Show Review: Empire of the Sun @ ACL Live (8/1)

Big show. Big spectacle. Big dance party. Big sponsor? Uh oh.

Empire of the Sun puts on a display. From dancers scurrying to the far corners of the stage in some sort of concert-styled drill team/pep squad fueled choreography to giant LED panels with visuals of blissful jams, the duo out of Australia gives you an experience worth buying a ticket for. Mrs. IT Dept. was very excited to see Empire of the Sun who left a pretty strong impression after ACL a few years back and there is no other venue in Austin I would rather see them than ACL Live.

The sound was great. The light was great. The band was great. …but we got short-setted.

Read on to see pretty pictures and get the down low.

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ATH @ ACL 2011 – Sunday

The news of the Longhorns’ victory lifted spirits, Cut Copy killed it – Saturday was a good day. I was tired, yet nervous and excited. The rain, though nearby and luckliy watering our lawns, never really pounded the grounds. Sunday was a day with a few bands I knew I wouldn’t see otherwise.

Head on past the break for the final batch of images from Sunday.

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