Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.21 – 2.25)

We hit it hard last week, mostly because we’re gearing up to see how this whole SXSW thing goes down. Plus, there were tons of new songs dropping everywhere. Two of my favorite Austin artists, Rad Gnar and Twain (he’s from Austin now dammit!) dropped new tracks, so that rules. Plus, the Jeanines dropped what might be the best pop song of the year, though the Stereogum comment section likely disagrees. We’re also including all the jams from artists we talked to that are heading our way for SXSW this year, so check tracks from the likes of Paul Jacobs, Phebe Starr, Teke Teke and more!

Eve’s Twin Lover Shares Josie

I’m all over the place today, and this new Eve’s Twin Lover tune is hitting all the right notes. Opening guitar lines cut right through to my musical heart, before the song opens up and brings in a more melodic element that’s equally enchanting. The verses seem to resonate with a very power pop style, hitting those arena rock riffs built for maximum volume. But, the chorus is perhaps the most striking element here, asking the listener “have you ever loved so hard,” then turning the song into a more blissful bit of pop songwriting. There’s a definite punch to the song, with a fluid evolution that feels more like a traditional linear plot as opposed to a verse/chorus approach, and I’m all for that risk! The band will self-release Stop Sending People to Kill Me this Spring.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.31 – 2.4)

I know I know. Playlists via Spotify are quickly becoming passe, and rightfully so, but at the moment, there’s still not an easily manipulated to collect songs from various places and put them into one killer playlist. So while we wait on Bandcamp to figure it out, let’s just ignore the devil in the corner. This last week we got a brand new album from Love, Burns, courtesy of us! And Jigsaw and KUS! Our homies in Brothers Griin also dropped a tune from their debut LP, not to mention a sweet jam from Skeggs. So here you go, here’s some stuff. To start Monday.

Eve’s Twin Lover Announce Stop Sending People to Kill Me

Chicago’s Eve’s Twin Lover will be releasing Stop Sending People to Kill Me this Spring, but as we head that way, lets jump in with the lead single form the LP. There’s something super familiar about Tim Flood’s voice; it has this gentleness that just seems to charm, getting the occasional punch up by the female backing vocals. They buoy the vocal energy, but that merely seems to keep pace with the high-stepping rhythm section, emphatically matching the jangling sensation from the guitar work. But, in the song’s back end, you get the calming wash of exploration, allowing the tune to mellow before you jump in and press play again. The band will release their LP this Spring, so get those ears ready!

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