What Moon Things Slow Vibing

spaceThere’s something brewing in this new single from What Moon Things. Starting off, it brings this bedroom electronic vibe,which in and of itself is pretty chilled out. But, what caught me is the the vocals; there’s something oddly familiar in their sound…almost like David Bazan. This track appears on the band’s Space Jams EP (not featuring Michael Jordan), but they are also back working hard on what should be a relaxed new album come 2016. It’s something relaxing to enjoy while the weather outside is chilly; warm sounds and smooth vocals…kick it.

Mat Shoare Delivers a Gem

unnamed (6)Prior to today I really had no clue about Mat Shoare and had never listened to any of his sweet tunes.  I’m glad I gave the guy a chance because I think something truly special has been uncovered here with this track “One of My Songs”.  Cleary Shoare is having a bit of a laugh with lines like “If you’ve heard this one before” and “you’re just a girl in one of my songs”, but the simplicity and quirky vocals create something truly beautiful.  This is at least my jam of the day, maybe even of the week.  Keep hitting play and maybe he’ll get a jam of the month title…..

Shoare’s new EP Memory Music No.1 will be available on January 28th.

Young Mammals Return With A Hit

389868_10150534123080912_1744921978_nIt’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard anything from our Houston brothers in Young Mammals and I was actually curious recently as to what they’ve been up to.  Well apparently they’ve been hard at work on some tunes for a brand new EP due out later this month.  As a preview of their new direction, check out this promising new single called “Doctor Doctor” below.  I’m already imagining the band playing this song live in my head and how it surely has to be a badass thing to behold.  Here’s to hoping that these guys start earning some of the popularity they truly deserve.

New EP Cease & Desist is available for pre-order now on bandcamp (out November 13th).

New Tune from Yung

yungI really dig the vibe coming from Danish outfit, Yung. Interestingly, they seem to be meeting where my own two music worlds collided (or do collide). Part of the song has this infectious power-indiepop vibe to it, while the other part has this classic alternative vocal growl.  All the while there’s this urgency from the band, which definitely carries over to the listener. I reckon it’s just another good reason to give their These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores EP a few listens on its September 18th release date, courtesy of a Fat Possum.

Explore the New Web of Sunsets Single

webs_sandLast year back Web of Sunsets released Room of Monsters, which we absolutely loved, though I felt like it was a vastly underrated album.  The band returns this year with a brand new EP, Steel New Days, and their first offering is the piece of beautifully drifting pop.  You’ll hear a gentle quality wrapped inside a light squall of guitar atmospherics, covering a faintly audible guitar strum. End of Time Records will be releasing the new EP on tape (and digital) on April 28th; I expect it’ll be something special for those who get their hands on it.


Download: Web of Sunsets – Steel New Days [MP3]

Another Great Tune from Spring King

kingsWhen I posted the first single from Spring King, I thought I was about as excited as one could get on hearing a completely new band.  Now, however, my interest has been piqued further…this tune is definitely a standout track if there ever was one.  There are elements of huge anthemic indie rock in here, but the casual style of the song’s delivery really gives it this hipper than thou swagger.  It’s the title tune on their They’re Coming After You EP, which will be delivered to stores on April 20th via Handsome Dad.

Another Robot Princess Tune For Ya

robotThis new Robot Princess reminds me so much of Los Campesinos, and I’m totally loving it.  The tune opens up rather slowly, featuring a male/female vocal duet of sorts, but like all great pop stylings, the band pick up the pace, getting a little bit more anxious in their delivery.  It’s a fun tune, for sure, but I feel as if the construction does enough to keep things interesting…always a good sing.  Label this as another reason we here at ATH are really anticipating their Teen Vogue LP/Action Moves EP; it’s available on March 24th via Fleeting Youth Records.


Download: Robot Princess – Violent Shooting Stars [MP3]

ATX Spotlight: Check the New Gentlemen Rogues Single

gnrMan. I’m really excited for this Gentlemen Rogues EP to come our way.  I’ve always felt that the band were one of the many under-appreciated gems rocking out in Austin.  Perhaps their pop-centric sound is hard to typify, so you can’t really lump them into an ordinary Austin trope.  They’ve always had a punk edge, though it’s rather clean in this new single, save for a few guttural turns on the vocals. Really, it’s just a great pop song, and you know how I love those ones.  Look for their EP, A History So Repeating on April 7th via End Sounds.

Stream the Emma Kupa EP

emmaI’ve made it quite known about my adoration for former Standard Fare songwriter, Emma Kupa.  So, as Wiaiwya preps the release of her Home Cinema EP, I want you take a minute to stream in its entirety.  It’s mostly light indie pop fare, built around Kupa’s lyrics and her guitar, though she brought in friends to fill out the sound of the EP itself.  Definitely a nice step into her own limelight, showing Emma as the charming songstress we’ve come to know her as.  This will definitely make your day a bit brighter.

More from Diet Cig

ciggyThis could be a really awesome year for Diet Cig; the duo is already building quite a name for themselves, which is a great deal considering they haven’t even released their EP, Overeasy.  The songs are immediately accessible, and while I can see some similarities to bands like Tegan and Sara or Vivian Girls (minus the wall of noise), but I hear a lot of Juliana Hatfield.  I’m having fun with the lyrical playfulness; they’re relatable, yet they still have a harsh punch for their intended audience.  Look for Father Daughter to release the EP on February 24th.

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