn serenading you in the song’s latter half. All we know at this point is the band plan to release a new album at some point in 2017, so stay tuned for even more great pop.

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Stream Typical Girls Volume 2

Last year Emotional Response released Typical Girls Volume One, and with so much adoration, the label decided to up the ante and give us TG Volume Two. You’ll find 14 brand new tracks to devour, all featuring female artists that deserve to be part of your record collection. You’ll get some familiar names like Cold Beat and Neighborhood Brats, but you’re also likely to discover a few names you’re unaware of at the moment. Plus, because the label rules, they’re releasing it on clear vinyl, making it an immediate collectors edition for you vinyl heads. Go right HERE to grab your copy from the label immediately!

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New UV-TV Rocker

I picked up on the edgy rock from UV-TV when they did a split 7″ on Emotional Response, and the band build on my early impression with the brand new track. It kind of reminds me of the recent work from Wax Idols, using those knifing guitar chords that walk the fine line of jangle. There’s an emphatic vocal performance, reminiscent of great 90s alternative rock tunes. Still, the best thing, in my opinion, is that the song’s not quite polished, making it a lot closer to my ears, in the personable sense. Look for the group’s Glass on March 10 via Deranged Records.

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The Ocean Party Release US Tour Tape

You’ve heard it many times, we love the Ocean Party. So much so, that we helped release their Light Weight LP a few years back. The band returns to the US, and with them, they bring a new collection of perfect pop in the tape format…courtesy of Emotional Response. These 9 tracks are the perfect introduction to the group’s casual pop appeal, in case they haven’t hit your radar just yet; some of the tracks are more developed, while others are just brief ditties. If you visit the purchase link below, you can see the tour dates, which, luckily, feature a great Austin date at Cheer Up Charlies next Tuesday! Pretty sure you’ll love the track “Surat” by the way, as its my favorite this morning.

How’d I Miss This UV TV Tune

Not sure where my brain was, or where I was, but I somehow missed this killer UV TV tune the other day when it popped up. It’s the sort of noise infused poppy rocker that I adore, though I will admit it runs just a touch short. The drum work punishes and pushes your ears while the buzzing guitars begin to swell inside your mind. All of a sudden Rose Vastola enters the picture and you’re hooked into the song’s pop sensibility; you can’t ignore a combo like this. We heard the band long ago on a great Emotional Response 7″, so can’t wait to hear what their debut LP has to offer when it’s released by Deranged Records on March 10th.

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Have You Listened to Broadway? Indiepop Fans Should!

I’m always striving to find things that need to be unearthed, and that’s why I’m bringing you Broadway today…a Melbourne three-piece in need of your ears. But, that being said, the members of this band should be known to you pop fans…ties to the Cannanes and Slight of Build should be enough to pique your interest. I’m posting the standout tune, a settled pop tune with perfect male/female vocal interplay. There’s just that slight circular guitar ring/jangle that we all adore (or at least I do), but the song’s aren’t hurried, allowing for the melodies to wash over you. Look for the debut album from the trio now from Emotional Response.

Watch This Bent Video

Bent just released their brand new LP, Snakes and Shapes, via our fave, Emotional Response. They just upped this rad video, which though it seems like casual footage, actually follows along the lyrical content. The song celebrates the band’s brooding post-punk aesthetic, bordering on rambunctious, yet with enough restraint to hold onto the song. It’s likely you’ll find yourself indulging in repeated listens, as you should, and if you’re so inclined, you should pick up the album why you’re at it; it’s available HERE.

More New Music from Pete Astor

peteEarlier this year Pete Astor completely won me over (again) with his album, Spilt Milk(Slumberland Records); it will probably end up on my personal Top 10 List. So, it’s with great joy that we shine a light on more new music from Pete, this time from the fine folks at Feral Child/Emotional Response. There’s a forlorn longing that just naturally comes through the music elements, though the lyrical content seems more reflective. You’ve got to take advantage of great songwriters while their at their peak, and while I know folks will condemn me for this, I feel like Pete’s just now hitting his stride. Grab the new 7″ now!

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