Yeah, I Dig This Gengahr Tune

unnamedMan, looks like I’m all over the place today; I think I’m okay with that. This tune from Gengahr rolled out late last week, and I didn’t get a chance to really get into it until the sun parted the clouds here in Austin.  The MGMT nod has already been given, but that’s mostly due to the vocals.  I’m listening to the bass line quite a bit, not to mention that cascading guitar part that knifes its way through the middle of the track.  It’s just one of those tracks that makes you feel pretty good inside, so why not give others a chance to hear that too? Look for their She’s a Witch EP on Transgressive Records in March.

Never Young Return with Rock Number

FD023 12 Jacket Outside (Fold Over)It’s been almost a year since I’ve written about Never Young; they started out 2014 with a bang, and they look to do the same with their new release for 2015.  The group specializes in huge walls of distorted sound that ring in your ears hours after you’ve turned their music off.  Still, while that wall is likely to anger your neighbors and the sound ordinance, you can hear a gentleness lurking in the middle of the track; it’s juxtaposed to the brutal vocal delivery that operates atop the majority of the single. They’ll release their new Never Young EP on March 10th via Father Daughter Records.

Little Indiepop Goodness from Pretty Sad

sadProps go out to our friend over at IPSML for catching this one before me.  I swear; I checked the Shelflife page just Monday morning!  Anyways, they’ve just put up this wonderful announcement that they’veg just released the new eponymous EP from Pretty Sad.  You can stream the whole EP from the label’s Soundcloud page, but really I just want to highlight this one track.  The group, from various mailboxes across Europe, has created this really tight-knit swell of indiepop that would make any other creator rather jealous.  You swoon with songs such as these.  There is an LP soon to follow early next year, but the digital EP is available now.

Chilled Electro Pop from Ginla

niglaJust wanted to toss out something that was easy listening to start off the week, and this track from Ginla seems to fit that bill pretty nicely.  It’s a mellow electro-jam with vocals that are all washed out, so you’ll have an easy time just pressing play and relaxing.  Those sort of vibes make it easy to deal with your own personal case of the Mondays, but I think there’s some definite redeemable qualities that go beyond early week listening.  The duo is readying their Dreaming In Circles EP, so look to pick that up in a few weeks if this is your bag.

Something Dance-y from Avid Dancer

AVIDThe press release on this tune read as a melding of Hot Chip and The Dandy Warhols. That was definitely enough to peak my interest in regards to Avid Dancer.  This song doesn’t have the immediacy of a HC bounding hook, but I can definitely hear that cool swoon in the bits of vocals. There’s a steadier pacing too, at least until you move your way into the beat-y chorus.  I like the infectious attitude, but I also appreciate the restraint; it means longevity in my listening rotation. This tune is the title track from the I Want To See you Dance EP, which comes out on October 21st.

Dangerous Tune from Youth Code

youthAt first, I loved this song. Then I hated it. Then I figured, why the fuck not post it and let you decide? I love the anger that’s unleashed on the listener, reminiscent of early industrial acts, then melding it with post-hardcore acts of the late 90s.  It’s an interesting composition, frightening at moments, then thrilling at other instants. Youth Code have composed four new tracks, of which this is one, and then the flip-side of this new EP has remixes by the likes of Clipping. You can grab the A Place to Stand EP from the band on September 23rd from Dais Records.

Great Return for Imaginary Pants

coverImaginary Pants only have a handful of small releases, but I’m really in love with their most recent EP, Kites at Night.  Perhaps it’s because there’s five new songs; you can’t ever complain when you get five songs with Rose Melberg involved. There’s a variety of songs too, with the one below opening the EP up with a warm bit of summery pop, but there’s also a couple of more upbeat tracks like “Creaking Gates” and “Bleak Outside.”  Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed with what you’re getting, and if you’re so incline, you can get the EP for NYP or order the tape from Lost in Sound Tapes.  You win either way.


Download: Imaginary Pants – Branches As Bridges [MP3]

Late to the Party: Carnival Youth

10379877_319202781561504_1879389632014875846_oWith endless emails coming in every day, and my own hunt for great songs outside the press, I’ll admit, I sometimes find that great music escapes me.  Luckily, I was able to revisit this sweet bit of swelling pop from Carnival Youth, and now I can’t get enough of the track below.  What amazes me as much as the track itself is that the band hails from Latvia, a country that rarely, if ever, gets musical coverage, so I’m glad to shine a little light that way; I’ve got old ties to the country.  Just listen to this track. Listen to the bounce and let yourself get swept up in the beauteous emotion of the song.  It’s off their Never Have Enough EP, which is as great as this tune below.

Solid Pop from Tomboy

tomboyThere’s some electronic music that really pushes the boundaries of the genre, then there’s others that should just be appreciated for great execution. This song’s got a little of both, though I’m just enjoying it for the fact that it really just hits the spot today.  The beats are fairly minimal, with the track’s focus on the vocal performance; it’s a good thing those vocals are smooth too, adding to the song’s attraction.  It’s the second single from Tomboy‘s debut EP, which will be released by Captured Tracks this summer.

Enjoy Your Day with Shorts

shortsI found this tune while I was trolling the Internet, hunting down our virtual friend Curtis from Velcro. Shorts is actually a Brooklyn act, but it’s founded by a former Australian, which is probably where Curtis comes into play, running a similar path in life.  Of course, this is exactly what I wanted to hear today; it has a bright guitar chord that dances around the song’s melody, while casual harmonies come in via multi-part vocals.  You’re going to want to get your hands on this bad boy when it’s release by Aloe Music on March 18th; it’s titled the Berlin 1971 EP, and it’s sure to be a stunner.

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