Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.11 – 4.15)

Hello there Monday. We’re starting off with a bunch of jams this week that we gladly covered, though admittedly some were pretty obscure, which I’m totally cool with today. The most popular tunes we had out come from a couple of Tims, but we had new music from Ceremony and the Citradels. I was introduced to Guy Capecalatro III last week, and while we wait for his new album to stream, I included an older tune in hopes it finds you looking for new meaningful voices. Sit back, turn it on and let time pas you by.

Erasers Share Easy to See

Seeing that Constant Connection is out next week, this is likely the last single we get before the new Erasers record drops in our laps. While earlier tunes had this sort of heartbeat, “Easy to See” appears to be more reflective, almost like the final drops in the sink after you’ve turned off the faucet. Rebecca’s voice, while melodic, feels very much like this intoxicating mantra, more spoken then sung. The tune is the perfect to close out their album, looking back on all they’ve created, while also looking back on all we’ve created. Constant Connection drops on April 22nd via Night School/Fire Talk.

Erasers Release A Breeze + Video

Perth’s Erasers have been captivating me with the work from their new album Constant Connection; today they’ve got a brand new single to share with you, furthering my infatuation. I love how the backbone of this tune seems to revolve around this fuzzy synth pulse buried in the mix; it rises sometimes as other instruments pull out, and other times it just seems to darken the edges of the notes. Rebecca Orchard’s vocal work in the song is heavy and purposeful, almost like some sort of mantra on repeat creating a musical texture almost as much as it’s providing lyrical insight. Ultimately, their work is about patience, immersing yourself in the magical present they’ve created for you. So go ahead, take a moment and just focus on this jam; Constant Connection is out via Fire Talk/Night School on April 22nd.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.7 – 2.11)

Jumping into this week by looking back at last week, in the most uncool fashion, using a Spotify playlist; the world’s probably going to stop dead right there. But, last week had some rad tunes, with friends Half Dream and Squiggles both jumping in with new tunes for us. Plus, we got to revisit some recents releases from Tat Songs and The High Water Marks. And ultimately, got to meet some new faces, at least to me, like Sooner and Erasers. But, I’m starting it off with that super rad Pachyman jam, so sit back and get grooving into your Monday.

Erasers Announce Constant Connection

Tired of pigeonholed music posts by me? Well, there’s really no definition or trinket box I could shovel Aussie duo Erasers into. Sure, their latest single, coinciding with the announcement of a new LP, has this cinematic quality, churning out these otherworldly pulses while layering them with heavy washes of electronica. But, the ghostly nature of the vocals effuses this sort of space-age sterility that’s equally unsettling and intoxicating. The whole tune is like this genre study of pop, and what it means to bend and mold the definition into something wholly your own. Stoked to hear the entirety of Constant Connection when it hits via Fire Talk on April 22nd.

Erasers Announce Pulse Point

Usually when I write about acts from Australia, they’re almost always from Melbourne or surrounding areas; it’s rare to find ourselves in Perth, but here we are with Erasers. The duo have just a announced their sophomore LP, leading with this entrancing new single. This number is a special one, illustrating the duo’s care in their song craft; the tune has this darkened electronic pulse that barely moves, steadying the entire song around its core. From time to time, added electronic notes give the song a slight rise, as do the carefully placed guitar lines that sort of hang in the air. And, when Rebecca’s voice comes in, it’s almost like a calming wash atop it all, layered as an instrument almost. Pulse Points is out on July 12th via Fire Talk/Pouring Dream.

Ease Into Monday with Erasers

eraserThere’s a lot of music being crafted of late that supplies immediacy; it’s meant to be immediately consumed, thus it hits you right tin the face from the get go.  But, that’s not the case with Australia’s Erasers and their new single by any means.  This tune is almost an inaudible post, created by this lush touch of electronics and percussion and touched up by an occasional vocal.  I feel like its the perfect way to begin a Monday, allowing you slowly let your mind creep into the workweek. Fire Talk will be in charge of unleashing the group’s debut, Stem Together, on September 25th.

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