Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.10 – 1.14)

Well, I will admit, there were so many songs last week that I loved that I may have gotten a touch carried away. I mean that new Methyl Ethyl with Stella Donnelly is a banger, plus new stuff from our friends in Blushing and the Reds Pinks and Purples! We even got to premiere some sweet tunes that only exist in special places, like our site, namely the latest from Yea-Ming and the Rumors and Good Grief. So, browse through this hour of tunes, and I beg you to find a bad one in there. You can’t! I’ll try to keep up the momentum this week!


Exek Share Unseasonable Warmth Video

When Exek first came onto my radar in 2018, they were flirting with the artier side of post-punk, letting things get a little experimental within the confines of pop structures. On their forthcoming Advertise Here LP, the group seem to be pushing further away from any punk tendencies, and even stretching what it means to be a pop act. They’re fusing their art bits with little sprinkles of drum, bass and maybe even French pop flare; the vocals are sedate, almost static as they add tiny little melodic flourishes to the tune, particularly when the female voice floats in there. Definitely nice to see more folks expanding their sound beyond my expectations; look for the new LP via Castle Face Records on February 4th.

Another Track from Exek

Melbourne’s always been a hotbed of music, but as of late, it’s become increasingly diverse…so just add Exek to the list of band’s pushing the boundaries. This new single has a darkened un-pop feel; taking pop structures and infiltrating the standard tropes with humor, indifference and a slinking saxophone line. There’s an industrial feeling to the track, in reference to emotions rather than the music); it’s as if the band’s offering this song from the empty innards of an incomplete skyscraper. The band will be releasing Ahead of Two Thoughts on Superior Viaduct on January 26th.

Minimalist Post Punk from Exek

Exek are one of the the many Melbourne acts creeping into my playing rotation as of late, offering up something quite different than many of their countryfolk. This single has a minimal structure, with a faint bass line working atop low-key percussive elements. When the vocals enter, they almost seem like fading breaths, whispers carried off into the ether. But, together, the effect is quite powerful, something akin to the work of Liars. The group’s new album, Ahead of Two Thoughts, will be released by W.25th on January 26th.