Friday Album Streams: Perennial, Kelley Stoltz, The Black Watch and More

It’s Bandcamp Friday, so you should ideally put your money where your mouth is, or where your support is…like going over to ATH Records and clearing out some of this stock for super cheap! Or, you can check out the records below that we’ve been enjoying and now encourage you to pick up. Despite all the issues with the current industry, even with what was once the home for independent artists, you can’t go wrong listening to the tunes below and grabbing a copy. There’s rock, pop and even bands from Lockhart!


PerennialArt History (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

The Black WatchWeird Rooms (Atom Records)

June JonesProximity EP (Chapter Music)

Kelley StoltzLa Fleur (Dandy Boy Records)

Good LooksLived Here for a While (Keeled Scales)

Friday Album Streams: Neutrals, Oh Boland, and More

This week wasn’t as dominating in terms of brand new singles and what not hitting the site; I’m not sure why there was a lull in single releases. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of great LPs you can enjoy today too. Some even come with brand new videos like THIS ONE from the new Plus/Minus LP. We’ve gathered up our favorites of this week, all of which have featured heavily throughout the last few months, so find a record to enjoy below!

NeutralsNew Town Dream (Slumberland Records)

Oh, BolandWestern Leisure – (Meritorio Records)

Plus/Minus (+/-)Further Afield (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

Julian LahdemaskiYoung Jupiter EP (Soliti Records)

Winston HightowerWinston Hytwr (Perennial Death)


Plus/Minus Share Calling Off the Rescue

As much as we probably pay attention to release dates and all that, it doesn’t seem like Plus/Minus (+/-) really have missed a beat, despite not having a proper album out in some time. This new single feels like it has the same gloriousness that saw the band rise in the indie realm by blending in sharp guitar licks with powerful vocals; there’s something in Patrick Ramos’ vocals that just grasps onto this ethereal nature that allows the tune to kind of flutter and flicker as it spins about the air. Really love the band’s breakdown around the 2:50 mark where they just let loose and revel in the noise they’re capable of bringing to the forefront. Look for Further Afield on May 31st via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


Animal Surrender Share After Single

When you listen to the latest single from Animal Surrender, those who know the circle that the band runs in will surely find some familiarity here; the track is a reimagining of Mike Wexler‘s 2020 tune “After.” In the original tune (you can find it HERE), the track has this rolling movement to it; it feels like it is constantly moving forward, even as Wexler’s vocals have this steadied pace. Animal Surrender, fascinated by the concept of love being the one true constant after everything we experience, turn the song into a meditation. The track almost drifts on the wind, almost working in the reverse fashion, as the vocals seem to be the driving force of energy in this version. If you’re fascinated by this tune, you’ll find more wonders when you open the band’s self-titled release, out on. May 17th via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

+/- Announce Further Afield LP

It’s been a few years since we last heard from +/-, so excited to see that they’ve got a new record on the horizon for the end of May. I easily got caught up in that weird distant spring sound, then fell in love when the drums started snapping at the pace. When the vocals come in, riding the up and down of tones, I found myself diving right into the track. Still, they weren’t done, throwing in an energetic bit of jangling guitars to flesh out the sound; it’s crazy how a song can sound so full and employ such sparse sonics simultaneously…then again, that’s the mastery of the craft. Further Afield is out on May 31st via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Savak Announce New Album Flavors of Paradise

It’s been a few years since Savak last dropped a proper release, and here they are with the news of a fresh new LP on the books for 2024. For a band that has ties to Obits, I’ve always admired how they flirt with heavy bangers just enough to give you the edge, yet pull back just enough to give you classic pop sensibility. This new track has plenty of fueled riffs that sharply dance in the background, but I keep on coming back to the stomp of the chorus; it delivers this effortless cool that has just enough growling bite and thumping drums to get under the skin of old indie rockers like me. They release Flavors of Paradise on March 1st via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

PAWS Bring Another Hit

Late last month, Scottish indie rock legends PAWS shared news of an upcoming album along with the hit single “One Nation Under Dog”. Understandably our interest was peaked with the new tunes, and today brings even more excitement and buzz with another new single called “Uncertain.” It sticks with the theme of a bleak outlook on the current state of things while growing older, all while cranking through some gnarly guitar solos and straight slacker rock.

The new PAWS self-titled album will hit streets on October 27th via Ernest Jenning Record Co. Pre-orders are live now!

Paws Share One Nation Under Dog

If there’s a general feeling in the world, it seems to revolve around our future and our fears for what comes next for humanity. Paws, on their latest single, have captured that anxiety and built it up into the perfect piece of swelling pop rock. Personally, I’m a sucker for the way huge riffs and smashing drums rock you right into the track, before the riffs get peeled a way to reveal a warmed vocal driving home the tune’s melody. Backing vocals buoy the hook too, allowing the lyrics to really resonate with the listener as the band question our decisions as humans “under dog.” New single pops up on Paws new self-titled LP, out October 27th via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


Miniboone Return!

minibooneband-thumb-550x366After just doing a quick search on ATH, I’m seeing that we started posting about Brooklyn based indie-pop band Miniboone almost 5 years ago.  The band takes a simple approach to songwriting with their catchy pop melodies and all around fun vibe to their songs.  This new song, “Basic Song”, is yet another track that will prove hard to resist unless you flat out hate energetic and fun pop music.  Check it out.

New album entitled Bad Sports is due out April 20th on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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New Jangly Pop From MiniBoone

minibooneband-thumb-550x366Seems like it’s been ages since we last heard from New York based pop outfit MiniBoone.  To be exact, it’s been about a year and a half, and that’s just too long to go without their tasty pop music.  Today we’ve picked up news from the band that they are finally ready to release their self-titled debut LP on September 10th via Ernest Jenning Record Company.  To preview the new album, the band is graciously offering up this new number “I Could, I Could” found below.  We dig the incredibly catchy sounds that these guys continue to create.

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